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Welcome To The Inspired Room’s 5th Annual Fall Nesting Series 2012!

Welcome To The Inspired Room's 5th Annual Fall Nesting Series 2012!

Welcome to my Fifth Annual Fall Nesting series!

{Fall Front Porch Decorating}

I’m SO glad you are here!

I can hardly believe I have a 5th annual anything, but if it is going to be a fifth annual something, it might as well involve Fall & Nesting because those are two subjects that get my heart pumping and inspire me more than almost anything else home-related!!

Over the past year, I’ve been working my way through my own house, reorganizing and redecorating nearly every part of it in both big and small ways– basically I’ve been doing some crazy intense nesting. I guess I should do a series called 365 Days of Intense Nesting, because clearly Fall, a month or 31 days just wasn’t enough for me. Go big or go home, right?  Heh. 

But seriously? I have to admit. This major nesting season has been very fun and even therapeutic for me.

Welcome To The Inspired Room's 5th Annual Fall Nesting Series 2012!

I can hardly believe the impact this process has had on how I feel every day as I walk through my house and go about my day to day life. It is changing everything for me. Not just because my house is prettier or in better shape, although that certainly helps!, but mostly because of the sense of peace & order I feel in creating a home that actually works for us.

I love having a home that feels both peaceful and creatively inspiring to me. And mostly I love having a home that inspires and rejuvenates us for the life we have.

The past three years of intense schedules, pressures and related issues with starting a church and a business were probably more draining on me than I even admitted to myself. I really needed to take some time just to focus more on my own home for a bit. I turned down several blogging trips, a number of speaking opportunities and a bunch of other things in order to have the time I needed.

I was going to write a little bit about our life over the past few years as a bit of an intro on Fall Nesting, but then I opened a post by my interior design major daughter Courtney and realized she pretty much wrote everything I was thinking about in a much more eloquent and meaningful way so I’ll let her share her thoughts on creating a home and the significance of it in her own words.

Welcome To The Inspired Room's 5th Annual Fall Nesting Series 2012!

We are feeling so very blessed and at peace right now with this season of our life. And after those intense three years and a half years of moving, serving and extreme busyness, it feels GREAT to be in a season where we can delight some updates to our own home and get things in order so we’ll be more effective in the upcoming year.

I’ll be continuing to sharing more of what I’ve been working on around my house and how it is all coming together this month, because I’m still very much in crazy lady nesting mode! I’m SO excited! With my own season of year long nesting added to my usual FALL NESTING craze and series, there is plenty to share and talk about and I can’t wait!!

Welcome To The Inspired Room's 5th Annual Fall Nesting Series 2012!

The goal with my Fall Nesting series each year is to not only inspire decorating ideas for Fall, but to focus on ways to savor this season and find contentment in the home we have and in the season we are in. Obviously we are in the glorious Fall season in the U.S. right now, but we are also all in different “seasons” of life. 

If you’ve read my blog from the beginning you might remember us going through a year-long season without a job, years of growing my own business, nine months of trying to sell a house under difficult circumstances, moving to a new house in a new state, various life-threatening health emergencies in our family, focusing time & energy on starting a church, getting a crazy puppy named Jack and now this season of intense nesting!

Different seasons called for different kinds of nesting and different ways of finding contentment at home.

Circumstances (or homes) may not ever perfect, but I do think our attitude and intentionality about creating a comfortable home no matter what season we are in is what can inspire us through those ups and downs of life. 

Welcome To The Inspired Room's 5th Annual Fall Nesting Series 2012!

Whether we are listing off 20 Little Things I Love About Fall (I hope you’ll write your own list and link up this Monday night at 7PM PST!), putting together a Fall centerpiece for our dinner table or a wreath for our door, or establishing housekeeping routines, the Fall Nesting series is about finding a place of contentment and happiness in the season and home you are in.

During this series we will be talking about Fall nesting in our entries, kitchens & pantries, family rooms, dining spaces and bedrooms and more –– I’m pretty sure we’ll cover each and every room of our homes in one way or another this Fall series! Plus I’ll be updating the blog regularly with quick Fall ideas for your home, a fun Fall giveaway or two, and of course, lots of updates on my own house projects. Plus, I think Jack has a few fun things to share with you all too! LOTS of Fall & Nesting going on around here this month!

I hope you’ll share your own seasonal stories and ideas in the comments so we can get to know each other better over this series, and I hope you’ll participate in the parties so we can visit your homes and blogs too, because Fall Nesting is always more fun when you have people to share it with! If you are doing a Fall home series, feel free to link up to the Fall Home Series linky! That is an easy way for us to find other bloggers doing similar series this month!

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Thanks for following along with this series!

See you here later to link up your 20 Little Things I Love About Fall lists!