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9 Weeks Until Christmas?! {Holiday Nesting & A Link Party!}

by | Oct 22, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Nesting Series 2012

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9 Weeks Until Christmas?! {Holiday Nesting & A Link Party!}

instagram pic of my new settee ….still with tags!

Did I scare you or are you excited? 9 weeks til Christmas??! YES! I’m definitely in a holiday nesting mood. In spite of the projects going on around my house, I am really looking forward to the holidays. I’m already thinking about how to make it the best possible season I can. Really it has been many years since we’ve had a truly relaxed and nearly perfect holiday, meaning a holiday where we weren’t moving, getting settled, overly busy trying to keep our heads above water, or remodeling or whatever. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Despite my desire to be DONE with everything I’ve been working on around our house before the holidays, this year we wil probably still be in the middle of projects. Not surprising!

Clearly I over estimated what could get done before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Or maybe I add too many new things to the list!

Or maybe I’m crazy!

Don’t say it. I know what you are thinking.

Probably a combination of all of the above. Wheee! Never a dull moment, I guess.

9 Weeks Until Christmas?! {Holiday Nesting & A Link Party!}

But I’m not going to let my CARAAAZYNESS  interfere with holiday plans! I’m used to it! I think I can still create a relaxed and enjoyable holiday by my advance planning, and compensate for other things we might have going on in life! Sometimes that is what we need to do, simply plan ahead for what really matters and let go of the unrealistic picture of perfection. Otherwise, we’ll be running around like that gingerbread mom with her head chopped off. And if mama looks like that, nobody’s having a good Christmas.

Lowering our expectations of what we can accomplish and raising our level of creativity and flexibility really helps.

In the spirit of preparing ahead, I’ve already set up my Thanksgiving centerpiece (excited much?) and started dreaming about where our Christmas tree will go this year. I may or may not have ordered a couple of new holiday decor items to get me motivated to decorate. I’ve been thinking about the rooms I can set up now to be the most comfortable for holiday gatherings.

I’m really excited to be working on a few more long-awaited updates to our living-room-turned-gathering-room to make it extra cozy for holiday gatherings and day to day living. I’m still rearranging furniture and shuffling things around the house to better suit our needs, finding new affordable things as needed to make our space work for us and I’m bringing in more reddish/orangish tones for the season with some pillows and throws! Things are feeling more comfortable by the day and we are using more of our rooms than ever before. It’s almost like we added on to our square footage, but we didn’t!

I’ll share more details about the most recent updates and plans for this room in another post, but you can see a bit of a preview today! I’m really excited about getting this room the way I want it since it is the first room you come to in our home and the gathering space for guests and family alike.

9 Weeks Until Christmas?! {Holiday Nesting & A Link Party!}

instagram pic of Jack lounging on our new settee
(settee, pillow and throw from Pier One)

Avert your eyes and bite your tongue if you don’t like animals on furniture. Normally Jack is wandering in this room unsupervised (he still has his puppyish tendencies so we don’t let him have full unsupervised access yet to the house), but he wanted to try out the new settee to make sure it was comfy enough. We caught him laying on it and covering himself with the throw. Honestly. Spoiled, perhaps? Have to admit, he looks pretty cute there.

For me, holiday nesting isn’t about creating the perfect magazine cover most-Pinteresting holiday home, it is about creating the most warm, welcoming environment we can for our friends and family, having FUN and making memories along the way.

We will all interpret holiday nesting differently, of course, and that is the fun of having your own space. You can create your own special holiday ambience!

Whether holiday nesting right now means you need to get rid of STUFF you don’t need or like, shuffle around the furniture, get the carpet cleaned, plan out your gift list or make your own Christmas ornaments, it is time to get going, ladies!

I’m excited to see YOUR holiday nesting, whether you are working on Halloween, or figuring out what you have planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas — as long as it is holiday nesting related, it’s fair game. Share your posts in the linky below and let’s inspire each other for the holidays!

9 weeks ’til Christmas. Ready? Or NOT?

9 Weeks Until Christmas?! {Holiday Nesting & A Link Party!}


  1. Liz

    Thanks for hosting, Melissa! Looking forward to seeing all the great projects!

  2. Diane

    I think Jack and the settee are looking like they’re getting ready for Christmas. I love those touches of red!!!
    “Lowering our expectations of what we can accomplish and raising our level of creativity and flexibility really helps.” Amen Sista!!! This is something that I’m learning. But…oh my gosh….am I a slow learner when it comes to expectations and holidays and what I can accomplish.
    Terrific post. Thanks for getting me thinking about the upcoming holidays now. :D

  3. Penny

    I just linked up and want to thank you for hosting! Have a great week! Hugs, Penny

  4. Teo

    Pretty sure it’s 9 weeks to Christmas?

    • Melissa

      Yep, you’re right. That’s what I get for writing my post early. It is now 9 weeks til Christmas. I’ll edit that for accuracy! :-)

  5. Barbara

    Thanks for hosting! Great party–lots of lovely holiday projects, so excited to look around!
    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net

  6. Shannon Fox

    The settee is beautiful! I love the fabric… I think Jack has good taste too ;)
    I think I am going to plan more so the holiday does not get away from me and I’m running to catch up the whole time.

    Thanks for the party :)

  7. Kelly - Talk of the House

    That is one gorgeous settee…would look perfect in my house here!! Jack looks right at home on it. I can’t even begin to think about Thanksgiving or Christmas…still working on Halloween! In fact, I finally just finished my “fall around the house” post TODAY. (See how far behind I am?)

  8. Patricia

    You had to say it…didn’t you. You had to say how many weeks we have ’til Christmas…
    does that answer you question on whether you scared me or not? LOL…

    I am trying to keep our Christmas simple…but, in spite of that, I have made the LIST. No. not the shopping list.
    The ” TO DO BEFORE HOSTING DINNER” List. yep. That one. And it gets longer everyday, I think!

    I like your settee…and yes, I cringe when I see dogs on furniture. Especially, beautiful NEW furniture like yours. But…I MUST BE SQUEAMISH! Because… I allow for so many OTHER infractions in our home…that it makes me appear CARAAAZY TO EVEN MENTION IT.
    :) Let me be the first to say this season… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    • Melissa

      If it helps any, he was just bathed and had his haircut so he is fresh as a daisy :-).

  9. Nici ~ Posed Perfection

    Thanks so much for hosting! I love your new settee and Jack is pretty cute too. I am your newest rss and facebook follower. I would love for you to stop by Posed Perfection sometime for a visit. I hope you have a great week!

  10. Jocelyn Pascall

    9 WEEKS!!?!?! WHAT!!! Oh my…that is scary. Love the new bit of furniture AND the dog that is enjoying it :)

  11. libby

    I don’t think I can get enough of the Jack pics- he always makes me smile. Love the daily decor inspiration as well~

  12. Debbie

    You so inspire me as I too try to make our home work for us. It is fun and enjoyable but That pic of Jack just makes my day…:)

  13. Cyndee Jones


    Please don’t ever stop including pics of Jack in your posts. Jack is part of your family and by posting his pics, well, now he is part of our family too! You’re right, Jack looks pretty darn cute on your new settee, covered with your new throw. What a dog – what a life!! Reminds me of our dog, Emma!

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog very much.
    Happy Holidays,

  14. Scribbler

    Thanks for hosting! I really like your settee — I saw it at Pier 1 and wished I had a place for it. It is much enhanced by your cute canine “accessory!”

  15. Debra

    Thanks for hosting, Melissa. I am definitely getting into the holiday mood this year.

  16. Sherry

    I am so ready for Christmas decorating! I was just reading this post and I decided where to put our tree this year. You have inspired me! Thank you for hosting!

  17. MJ

    I love your blog! I haven’t decorated for the holidays recently but you are motivating me!

  18. Meaningful Nest

    Love the Holiday Nesting theme, because it really does feel like nesting with it getting darker earlier and there’s a chill in the air. I am doing the crazy 31 Days Series (only a few more days! I did it!) on “31 Days to a Less Stressed Nest”. Tomorrow’s post is about what REALLY matters when you are preparing for the holidays. I love this post because it reminds me that nesting shouldn’t be stressful, too time-consuming, or done for anyone but YOU and the people that live in your home. Nesting does not mean killing yourself trying to impress or not disappoint others. I hope you will read tomorrow and see what I mean!

  19. Jessica

    Thanks so much for hosting this great party! So many great ideas in one spot!
    My goal this year is also to have a calm home…..and to be calm myself. Looks like you are off to a great start!


    melissa, I must admit I am thinking about Christmas and how I want to decorate, but I have not thought about Thanksgiving yet, I guess I should probably get my head wrapped around that! I did make some cute ghost doughnuts this weekend for Halloween. I love your enthusiasm!!!
    Happy Wednesday,

  21. Barbara (WA)

    The settee is just beautiful! But Christmas – ack. The first time I walked into a store this fall that had Christmas up I thought “unclean, unclean” and averted my eyes. Lol!

  22. Lucy Bronk

    I’m a real sucker for Christmas! Cant help but get excited about the impending holiday season. Family, good food and pleanty of laughter :) – 2 months till Xmas eve for those that needed a reminder ;)

  23. Lynn Kellan

    Hubba Wha? 9 weeks till Xmas? Our kitchen is being remodeled, and I haven’t been able to start any Xmas prep now that my house is a complete wreck. Looking forward to getting inspiration from you!

  24. Pam

    Love the link ups so many creative people. I put two pumkpins on my table does that count haha -I’ve too been to busy eating pumpkin…pumpkin bars, pumpkin pie and the trick or treat candy…

  25. Theresa A

    Thank you for the party~! Love your blog!!! Lots of inspiration!! Thank you for sharing! Hugs & Smiles – Theresa


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