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Curb Appeal Wish List

Curb Appeal Wish Listvia Brooke Giannetti

Does your house have curb appeal? I haven’t been able to work on the outside of my house much this year since I kind of got myself into a lot of indoor projects instead, but it is definitely on my “wish I had time and money for it” list.

We did get a new fence for our backyard, which I’m really happy about, but it was more for Jack’s safety and fun this summer than for actual curb appeal. Although I have to say even though it is a really basic fence, it gave me a much greater vision for our yard and what it might look like someday! You have to start somewhere!

Curb Appeal Wish ListHouse & Home

Late summer and early fall are usually great for completing outdoor projects! We generally have beautiful weather in the Northwest in the fall, even through October it is usually quite lovely. So outside projects are still possible for quite a few more weeks around here! Yay! Maybe I’ll get that front door painted, after all. I’m still holding out hope.

Today I’ve put together inspiration pics for 9 things on my curb appeal wish list! Maybe they are on your wish list too!

Curb Appeal Wish List

1. Window boxes

2. Lanterns

Curb Appeal Wish ListTraditional Exterior design by Cincinnati Architect RWA Architects

3. Trellises

Curb Appeal Wish List

 4. Cottage style plants and picket fencing.

Curb Appeal Wish List

5. Secret garden entrance.

Curb Appeal Wish List

6, 7 & 8. Front gate, hedge and awning.

Curb Appeal Wish ListCurb appeal at BHG

9. Garage door spruce up.

What is on your curb appeal wish list?

Photos are mine unless otherwise credited.

2012 Home Decor & Fashion {Am I On Trend By Accident?}

2012 Home Decor & Fashion {Am I On Trend By Accident?}

2012 Trend Report via Kate at Centsational Girl

Hey ya’ll! How are you? My friend Kate did a little post on 2012 Fall fashion after she visited New York. You know how home decor styles often follow fashion trends, right? So if something is popular in fashion you probably will see variations of it in home decor too.

Even though I’m not much of a trend follower and always prefer to just do my own thing, it is interesting to see how connected fashion and home decor actually are. It is fun to see if we all start following along in our home decor preferences too!

Kate put together a collage of a popular color combinations and styles she saw everywhere in NYC. She is a good trend spotter, so I thought I’d take a peek at her post to see what is up in the fashion world. See one of her collages on electric blue, above?

Here is what she said about it:

Electric Blue.   Wow this color was in 80% of the stores, I couldn’t believe how much of electric blue (or royal blue) was on display in both men’s and women’s fashion, and it was mostly paired with black.  It’s a saturated or vivid version of cobalt and it’s everywhere.

So, first thing that I thought about after reading that? Hello, my vivid blue office walls and black desk

2012 Home Decor & Fashion {Am I On Trend By Accident?}

Yeah. If home decor follows fashion, guess I’m getting my trend on by total accident. I do love my office paint color (Rich Navy by Glidden), it sets such a happy mood when I walk in my office door. I didn’t choose it to be trendy, just chose it because it looked fabulous with my curtains. But my black Pottery Barn desk was in there because it was what I already happened to have. Cause that is how I roll.

2012 Home Decor & Fashion {Am I On Trend By Accident?}

I had no idea I might be all trendy color-wise with my use what you have office. I was just trying to have fun with something a little different! Maybe it is so different it is about to be IN?

So now I’m thinking maybe I should dig around in my closet for that blue and black dress I used to wear back in the day, the one with the removable shoulder pads? I loved that dress. What goes around comes around, right?

Or maybe shoulder pads should just never come around again.