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{Gather} For the Guests

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Courtney, Decorating Inspiration, Gather

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{Gather} For the Guests{Gather} For the Guests


1) Simple White Robe  2) Vintage Alarm Clock  3) Exfoliating Body Wash 4)  Guest Towels  5)  Swiss Dot Shams  6) Ticking Stripe Roll Up Bed 7) Mandarin Mango Candle

Fall is the time of year when we start thinking about family and friends gathering for holidays!

Whether your guests are lucky enough to be treated to a dedicated guest room in your home, or you have multi-use spaces that are available for when company comes to stay, it is fun to gather up some special items to make your guests feel at home, welcome and pampered!

Do you have a guest space in your home?

What things do you like to have ready for guests?

We are working on our guest spaces! We’ll be sharing details soon!

{Gather} For the Guests


  1. Jojo

    I need to do some cleaning for the guest rooms. My husband has taken over some of the spaces with his “projects” so before we add the pampering details…the junk needs to go!

    • Melissa

      We know how that goes! :-)

  2. sue

    The red-striped ‘bed’ is adorable, the website said it is not available at this time???

    • Melissa

      Shoot! Maybe their customer service can tell you when it will be available or how to get it.

  3. Linda Stoll

    Must haves for guests …
    a comfortable bed & warm flannel sheets
    great pillows & an extra quilt or 2
    good lights & fascinating books
    a tiny clock & a big box of tissues
    a dish of chocolates & lots of hooks to hang their stuff on

  4. Diane

    Yes, we do have a guest area. Our PA walkout is finished and our guests have a private bath, a kitchen, and their own private entrance as well. Their room with a large window overlooking the yard is a garden theme with a picket fence headboard. I know that idea is sooo late 90’s…but I love it, still. I think that guests feel they are on vacation down there. :D I love pampering them…including yummy fair trade coffees that they can brew as they wish. I know they enjoy having their own sitting room in the morning to relax with coffee and a read before jumping into the day with us upstairs.
    I love the collection Courtney gathered! Which reminds me…I don’t have a clock in the guest room. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Maria

    Gorgeous! I just love the Swiss dot shams — adding the standard variety to my wishlist! :-) Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Kelly - Talk of the House

    I LOVE that green clock! So smart to be thinking ahead for pampering guests since the holidays are right around the corner. We do not have a separate guest area..but the kids rooms that they take over are cozy.

  7. Kala

    This may seem kind of silly, but I think it’s super important to have a trash can in the guest room/bathroom. It’s awkward taking anything/everything you need to throw away to the trashcan in the host’s kitchen from the guest bedroom. Sometimes I think it’s an overlooked detail.

  8. Kate

    I always leave a basket filled with toothbrushes, trial size toothpaste, trial shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, a razor, hand creme, nail file…I should add aspirin to that basket, too. And of course their own towels and washcloths.


    We have a combination playroom/guest room in our home and I keep a basket of amenities for my guest and I agree, the best sheets and bedding you can afford!! I love to pamper my guest when they visit here.

  10. teresa

    We do have a guest room and I’m always looking for ways to improve it…thanks for your tips.
    I keep a basket for each of my marriage children in the closet filled with their favorite bath items….makes it easier for them to pack when they fly to our home.
    Happy day

  11. teresa

    One more thing…sorry. I also keep a basket of ideas and events that are happening in our area….and have a special guest book for them to sign…it dates back to the 80’s. It is fun to read and brings back sweet memories.

  12. Jennifer

    Your guests might not leave with that kind of attention to detail! Very nice! I haven’t had a guest room for quite some time now that I have three kids. One day…

  13. Franki Parde

    We have “guests” all year long (living on a beautiful lake helps!) Our “little cabin” can sleep 10 with the help of folding screens, etc. The outdoor shower sometimes has a line! :) I’ve had to use “every trick in the book.” Fifteen for Thanksgiving…yikes! franki

  14. Juliane

    What great suggestions. As a matter of fact, I’d like to have these things in the house for MYSELF. I always like things just right for my guests when I’m getting ready, straightening wall art, cleaning the bathroom, you know!

  15. Rebecca

    We have a guest room. I generally have a the robe, nice towels, nice white sheets, candle, good bottle of water next to bed, a few current magazines, clock, and some bath wash, shampoo, conditioner. And a chocolate on the pillow. I like people to visit!


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