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Get Your Home In Shipshape For Fall {A Fall Nesting Sale @ Joss & Main!}

Get Your Home In Shipshape For Fall {A Fall Nesting Sale @ Joss & Main!}

Get Your Home In Shipshape For Fall {A Fall Nesting Sale @ Joss & Main!}

A Fall Nesting Joss & Main Sale!


Ihave been keeping a wee little secret for a few months, but now I’m going to spill it! There is something super exciting happening the first Thursday of our Fall Nesting Series!

This next Thursday, October 4th, starting at 9PM ET there will be a special Fall Nesting Sale over at Joss & Main, in honor of The Inspired Room’s 5th annual party and series! YESSSSS!

How cool is that? I’m kinda thinking it is QUITE cool.

Items for the sale were personally curated by me and my sweet designing daughter Courtney, which means we looked around for items I either already have in my home (or are similar to things I have!) or items we just thought would be fun to have to get one’s house into tip top fall nesting shipshape! The collage above is just a sneak peek, but there is much more you’ll find the day of the sale.

This is a fresh and fun fall collection of home decor and kitchen items, all perfect for NESTING! I can’t wait! From pillows to tables to sofas to drapes, fall throws, cozy rugs, charming lighting, awesome ships, clocks, baskets, globes, framed chalkboard, mirrors, picture frames, white dishes and cute napkins, wreaths, right down to the kitchen sink. Literally, my actual farmhouse sink and faucet are in the sale. Well not MY actual sink and faucet but ones just like it! I was as mindful of all budgets and a variety of styles as I could be and I’m sure you’ll find something fun to get you in a fall nesting mood.

If you are not yet a member of Joss & Main, here is your personal invite so you’ll be in the loop when my sale goes live! It is FREE FREE FREE to window shop and check out the sales, you just have to sign up to get in! And of course, I’ll remind you to check it out next week!

Thanks for your support and I’m so looking forward to next week!!

Get Your Home In Shipshape For Fall {A Fall Nesting Sale @ Joss & Main!}


2012 Fall Nesting Party Schedule and FAQ

2012 Fall Nesting Party Schedule and FAQ

Front Entrance Decorating Ideas for Fall

So, it’s almost here! Can you believe it? The most glorious Autumn month, October is next week! And ya’ll know what that means, doncha? Fall Nesting. Oh yeah. HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS cause once I kick into Fall Nesting, no one’s gonna stop me. Posts will be flying, new stuff and projects from around my own house will be revealed and Fall can officially BEGIN!

This post is gonna be LONG, I apologize, but it will tell you a few things you need to know about this month, including a LINKY PARTY THIS WEEKEND! so hang with me!

Q. What in the world is Fall Nesting month?

A. The goal of Fall Nesting month is to make sure we all get in the mood for Fall around our homes and savor the season. Fall Nesting on The Inspired Room is about creating the cozy and comfortable ambience we want for our homes! Less junk and clutter, more meaning & beauty. That is always the goal here on The Inspired Room, but in Fall, we ramp it up a notch because Fall is THE BEST season for nestling into HOME!

Are YOU doing a Fall Nesting series too?
There will be a link up for that!

Quite a few of you have told me you too are doing a Fall decor or nesting series! I love that! Because I love you and I love Fall and our Fall Nesting series so much, I will open up a linky starting THIS SUNDAY NIGHT for anyone who is doing a Fall series on a blog in October! Whether that is five of us or 50 or whatever, we can find each other here and keep the inspiration for Fall FLOWING! Shall we?

You can find the general Fall Nesting series link up post on The Inspired Room Sunday September 30 at 7PM PST.
You can link up to that linky if you are doing a Fall Nesting series on your blog. You can call it whatever you want, of course, but if it has to do with Fall & Home, it works for me! It can be a 31 Days type series like we’ve done here before (you can still link up to the 31 Days series that Nester is doing again this year) OR you can do it on your own schedule. As long it is HOME & FALL, that will work!).

2012 Fall Nesting Party Schedule and FAQ

A couple of FAQ about the Fall Nesting Series & Party:
    The Inspired Room’s 5th Annual Fall Nesting series starts Monday October 1 and runs the entire month of October.
    What that means is that for the entire month of October, I’ll be nesting around my house, sharing ideas for decorating, organizing for the season ahead, sharing tips for entertaining or whatever strikes my fancy, and just savoring every moment of Fall! I’ll be posting as much as I fancy, which might mean twice a day, or once a day or several times a week as usual in October, so come by every day to see what is new and to be inspired by the entire month of Fall Nesting! And there will likely be a few surprises too!
    Every Tuesday in October I’ll host a specific linky related to Fall Nesting. Each week will have a theme so you know what to write about.  There will be one GENERAL FALL NESTING linky as well where you can link up your own Fall series or posts to if you are doing your own fall series. That way we can all be inspired by each others Fall series! You will find that link up post on The Inspired Room September 30th at 7PM PST. See below for the specific schedule and topics.
    You can write a post on your blog and then link up your post to the “linky” offered on that week’s Tuesday linky. Linkies for the day will actually be posted the night before the party at 7PM PST to give everyone in the country a fair chance to link up at the same time. If you live outside the US and want to link up but the time difference doesn’t work, just send me your link and I’ll post it for ya, how’s that?

2012 Fall Nesting Party Schedule and FAQ
2012 Fall Nesting Party Schedule and FAQ


*Parties go live Monday nights at 7PM PST, so come by then to link up. Then come by on Tuesday for the party to check out all the links!
*All I ask of you, other than to HAVE FUN with FALL NESTING!, is that for any linky party you link up to and participate in this month, you link back to The Inspired Room from your post and even share the promo button (above) with your own readers so they too can join in.

The general October Fall Nesting Series Linky  –
The general Fall Nesting Series link up for anyone doing a Fall series will be available on September 30 at 7PM here on The Inspired Room. You can link up there whether you are doing a 31 Day type series on Fall or a Fall mini-series or general posts on Fall you want to share. I prefer we keep these HOME AND FALL–related, such as posts about fall decorating, homemaking and general nesting topics etc.

Tuesday October 2 – Get Your Fall Nesting On! {20 Little Things I Love About Fall}
This is where you can write a post on your blog about 20 things you love about fall! You can show & tell, make a list, create a collage, whatever you want. The reason I do lists like this? Because it gets my mind focused on HAPPY FALL THOUGHTS and reminds me of all the things I want to savor this Fall so my favorite things don’t slip by in a whirl wind of busyness. Hope you’ll join in this party, either with your own post or to simply read the posts of others in the linky!

Tuesday October 9 – Fall Around the House
Show us what Fall is looking like at your house! If you haven’t started any Fall decor, this will be your kick in the pants to get your Fall going and have something to show us! Or if you are way ahead of the pack, this is your chance to inspire the rest of us! Show us anything you are doing to add a little Fall or cozy touch to your home.

Tuesday October 16 – Mantels & Porches
So by now you should have a mantel, a shelf, a front door or porch to show off a little of your Fall Nesting. Right? If you don’t, now’s the time. Even if you did yours a month ago, you can still link up.

Tuesday October 23 – Holiday Nesting
Hard to believe but the Holidays are right around the corner. Let’s show off our Halloween ideas or jump right into Thanksgiving and Christmas. No, you don’t have to have your tree up already unless you are a crazy blogger who decorates early. HA! But let’s gently ease into thinking about how we might decorate this year, parties we might host, and what crafts, projects or gifts we want to make!  And then link up your post to inspire the rest of us!

Tuesday October 30 – Fall Nesting Project Round Up
What was  your favorite project from the month? Let’s link up our favorites from Fall!

Hopefully this will help answer any questions you have and we’ll be ready to launch into Fall Nesting next week! Let me know if you have any other questions! SO looking forward to Fall Nesting this October!

Ready to get your Fall Nesting on?