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My Unfinished Kitchen Island {Creating Function & Beauty}

My Unfinished Kitchen Island {Creating Function & Beauty}

In the previous post we are talking about creating function and beauty in a home (come weigh in!). I love the journey of creating a beautiful and orderly home, because I feel it is directly and indirectly tied to how we experience life as a family day to day and how well equipped we feel to reach out to others.

Good design for me is not about creating a perfect picture or having the most stylish home. It is more about creating the way we live. How well our home functions and pleases our sense of beauty and order affects our stress levels as a family, how effective we are in our daily responsibilities, and whether or not we are completely comfortable with opening our home and lives up to guests.

Having the opportunity to redesign our way of life here in this home has been very exciting for me! It is quite a rewarding journey.

So awhile back I mentioned having an unfinished kitchen island. By unfinished, I mean, literally it is unfinished furniture that you buy with the idea to finish or paint it yourself. My mom bought it years ago thinking she might turn it into a bathroom vanity but ended up not using it. Now it is sitting in the middle of my kitchen just waiting for someone to magically transform it into a picture of beauty and function.

And, we are still waiting {taps fingers on the butcher block top}.

My Unfinished Kitchen Island {Creating Function & Beauty}

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago and the island still looks exactly as it did the day we moved it into the kitchen.


And yes, those are holes in our floors. Heh heh. Remember, this project isn’t over! 

But I’m glad we brought it into the room while we’ve been working on the rest of the kitchen because it has really helped us to both visualize the island’s potential to fit into our overall vision and design, as well as how it serves us functionally. It is definitely not a large work surface and doesn’t have a lot to offer in the way of functional storage. However, our kitchen is not very big so anything larger just wouldn’t fit comfortably into the space.

So with the limitation of the space available and the budget this little island seems to fit our needs! The fact that it is not a permanent piece of furniture and it was FREE to us means we can fix it up and enjoy it without worrying too much if it is the perfect piece. Obviously we can replace it down the road if it ends up not being as functional as we need it to be. But, I’m excited to get working on it and see how it goes!

My Unfinished Kitchen Island {Creating Function & Beauty}

In my quest to create order and function in our kitchen, I’m thinking there is quite a bit we could do to this island to give it both the style we want as well as to set it up it in the best possible way for our storage needs. It is right in the middle of our kitchen, obviously, so I’m giving it some careful thought before deciding what to do to fix it up.

I had hoped to already have this island remake done by now, but you know how that goes. It just hasn’t happened yet because we have been working on other things. But we have made lots of progress! Our sconces are up and they are SO BEAUTIFUL! We are closer to having our pantry set up again, so that is exciting (if you follow me on instagram at theinspiredroom you’ll see something functional and beautiful I got at Anthropologie for my pantry to hold our car keys!)!

The cabinets have not been painted yet, but the painter promises that he is catching up with his other jobs and will be here soon. EEEK! I’m nervous but excited to see how the cabinet colors looks! There is definitely other work to be done to finish things off in the kitchen, including flooring, but we are inching our way closer to saying we are done enough for now. And of course, all will be revealed soon! Thanks for following alone!

The goal with this season of my home and kitchen spruce up is to allow myself the month of October to enjoy nesting and create order and beauty where I can, and then sloooooow the projects down by November to focus on the holidays and all the wonder of the season!

Here was a post on 12 Freestanding Kitchen Islands that I put together for inspiration! I’m thinking there will be some ideas there I can use for my own kitchen island, maybe? You can leave a comment here!


The journey toward a beautiful and functional home ….

The journey toward a beautiful and functional home ....

lovely kitchen via BHG

I have been on a mission for quite some time to get my home in functional shape, as well as getting it in shape visually. This is not an overnight journey, of course. When we moved here three years and nine months ago (HOW could it be that long ago?) we weren’t really in a position to do much with our house. I mean we literally had to pour almost all of our time and energy into the reason why we moved here, which was to start a church.

So we kind of started out our life here under some stressful and extremely busy circumstances and money wasn’t really available for working on our house. That’s why we bought a NEW house, because we know we wouldn’t have time or money for much home improvement in the first few years of being here. Which was totally fine with us, it was just one of those seasons of life! I still did what I could and enjoyed my home!

Now our life is all settled and perfect and our house is DONE!

NOT. Sooooo not.

Ha! But, this was kind of “my year” to be able to spend a little time and money to get my house into some sort of order and get a start on my vision for this home. I REALLY needed this. Seriously, it has been so good for me to get this time to just focus on my home. It is still not DONE but I am focusing more on how far I’ve come!

In blogland we tend to celebrate the before and afters. I love those! But I think for most of us, creating a home is a journey of progress, rather than the one big ta da moment of reveal. Even if we do have the big reveal, we still have to stay on the journey because no house stays in ta da! order for long. Am I right?

Of course, the goal in my process is NOT to arrive at PERFECTION. And if I ever get thinking that is my goal I need to reign myself in because perfect isn’t going to happen. I’m still working within limitations and any time you’ve got limitations on what you can do, you’ll have imperfection.

But when you are realistic about what you can do and you make peace with it, imperfection is really so much more fun and ultimately more charming and authentic, IMHO.

I’ve been realizing something about myself as I have been thinking about all I’ve accomplished around my house lately. I have had almost as much fun working on the functional and foundational elements of my home as I have on the creative visual side.

And of course, when those things all intersect, it is fantastic collision of beauty and function that is so much more rewarding to me than just creating a pretty room by adding accessories or furniture.

This process has been worth the added thought and effort I’ve put into making our home really work for us! Like I said, my home will always be FAR from perfectly organized or decorated, but I’ve made so much progress this year I’m excited to talk more about each of the rooms I’ve made progress in and why they are all so significant to me and my family!

I’ll be sharing more of what I’ve been up to during our Fall Nesting Party & Series starting next week so don’t be late! Cause NESTING is what it’s all about in October! Can’t WAIT!

But meanwhile, let’s chit chat in the comments about that happy collision of beauty and function within a home.

Do you enjoy creating both order and beauty as much as I do, or are you more inclined towards focusing on one or the other?
Which area of your home needs the most attention right now, the “order part” or the “beauty” part?