Creative Ideas for Your Walls {Handmade Walls!}

Creative Ideas for Your Walls {Handmade Walls!}

One of the things I’m most looking forward to when all these more construction-oriented projects are done around my house is working on smaller scale creative projects to bring our unique personality and warm memories to our newly freshened up home.

I’m thrilled with the fact that almost all of my walls will have been painted within the past year or two — that former SWINE color just didn’t inspire me at all. Having freshly painted walls as a jumping off point means I will be more ready than ever to really personalize our space with special accessories, furnishings, memories and photos. I’m SO excited for this next phase!

My philosophy for home decor is that when life inspires home, our home inspires our life. When we bring our own special brand of creativity to our homes through accessories and art, we have a home that is truly inspired by US and our unique story. And isn’t that what a home is supposed to be?

Creative Ideas for Your Walls {Handmade Walls!}

I love love LOVE finding other bloggers who appreciate and inspire the authentic approach to creating a home, and understand how a more personal home can inspire your life in so many ways. I’ve featured the creative home of Jamin and Ashley Mills (The Handmade Home) a couple of times. OK, maybe a million times. I love their curtains, their tree house, their kitchen, their chalkboard fridge. Their screen door. Their chalkboard. I’ll stop there because after realizing how many times I’ve featured their creative ideas, I think I might be a stalker.

Clearly their blog inspires me.

I love their fresh and fun approach to displaying family photos in handmade and painted frames and how they fill their walls with other creative handmade items. When I found out they were putting together an ebook, Handmade Walls, with 22 projects we could try in our own home, I was super excited!

Creative Ideas for Your Walls {Handmade Walls!}

I think the projects in this book are absolutely adorable and I think after seeing it you’ll be as inspired as I am to create handmade walls in your home! The projects are complete with instructions and photos as well as tips for paint colors and supplies.

The projects in this ebook would also make fantastic handmade Christmas gifts!

Creative Ideas for Your Walls {Handmade Walls!}

Handmade Walls contains 22 projects, at over 250 pages chock-full of inspiration, creations, and plans for making it happen in your own homes. It’s a realistic, user-friendly fun approach on creating beautiful handmade pieces for your spaces. It’s available for $9.95 in a simple easy-to-use PDF format with an accessible and affordable approach for all. 

To get your own copy and begin the journey to creating handmade walls, check out the ebook Handmade Walls! Enjoy, and let me know if you make any of their projects!

Creative Ideas for Your Walls {Handmade Walls!}

I love to recommend books, ebooks and blogs that I think my readers would enjoy. The links in this post to the ebook are affiliate links but my praise and support of this lovely book is authentic. Thanks for your support of bloggers!


  1. We are about to finish renovating our kitchen, and I need to think about decorating the walls. So, this book is a timely suggestion! Thanks!

  2. You are too sweet, Melissa. The feeling is mutual-we adore your style. ;} Let us know if you make something! We’d LOVE to see. HUGS!

  3. Sounds wonderful. I’ll have to check it out as soon as a bit of free time. Thanks for sharing Melissa

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