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{christmas decorating} Nativity scene giveaway!

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Christmas Decorating

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{christmas decorating} Nativity scene giveaway!

 Willow Tree Nativity via

Have you started your Christmas decorating yet? Besides setting up our charming Woodland Tree and our pre-Christmas mantel (Did you see our fireplace makeover? SO excited about it!), pretty much all I have had time for so far is to put out our new Willow Tree Nativity set from DaySpring.

But even if that nativity is all I had out this year, it really would be enough for me.

Beautiful, simple and meaningful. I love it!

Oh happy day! Our friends at DaySpring would like to give one of you a Willow Tree Nativity of your own to set out this Christmas. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me why you’d love to win! Easy peasy! Giveaway ends on Thursday 9PM PST.

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Here is a coupon code good Monday only: Save 30% Off your entire order with coupon code 30SUPER through 11/26.

Happy Monday, friends!

Don’t forget to comment to enter the Willow Tree Nativity giveaway!

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  1. Beth

    I love this nativity set! So pretty! It would be perfect for my family’s first nativity.


    • Judi

      I love to keep the central theme of Christmas about Christ. Would love
      to place this nativity in a central location of our home.
      Thanks for your blog…thank you also to dayspring.

  2. Claire

    I would love to win this lovely giveaway- my family has endured much this past year and I know this nativity would add a special meaning to our upcoming holiday-thank you

  3. Lesley

    Would love to win this nativity set – it’s always been my favorite!

  4. Hannah G

    First time on this blog -what a beautiful nativity set! I too need a mantle make over.

  5. Tristi

    I love the Willow Tree products!

  6. Christi {Jealous Hands}

    What a lovely Nativity! This would be perfect in my little boy’s room!

  7. Peggy

    So pretty! I would gift it to my son’s girlfriend, who lost her mom in January.

  8. Mary Alice Patterson

    Beautiful nativity. This is why we celebrate, after all, so would love to win!
    Mary Alice

  9. Megan

    I love the simplicity of this set! I’ve been looking for a set and I love this! We’ll probably be purchasing it if we don’t win it. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Judi Spears

    Beautiful! For unto us a child is born!

  11. Vanessa

    This set is so beautiful. I love the Willow Tree brand because they don’t have faces. Does it make it easier to see our face in theirs? I want my dear family of sinners of see their faces in the Christ-child who was born to become our substitute in death and in holiness.

  12. Jackie

    The nativity set is a beautiful reminder of why we celebrate and I would love to win it and set it right on my kitchen table! Thanks

  13. Stephanie

    simple yet beautiful!!

  14. maureen m.

    What a beautiful nativity! I would love to have it under our tree to be a constant reminder of the reason we celebrate!

  15. BJ

    I have been wishing to add this to my christmas decor for several years, but really have never had the money to do it. Would love a chance to win it!

  16. Bonnie Schmidt

    I would like to win this set because it is, without saying, the true meaning of Christmas. Yet, this particular set has a modern feel about it that I really like. I have a very old plastic set given to me by my mother-in-law that I dearly love. I would use this set also – it seems to me that it would appeal more to the younger generation. Christ is for all seasons and all times, but this rendition is particularly good.

  17. melita

    I would love to win one my little girls wan tone so bad also.

  18. shelia

    Oooh, pick me, please! I have wanted this set from the moment I saw it. A beautiful, serene reminder of our Saviour’s birth and the focus of this wonderful season.

  19. Nicole

    I have loved their line of figures for years and this would be our first nativity set! I really hope I win it :)

  20. Brenda

    I would love to win this Nativity set. It is so pretty. Now that the children are almost gone, it would be the perfect Christmas set nto introduce future grandchildren too and help me to remember the former busy days of raising three children.

  21. Ginger Dodge

    Love Willow Tree and Dayspring. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  22. veronica

    Ooo! I have been searching for a nativity set – this one is just what I was wanting. Simple and elegant. So beautiful!

  23. Heather

    My father made a creche years ago and gave each of his daughters one with a little nativity set. It’s one of my Christmas treasures. If I won this lovely set, I would give it to my father to enjoy – he never kept one of his own creches.

  24. sue

    I would love to be able to give this set to my daughter and new son-in-law. They were married in April, and both are special education teachers. Their beautiful wedding and teachers salaries have left very little extra for Christmas this year. They would love to have this as a reminder of their first Christmas together, I’m sure. Thank you for a gorgeous blog…..

  25. Annette

    Beautiful, and I love having reminders of the Christian meaning of Christmas throughout the house.

  26. Laura P

    I have wanted this nativity for several years and yet it just never fits in our budget. Every year we say this is the year and something always takes precedent. It is a beautiful set.

  27. Jazy Girl

    I love Willow Tree so much! This navity is beautiful!

  28. Dawn

    I would love this nativity. My husband and I got married this year and bought our first home. This would be the perfect addition to our home for Christmas.

  29. Jennie Burk

    We just had our first grandchild last August. It would be a perfect gift for her first Christmas. She could cherish it for years to come.

  30. Alison

    The Willow Tree nativity set depicts the beauty of the Christmas season. It is a joyful reminder of the reason we celebrate this time of year and I would love to have it to share with my friends and family.

  31. Carol

    My creche was STOLEN!…..could not believe anyone would do that. I replaced itwith a small, rather nondescript one, but I am not particulary fond of it. The one you have featured is truly lovely – so in keeping with the elegant simplicity of the meaning it portrays -so peaceful. Thank you for showing it. C

  32. Sherry Dickman

    I would love to win this nativity. It is beautiful and would look wonderful on my grandma’s credenza. Thank you for the opportunity.

  33. Lynda

    Thank you DaySpring for the opportunity to win this sweet Willow Tree nativity scene through The Inspired Blog! This would be the perfect addition to our simple Christmas decor and as seen by guests, friends and family – telling others about winning, would be the perfect “lead in” for a conversation about Jesus being the Reason for the Season!


  34. Katherine S.

    An exauisite nativity set. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway!

    • Katherine S.

      I meant EXQUISITE!! Thanks again for the opportunity to enter.

  35. Rachel

    I love that nativity…simple..beautiful

  36. Heather

    Our only Nativity is the Little People set, and while its great for the kids to pretend they’re bringing gifts to Baby Jesus without fear they’re going to break something, I’d love a beautiful Nativity for my holiday display. This one would be perfect!

  37. Mary S

    Love the nativity. It is beautiful and the real reason for the season!

  38. Jann

    I love this simple nativity. I have been looking for a new nativity set for a while, and this one would be perfect for our family.

  39. Kristy

    I would love to win this nativity scene to put into my new house. We moved in this weekend, and I don’t have very much Christmas decorations.

  40. Marie

    Lovely nativity set. I would definitely love one for myself

  41. Susan

    Love Willow Tree! This one is so simple yet powerful!

  42. Serena Brittingham

    Beautiful simplicity! I would love this nativity to give to a friend who is 90 years young. She would treasure it!

  43. Sherry Morris

    I would like to have a nativity for my grandkids. This one is beautiful.


    I would love to win this pretty giveaway, because my family has endured much these months – my sister died in october 7th. Jesus has supported our family.

  45. Ann : )

    Beatiful nativity.

  46. Jeanna M

    I love Willow Tree and have been wanting a nativity from them for a while. Now that the one I have has broken arms and chipped ears ( donkey) I really need one. Love your blog.

  47. carol jane

    I would love to win this beautiful nativity set because it would look so pretty in my dining room. I always wanted a nativity set, but never had the money to buy one.

  48. MARY LOU

    it’s the reason for the season!!!!
    thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful nativity set!

  49. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

    There are kittens in the house so, probably, won’t put up a tree this year. There will be creche’s, reminding all of the “reason for the season”. This would make a lovely addition; thank you for the opportunity to win.

  50. Anita Gambrell

    I would love to win this , to give to my daughter and grandsons for their home.

  51. Marie

    A nativity set is such a simple way to bring the whole holiday time into perspective, don’t you think? Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  52. Mariam

    This is the second time I will be celebrating Christmas and the first time I will be making a crib. I have been looking for a simple yet beautiful Nativity scene. However, none fit the simplicity of this one and thos that it were over my budget. So I’d definitely be very happy if I win this one.

  53. Lisa

    We have never had a nativity in our home yet and I’ve been hoping to find a special one. The perfect, simple design of the Willow Tree Nativity is just what I’ve been wishing for. Merry Christmas!!

  54. Emily

    I would love to win because we don’t have a nativity scene and with a little one I want her to grow up with one!

  55. Deann

    Peaceful…beautiful….i love it!

  56. RJ

    I would love to have this nativity scene — my mom always had a nice one which was one of my favorite Christmas decorations. I don’t have an “adult” version yet (Little people don’t look so sophisticated on the bookshelf) and would enjoy having this piece!

  57. Jackie

    Just beautiful! It would be a beautiful, daily reminder of the real reason we celebrate.

  58. marjorie lavender

    Nativity scenes are my #1 favorite decorations. I would leave them up all year if I could. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Merry Christmas!

  59. Susan

    I would love this Nativity scene! I have been inspired and doing my own painting of thrift store furniture, crafts & other decorating ideas in our home & this would just add beauty to my new work. Plus I have a labradoodle ! :-) us doodle family’s stick together !

  60. Stacy

    Goodmorning y’all ! I would like to win the nativity to bring the reason for Christmas into focus for our family. We have 5 children and I think they would very much enjoy it!
    Blessings to all of you!

  61. Rebecca

    I would love to set this out to see the real reason for the season!

  62. Rebecca

    I’d love to win because JESUS is really the reason for this season!!

  63. maria

    I love the simplicity of this beautiful nativity scene! I really crave that in my life right now and that includes decor! Thank you for the chance to win!

  64. Teresa

    I love willow tree. My daughter-in-law began collecting the nativity when they married and we have given them pieces through the years. I am doing a natural Christmas theme this year and the willow tree nativity would be the perfect reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. Love to display it in our home.

  65. Kristen Davis

    I would love to win both because it is beautiful and because it is truly the best decoration there is, thank you so much for the opportunity to enter!! :D

  66. Debbie

    Beautiful!!! If I won it I would love to give it to my best friend in Michigan who I have not seen in about 30 years… Merry Christmas all!!!

  67. Denise Wilson

    I’d love to win because it is beautiful! We have a nativity for the kids to play with, but this would be nice to have for display.

  68. Becky

    I’ve been wanting a willow tree nativity for so long!

  69. Charlotte

    I would love to win the beautiful nativity set! We have such an old, wooden small one and this would be great to put on display on the mantle!

  70. Megan W.

    quit simply, it captures the stillness of the night and the “wonder” of what we celebrate like non other I have seen. I would place this on the table in the front hallway as a gentle reminder of why we “celebrate”. Thank you for sharing Dayspring.

  71. Amanda

    I’ve been wanting a Willow Tree nativity for years! We have quite a few other Willow Tree figurines and they all hold special meaning to our family – this set would be wonderful!

  72. ChristaD

    Simply Gorgeous! I started to collect the figurines a few years ago. Would love to add this to my collection.
    Merry early Christmas!

  73. sheila diodato

    The Willow Tree symbol is beautiful, simple, innocent, birth……..exactly what Christmas is about. Thanks for sharing one for free, I know I would love this in my home!

  74. Christine

    I would love to have this nativity set to put on the dining room table so everyone would be reminded of what Christmas is really about. That it should be a Christ centered holiday. And it would be the only thing on the dining room table except for a few candles, perhaps.

  75. vickie

    The true meaning of Christmas. I would give it to my newly married daughter.

  76. Dorothy F.

    I love nativity scenes. They have always been my favorite and not just for Christmas. I keep my favorite on a shelf all year.

  77. Susan

    So simple and lovely…a perfect reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. How I would love to have this as a daily reminder.

  78. Hilda Adams

    We have a couple of non-breakable sets that are wonderful for our grandchildren to handle, but I would love a beautiful nativity set to place on our fireplace mantel!

  79. Andrea Leu

    I’ve never seen this Willow Tree nativity set, but it’s beautiful! I would adore this! Thank you for your gorgeous inspiration on your blog! I have learned a lot from reading your posts! Thank you for this giveaway!

  80. Maria

    I would love to win this Nativity! It is so simple and beautiful, focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.

  81. Lisa K

    What a beautiful Nativity set! I would be so thrilled to win it for my daughter & son-in-law. Their 2-year wedding anniversary is coming up soon, and they don’t have a Nativity set for their home. My daughter loves Willow Tree pieces.

  82. Marcia

    I saw this nativity in a store a few days ago. It is not only beautiful, but it stirred my soul…such a beautiful reminder of what we are celebrating during this season of Christmas.

  83. Jennifer

    My son desperately wants a nativity scene for his room. That would be a wonderful surprise for him.

  84. Jackie Brooks

    This is so beautiful! I’d love to win this. I’ve already picked the perfect spot for it in my foyer!

  85. Wendy Sue

    I’ve always loved the Willow creations!! Enough so I’ve always given them as gifts, hoping to inspire friends and family with their simple messages!! If I were to win I’d probably keep this set and then share it with my daughters through the years!! Thank you.

  86. Joy

    Such a beautiful nativity scene. It’s simplicity is what makes it so perfect. I would keep it up year round. A reminder……….

  87. Nancy P.

    It’s lovely and tells it’s story beautifully.

  88. Amanda Smith

    I would love to win this nativity set. It would be my first real nativity set. It is beautiful & simple. I love it.

  89. Wanna

    How like the real nativity – reverent and simple.

  90. Sarah

    The simplicity of this Willow Tree Nativity is amazing. I like how it wraps you in the true miracle of Christmas and doesn’t have a lot of distractions that surround it. It draws you in and gets you asking questions. With 7yr old triplet boys and a 4yr old daughter we have a lot of questions about Christmas right now. May you have a blessed Christmas Season!

  91. Anne Marie

    I would love to win this nativity set – so beautiful. My grandsons seem to forget the real meaning of Christmas – I am hoping this could help me instill in them the meaning of Christmas – it is not all about toys and gifts.

  92. Ashley

    Would love to win. I want my home’s decor to show less Santa and more about the true meaning of Christmas.

  93. Michelle

    Beautiful nativity! I collect nativities — and I don’t have one that looks like this.

  94. Megan

    I love Willow Tree and would be so happy to put this nativity in our home – the real meaning of the season!

  95. Rebecca Potts Baker

    My mother collected Nativity sets. My mother died in 2005. We had such a special relationship. I know a lot of people say this same thing, but she truly was my best friend in addition to being my mother. I have her collection and I have continued to collect Nativity sets and I will pass the collection to my son, so it will become a special family heirloom.

  96. Rebecca

    Lovely nativity!

  97. Danielle

    I would love to win because I do not have a nativity set, this would be my first one. Thank you for the giveaway!

    {and by the way, your fireplace looks GORGEOUS!}

  98. Mary

    The reason for the season. Pick me as the winner!

  99. Ellen

    Willow Tree is a favorite of mine. We have several pieces & have given them as gifts many times. The Nativity is beautiful & our daughter has wanted this for sometime. I would love for her to receive this Nativity. It is so very special & it would be her first.

  100. Debra Mundell

    I am fascinated by nativity scenes. This one is very awesome and I would like to win this in your giveaway. Thank you. Merry Christmas

  101. Lisa

    I absolutely love how beautifully simple that nativity scene is…..just lovely!

  102. Angela Davis

    Our blessings began with the birth of this baby. My three children and their families will ALL be coming home for Christmas for the first time in many years. I feel truly blessed. This beautiful yet simple manger scene certainly represents God’s blessing to us. Many blessings to you all during this holiday season.

  103. Regina

    My decorating style is minimalist and this beautiful Willow Tree Nativity would be perfect in my home during the Christmas season!

  104. Maria

    Oh, how beautiful! I have loved this Willow Tree nativity scene for so long — ever since I worked at Hallmark several years ago and I would set all of these pieces up each season. :-) LOVE! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  105. Becky

    I love this nativity set. It’s beautiful, just like the story it tells.

  106. Cynthia

    This is a beautiful nativity, so realistic.


  107. Amanda

    You said it perfectly, simple yet so meaningful!

  108. Leanne

    This nativity is so beautiful and would make the perfect gift for my mother and grandmother to my children. She has been searching for one to replace the heirloom she handed down to my brothers family…who since have separated themselves from all of us. It would be such a touching gift to present to her.

  109. Vicki Brawley

    The nativity set is so beautiful and peaceful. I would love to win it for my home.

  110. Cheryl Jacobo

    It’s what Christmas is all about! Love this nativity!

  111. Suzanne T

    Winning this nativity would be wonderful! It’s a beautiful visual reminder of exactly what we are celebrating this season.

  112. Rondell

    Love! I’ve always wanted one of these, every time I go into the Hallmark store I always stop to look at these…so beautiful!

  113. Elizabeth

    Love this nativity! It’s so simple and not overly done like so many seem to be, which kind of take away from the story.

  114. Meg S

    This is so beautiful! I’d love to put this up in my apartment!

  115. Eileen Beck

    I would love to put a nativity in the room shared by my two youngest. With all of the Christmas gift-buying, list-making craziness, I want as many reminders as we can get that there is more to the season!

  116. MG Atwood

    I would love to win this and give to my grandsons. They would greatly benefit from a nativity scene.

  117. Lisa

    Because I love Jesus and am so thankful for his birth.

  118. Dawn A.

    Thank you for this beautiful give away! Nothing says thank you Christ, like a nativity scene. This is the favorite decoration of my children. We hope we win, and will be happy for anyone else who does. So precious.

  119. Niki

    This nativity set is beautiful. We are starting new Christmas traditions this year with our 2 year old & are wanting a nativity set to teach him about the true meaning of Christmas. Would love to win this one! Blessings to you!

  120. Teresa

    I had just yesterday asked my tween daughter about decorating each room in our house with a nativity. Of course we don’t have enough for each room so this one would be perfect for the living room!

  121. Arlena

    I have several angels, Rememberence and Angel of Comfort are favorites….this scene is beautiful and I would love to have it in my home.

  122. Marisa Toomey

    I have been wanting a nativity for awhile but have never found one I have really liked until now. I would love to win this! It’s perfect!

  123. Jenny

    This is a beautiful nativity set. I would love to have it set up on my mantle.

  124. Sharon

    I would love this!

  125. barb

    I have been eyeing this up at Willow Tree. Would love it! Something so simple yet so meaningful.

  126. Brenda

    I would love to win this. Our manger is made of cardboard. The figurines are ceramic, very small and hard to see from a distance. This nativity scene of ours was passed down. It is still very nice, and it is the meaning that is important. I would really appreciate this beautiful, yet simple nativity scene. Thanks for the giveaway! I love your blog!

  127. Rory W

    Our house is in need of something like this! It would be perfect for a spot on our shelf that is just sitting empty right now. Thanks for the chance to win!

  128. Sharon Fumia

    Ohhh! It’s so beautifully simple and elegant at once. It describes who Jesus is, really. Completely divine, and yet he came to us as a simple baby. This Nativity captures His grace and His love, for which I am daily, so grateful. Thanks for sharing it with us…and thanks for allowing us the opportunity to win it, as well. And thanks for your wonderful blog. Here in New Jersey, where everything seems so full of devastation right now, due to Hurricane Sandy, your blog is a bright spot in our day.

  129. Sheila at Longings End

    Before I even realized there was a giveaway, I took one look at that nativity and knew I would love to have one. It is so simple, and in that so beautiful. Just like that First Christmas so long ago when a tiny baby slipped in simply among the sheep and cows, bringing a gift of love beautiful unlike any we had ever known. Our money is tight this year as we pursue God’s call on our life at Longings End through a writing and coaching ministry, so would be a lovely blessing if we won. THANKS and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  130. Anne

    Would love to win this nativity set, our mantel is small this would be the perfect size. It is so beautiful! Thank you to Dayspring for sharing with you and us. :)

  131. Maureen

    I would love to win for it is a beautiful rendition for the meaning of the season.

  132. Lorraine

    Faceless religious figurines are my favorite! I would be so happy to have these :)

  133. Helen R

    I love the Willow Tree products and have been given several as gifts, so they are collectibles to me. I have a ceramic Nativity set that my mother painted 30 years ago and gave me as a Christmas present. My son got married this summer and I would love to win this Willow Tree Nativity Set to give to my son & daughter-in-law for their first Christmas a reminder of God’s greatest gift to us. Thank you so much!

  134. Sandy A

    This Nativity is so lovely–I would love it for our home…

  135. Wendy Munsell

    This nativity scene is lovely…it evokes the tenderness and love of God during a tumultuous time.

  136. Tammy Gray

    My daughter is getting married and this would be perfect gift to start her Christmas decorating with. I have the large Willow Tree Nativity that took me four years to purchase, piece by piece, This Nativity is simple but the truely represents the true meaning of Christmas. Absolutely Beautiful!


    Oh my, how did you know exactly what I need to complete the decorations at my sister’s home. My sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and decided not to decorate her home this year. My daughters and I went to her house yesterday, put up her tree, decorated the stairway and tried to add some holiday cheer to brighten the mood in her home. After looking through her decorations, I realized that she does not have a nativity. tWhat a wonderful addition to her home as she continues to trust God for her healing and restoration of her health. Merry Christmas!

  138. Liz H

    I love this nativity! Beautiful!

  139. Danielle D

    I would love to win this!

  140. Katie

    This is such a beautiful nativity. Thank you for the give away. I would love to win.

  141. judi

    This is so beautiful…love how Mary is cradling Jesus next to her cheek
    Would love to have this for my entry. Thanks for this opportunity.

  142. Marie

    What a beautiful Nativity scene!

  143. Sharyn Davis

    If I won the nativity set I would put it on “prime property” in the house so that everyone could see it’s beauty and the reason we celebrate Christmas. It is just beautiful!

  144. Cynthia

    What a lovely idea! I have several nativity sets already, so this one I would give away as a special gift!

  145. Barbara Shoemaker

    I love the simplicity of this Nativity set and I have nothing like it! The only Nativity scene we have is a needlepoint one for the grandchildren to play with and this would become an heirloom!

  146. Tracy

    I was once given a hand knitted nativity from my mother and was damaged in a flooded basement and have never been able to repair it.(YET) I love nativity`s and this one is so sweet and would look nice in my living room to be seen by visitors ad loved by me, its a collectors piece that will be treasured.

  147. Laura

    A beautiful set that portrays the meaning of Christmas in a simple yet elegant way.

  148. Liz

    The Nativity set is beautiful.. would love to have it
    in my home..

    Also enjoy your blog posts.. just so special..


  149. claire k

    love the nativity! So pretty!

  150. Lee Wilkins

    I would love this beautiful nativity set – it is so simple and would be Christmas enough in itself.

  151. Renee McCrory

    Add me to the others who would LOVE this nativity scene. I love the background and it’s elegance/simplicity!

  152. Rachael Davis

    I was just admiring this nativity in a catalog over the weekend. It’s beautiful!

  153. Christie

    I have an older Willow Tree set, but this new one is amazing! So much more colorful and pretty!! I’d love to win this one!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  154. Katie

    What a beautiful Nativity! I would like to win in order to gift this to my youngest brother and his wife. He is our pastor, and they are expecting their first baby next year. He has taught our family so much about the love and grace of Christ, and this would be a lovely reminder.

    • Kim

      I collect nativities and have often longed for this set! Would love to add it to my collection!

  155. Andrea Trepina

    I love this nativity set. It is so simple and beautiful!!!

  156. Kelli

    Oh how I would LOVE this! Every year I look at the nativity sets on their site and at the store and think “maybe this year” but it doesn’t happen. My set is 26 years old (the year we were married it was given to us as a wedding gift). It will always be special to me but it’s very dated (think precious moments style) AND was handmade–that plus it went through the “raising” of 3 little boys ;).

  157. Susan Gossett

    I would love to win this beautiful nativity for my 94-year old mother who is now bedfast and does not get the chance to do any of the holiday things we always did together. She lives with me and has a small fireplace next to her bed that this would fit on perfectly. Since she can no longer go to church, this would mean so much to her.

  158. Marcia

    This is a beautiful nativity scene! I have been looking for one for our home but have yet to find one I really like for our twin daughters.

  159. Shari

    I dearly love Nativity scenes & have the perfect place for this one. :-)

  160. Kate

    My first Willow Tree figure was from my son and daughter-in-law for my college graduation in 2009. I have loved them since. The nativity is amazing and something we all need to help us remember that Jesus was born for us, thus the reason for all this celebrating!!

  161. sheri anderson

    Thanks so much for such an awesome giveaway! The Nativity Scene is the most important part of Christmas I believe. I would treasure it!!

  162. Melanie

    All my decorations are 2500 miles away – all packed up! I agree with you, that this one decoration is all one needs. Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  163. Daisy

    I would love this simple, sweet, and elegant nativity to be our first nativity!

  164. Laura Zarrin

    Love this set!!!

  165. Sherry Lykins

    I love this! Would be a lovely nativity to have in my home! [email protected]

  166. Kathy

    My daughter is expecting her first child in April (and our first grandchild) and she had said she wanted to start a collection of the Willow Tree. I actually had planned on buying her one piece at a time of the nativity scene but to have the set would really be great gift to her to get her collection started and to begin her family traditions. Thank you so much for this chance to win!

  167. Kristine

    I would love to win this because we moved and almost all of our Christmas decorations got broken either in transit or storage. Thank you for the opportunity!

  168. Marcie

    I have wanted a Willow Tree Nativity for SO LONG!

  169. Samantha H.

    This nativity is just lovely! I love nativity sets around our home, it give me a good opportunity to explain the true meaning of Christmas to my daughter :) Thanks!

  170. Lauren

    I would love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway

  171. Thirkellgirl

    I would love to win this so I could give it to my daughter who’s just moved away from home and will be flying back to her little apartment in the woods on Christmas day! Even if you’re a single gal you need to start your own traditions!

  172. Helene

    So beautiful! All is calm. All is bright.

  173. Pam Ballard

    Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway..

  174. Nicole

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us!

  175. Suzanne

    Simply beautiful! It would be a nice replacement for the navity I bought 10 years ago!

  176. Onita

    I have always always always wanted the Willow Tree nativity. it’s soooo beautiful!

  177. Loretta

    I got out my Christmas decorations this year and the things I love that light up, don’t light up anymore. I replaced lights on one last year and it doesn’t light up this year again. I don’t have the funds to pay the bills let alone buy new Christmas decorations. Every year since they have been born, I have tried to give my niece and nephew mini manger scenes to remind them of the true meaning of Christmas. This would be a reminder to me that even if all my lights don’t light, He is still the light of the world. Have a wonderful blessed Christmas season.

  178. Miss Kitty

    I’d love to win because I need to infuse the real reason for Christmas into my decorating! I’ve had enough of Santas and snowmen!

  179. Angelique

    Beautiful nativity set!! Would love, love, love to have that! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  180. Alesha

    Hi Melissa,

    I collect Nativities, and I would love to add this to my collection. I always put my Nativity scenes up first, and give them a prominent place in our home. It helps keep our minds and heart focused on the true Reason for the season – the birth of Jesus Christ!

    Thank you for sharing this giveaway,

  181. shannon

    i would love to have this nativity – to add a little serenity to my holidays!! (with six kiddos i could use a little serenity!!)

  182. VHiggins

    I love Willow Tree! That has to be my favorite of the nativity scenes available <3

  183. Michelle R.

    I have always admired the beauty of the Willow Tree figurines. The Nativity scene is among the best!

  184. Faith Gaspar

    I would be so Blessed to win this Nativity. I am just so in LOVE with it!! It’s so simple and pure and it speaks to my heart…. Thanks for having such a beautiful giveaway.


  185. Kay Kloostra

    I have decided to give each of our grandchildren a Nativity scene as a wedding gift to remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas and to remember us for many years to come. Our first g’child was just married this past September, and we have 8 more g’children. :)))

  186. Barb G

    Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

  187. Linda

    What a lovely nativity! You usually see the larger one from Willow Tree – however I don’t have room in my small home for one that large. This one is perfect! Thanks for presenting it as a giveaway :)

  188. Cindy Brickley

    I just love the “Willow Tree Nativity Set”. I have very little room to decorate. My tree is on a little table and this would be perfect for my tiny space.
    [email protected]

    • Cindy Brickley

      I also wanted to say how much I liked your fireplace redo. Your ideas are very inspiring.

  189. TJ

    I’d love to win and shave the Christmas story with my children!!

  190. laurie

    My daughter moved into her own home and I would love to win the nativity for her.
    As a little girl her favorite part of decorating for Christmas was to set up our nativity set. It would be great if she had one of her own now that she is in her own home.

  191. libby rouse

    What a beautiful Nativity Set, would be so pretty to display and such a conversation piece

  192. Lisa

    The Nativity scene is so simple and beautiful. I have the perfect spot!

  193. Laura

    Looks very beautifulll!! Would love to own one myself :D

  194. Cathy Norrie

    What a sweet nativity scene! It would fit perfectly in our wee house (and then the larger one that I inherited from my Mom can be sent over to my son’s house!)… YAY! Everyone is happy :)

    Love your posts, as always!


  195. Chelsea

    I would love to win this nativity! Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway :)

  196. annie

    still have never purchased a Nativity for our home … this is the year we planned to do so … wouldn’t this make it easier!? :) thanks for the opportunity!

  197. Carolyn

    The very simplicity of this nativity scene is what makes it beautiful and meaningful. Thanks.

  198. Nicole

    I love nativity scenes and have been looking for the perfect one for years. Simple but beautiful… This one fits the bill! I would love to win it!

  199. aimee

    I actually collect nativity scenes and have about 15 that I display right now. Some are incredibly simple and others are elaborate. I’d love to add this beautiful one to my home this Christmas!

  200. Becky C

    I would love to win this Nativity Set! I’ve been eyeing it for years! Since Jesus is always the center of our home, both at Christmas and year round, I would love to display this beautiful set somewhere in my home.

  201. Chelsea Doskocil

    As a “newly” wed of one year I have been looking for a nativity scene to start setting up in our home. I remember visiting grandparents and loved ones who had theirs set up around this time of the year and it always mesmerized me… I would love to win this set to start the tradition in MY family.

  202. patricia

    my mom loves nativity’s , I would give this to her.

  203. jeronimogc

    It has been a long family tradition to set up the Xmas tree and Nativity set on sunday after Thanksgiving.
    Yesterday, we prepared all the setup, hot chocolate, appropriate music, X-mass tree, ornaments and all. We set up the tree, took great pictures, all went great until we opened the box with our 11yr. old nativity set. It was completely shattered!! We have moved earlier this year and this box was misplaced and crushed on the move.
    This is the most beautiful Nativity set I’ve seen in a long time. (it may be a sign!! LOL) We will love to have it and promise to keep it as part of this family tradition for many years to come.

  204. Saundra

    I love the Willow Tree nativities. Would love to win this giveaway!!

  205. Katie

    So pretty. Love this!

  206. Julie

    Love DaySpring for their generosity and you for promoting beautiful home, beautiful life for Christ! Willow Tree communicates such a wonderful warmth , so much said with so little, as I like my home to be. I have a spot waiting to set up this winsome nativity. The one and only perfect focus of our Christmas season! Blessings

  207. Marilyn

    I love Willow Tree! I’d love to have a Willow Tree Nativity set. As you said–simple and meaningful. Thanks for the giveaway. Christmas blessings to you, Melissa.

  208. Jill B.

    So simple and earthy…I have eyeballed these pieces for a long time for my family as well as my mother-in-law who absolutely adores nativities. Love Inspired Room, love Dayspring!

  209. Catie

    I love this nativity. I try to have some nativity in each room during the holidays to keep our family focused on the real reason for the season. This would be a great addition to our collection!

  210. Michael H

    I love it!

  211. Myra

    This is beautiful… I would like to gift this to one of our new converts at church. Thanks Dayspring! Blessings to all, ❤ Myra

  212. Missy June

    I love anything that points us to the true meaning of the holiday.

  213. Kisha Johnson

    Omgosh I love Willow Tree and I’m so particular about nativity sets. The willow tree is so classy and a perfect representation of what the Nativity symbolizes.

    Thank you so much for your blog and your ideas!!!

  214. Sara

    Would love to be considered for the drawing!! Thanks to you and thank you Dayspring for the chance!!

    I’d love to win as this was what my mother as for for Christmas. It’s so beautiful and a great addition to their existing Nativity Scenes. I like the size of this one. Also love the metal backdrop. Very cool.

    Thanks again. Sara

  215. Carla

    The Dayspring nativity is beautiful! I’d love to have one as a part of my Christmas decorations!

  216. Carolyn

    I have been collecting nativities for many years, but don’t own a Willow Tree set. I have often admired them and would absolutely LOVE to feature this one prominently in my family room.

  217. wendy

    Oh, how I love that nativity. For several years now, I’ve eyed it hopefully, thinking ‘well, maybe next year we can afford that’… it’s so lovely and classic. Would dearly love to win it!

  218. Amanda

    What a beautiful nativity! I would love to win it because my other nativity is 10 yrs old and our girls have broken the legs and arms off of everyone. :)

  219. Martha S

    This is beautiful – in so many different ways. What an awesome display of what Christmas is truly about – the birth of our Savior.

  220. Kathryn Hart

    I have been collecting Willow Tree for some time now. I love the simplicity and the amazing artwork that each one depicts. The Nativity is the masterpiece of the entire collection in my opinion and also one that I could never afford. I would love to win this piece to display proudly on my mantle to remind me of Christ’s perfect simplicity and love. Thank You for creating such beautiful pieces of art.

  221. Sue VH

    I would love to win so I can give it away to someone who needs this beautiful reminder.

  222. Linda Mahmarian

    My daughter April prayed to receive Jesus in to her heart at the age of 3. She is now almost 30. The years from here to there have been bumpy at times but God is faithful and has brought her back to the simple faith of her childhood this year. I would love to give this simple yet gorgeous nativity set to her as an ongoing reminder of how
    God always accomplishes his purpose in our lives when we love and adore Jesus.

  223. Anita

    I love it!

  224. Cathy B*****y

    I actually just wept when I saw this nativity.. I have not seen it before and it is so lovely. My only Nativity set that I had for 10+ yrs got broken by my young grandchildren last year… I have been fighting for my life with inoperable spinal tumors for the last 4 yrs, and actually had already started to put little names on certain earthly possessions that have great meaning to me, so that each of my children and grandchildren would have one thing in remembrance of me. They do not live anywhere near me and I do not see them very often, or hardly at all…( I do not mean that to be morbid or sad, but I believe it is important to do that).. Sadly the one grandchild that was supposed to have my precious nativity now has none.. so winning this would so be a blessing not only for myself, but to give a grandchild, in the future, a memory of my love for Christ and for them. Thank you and Dayspring for a lovely giveaway!

  225. Doris G

    I’ve never had a nativity scene and this would be a wonderful start!

  226. jo

    We’d love this for our first Christmas in a new city to remind us of God’s faithfulness!

  227. katy burton

    I would love to win this beautiful nativity scene! I just had our first child after 2 years of marriage and realized when I read this post that we don’t own a nativity scene. This would be our very first one!

  228. Kelli H.

    I would LOVE to win this nativity set. I don’t have one yet. I’ve searched high and low for one that exemplified simplicity – which this one does very well! Most nativity sets I come across tend to be so flashy, which are totally NOT me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  229. Ashley

    I love the simplicity!

  230. Susan H.

    I love Willow Tree and love this nativity. Would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  231. Rebecca

    This is a beautiful nativity! This is my first Christmas married, and a nativity would remind me not only of my parents’ house (my mom has a beautiful set!) but, more importantly, of Christ’s birth and God’s faithfulness!

  232. Barbara

    I would love to gift this to our son and his wife. They were just married in May and expecting their first child next year. Perfect!

  233. Sarah

    Very pretty and yes, I’d love to win. :-)

  234. Amber

    It is beautiful! It would be a great visual for my one year old son when teaching him about Christmas.

  235. Valerie J.

    I have put getting a nativity on the back burner for years now. It always seem that more necessary items need to be purchased around making it hard to justify the cost of most sets for us. This one is simple and lovely.

  236. Jamie

    I love this nativity set because it is nice and simple, and lovely!

  237. Joy

    I will put this on our side board if I win it. It’s lovely!

  238. Stephanie Trick

    A nativity set is at the top of my Christmas list this year! I want to keep Jesus front and center as the reason for the season and I would love this set for my mantel. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  239. Brenda

    It’s beautiful! Thanks for the contest.

  240. sarah

    I don’t have a nativity set (except the one from fisher-price that we just bought for the boys), so I would love to win one. I want to use it to tell the story of Christmas to my children and grandchildren. And the one you are giving away is simple and elegant. Exactly the kind I would want.

  241. Krissy

    Beautiful! I would love to win this!

  242. Rhetta

    So lovely! What a wonderful tradition to set this up each year.

  243. kim

    This is a beautiful nativity set, and I would love to win it. I am collecting nativities, so I can have one in each room of our home. He is the reason!

  244. Kellie Melson

    I would love to add this nativity to add to my collection. I love Willow Tree!

  245. Lauren Fortney

    i love it because it’s beautiful and there is no decoration more beautiful at Christmas than a nativity!

  246. Ashley

    This is beautiful! I would love to win this Nativity…It would be perfect for our family as we are just starting out!!

  247. Yannette

    Willow tree products are so beautiful. Love their simplicity and the message they convey. Lovely for any home. Would love to have them in mine. Thanks!

  248. Beth Gillespie

    I would love to win this because we are completely focusing on Christ this year. We have decided to do away with Elf on the Shelf, chocolate advents, and endless presents. We are doing the Jesse Tree Advent, and a book advent that Grandma has made the kids, we are giving three gifts only to each of our kids, and looking forward to making Christ big in our home this season.

  249. Melinda T

    I’d love to win this because we don’t have a nativity set yet! And its beautiful. I know that my family will enjoy it as well.

  250. beachgirlnc

    I would love to win this nativity set. I love the animals surrounding the Holy family.

  251. Julie R

    I would love to win the Nativity Scene. I love Willow Tree items. I have a few and would love to add this to my collection. Also, I have always wanted a nativity.

  252. SUSAN

    I would LOVE to win this beautiful nativity scene because you can never have too many nativity scenes! HE is the reason for the season! I would leave it up all year long! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  253. Stephanie G

    I would love to win this. My little girls love Nativity scenes, and ours was damaged during a recent move. Thanks for the chance!

  254. Sherry Swain

    I would love to win this Nativity scene because it would be my first one. Every year I say I’m going to get one and never do. This one is unusually simple and pretty! Just love it!

  255. Melinda

    Beautiful Nativity scene. This would be great for my daughter to put in her room and take with her when she leaves for college.

  256. BECKY

    This is beautiful and I have just the spot for it. I am just beginning to collect nativity sets. Thanks so much!!

  257. Debra C

    I would give it to my daughter to remind my grands what Christmas is really about.

  258. Teresa

    This is one of the most lovely nativity scenes I have ever seen – thank you for the generous giveaway!

  259. Melissa Owczarzak

    Awesome sight I’m excited to follow :-)

  260. Kari

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the nativity scene, have been looking for the perfect one and saw this one and that was it!!! :) Thank you thank you!!!

  261. Desiree

    I’ve never owned a nativity scene but have wanted to save up for a willow tree one. It’s as
    beautiful & simple as the true meaning of Christmas!

  262. ALYCE

    Our family is trying to KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS and the Willow Tree nativity would be the perfect focal point in our decorating.

  263. Ashley H

    I don’t have a nativity set and this one is so pretty!

  264. teresa

    Beautiful and simple….I love the soft colors. What a inspiring giveaway.
    Happy day

  265. Mickey Newman

    I would love to give this to my new granddaughter for her first nativity scene.

  266. Michele Laramay

    How lovely it would be to win this!

  267. Elle

    Simple and beautiful. Would go perfectly with my pared down decor this year!

  268. Kimberly Jones

    I would love to win this beautiful prize!!

  269. Charlee G

    I love the simplicity of this nativity. It captures the love born in a stable beautifully and the true meaning of Christmas. Would love to have this to display in our home.

  270. Holly S.

    I have ALWAYS loved Willow Tree figures and have quite a few. I would love to add to the collection with that beautiful nativity!

  271. Annette H

    Beautiful and simplistic give-away! Just what we all hope to emphasize at Christmas, right? Thanks for the chance to add this nativity to my home!

  272. Michele Houston

    This is one of my favoirtes…..I would love to win this :) ~Michele

  273. Jessica

    so pretty! I love the Willow Tree figures! I would love to set up a little vignette to help remember the real reason for the season!

  274. Jenni

    I have a nativity for kids… My kids are a little older this year and my youngest has been begging for a new nativity this year. I’m so thankful he has a love for what Christmas is truly about!! This nativity would be beautiful in our home and a great gift for my son :-)

  275. Carol Walker

    I love this nativity! What makes it so precious and intimate is Mary clutching Baby Jesus to her breast…close to her heart… instead of most nativities where Baby Jesus is lying in a manger. Keeping Christ in Christmas and in our hearts! I really appreciate your insightful blogging!

  276. Becky M

    This nativity is beautiful. I would love to give it to my daughter.

  277. Jane

    The Cresche scene is the expression of Christmas. How better can one remember the birth of our Lord Jesus than in seeing it , thinking about it, and singing about it. We show our love for our Lord by displaying this scene for all to see when entering your home.

  278. channon

    We don’t have a nativity scene included in our Christmas Decor, but I would love to add one…and this would be a lovely one!

  279. Katy

    This is beautiful and would look great on my mantel this year!

  280. Rita O'Dwyer

    I would love to win this nativity set. I just lost my job, and this set with Mary cuddling the Christ child close to her would remind me of God’s love and comfort when He sent Immanuel, God with us, during this Christmas season. It would help me remember that even in bad times, when we are stuggling to have the necessities, Jesus is with us, offering hope. God bless you, and I hope you have a Christmas filled with peace and joy.

  281. Shirley

    A precious reminder of the true meaning of the season. We are all blessed.

  282. Gloria Crowther

    I was just looking at all the wonderful things available at Many beauties! When I came to your page & saw your mantle & the Willow Nativity set up – I got a tug at my heart, & the tears started flowing. You have a beautiful, simple mantle; adorned with the simple beauty of this Nativity. No ribbons, no florals or garlands — simply Love: beautified with simple lines, not even facial features. We are meant to be still & surrounded by the Pure Love of Christ.
    What an Elemental feeling to have in our hearts, families, & homes — Love.
    I truly hope this is a special feeling that will be in my home this Season.
    Thanks, Gloria

  283. Kim Amabile

    What a wonderful reminder of God’s love for us all! The fact that the “Willow Tree” nativity displays the wonder, simplicity, and purity of God’s greatest gift is truly a work of art, and I would be honored to have something like this in my home!

  284. Lynda Vernia

    We display several nativities in our home at Christmastime but this one is lovely enough to display all year. I love the simplicity of this piece and I especially love how Mary is holding the Baby Jesus so close to her heart. My favorite Christmas hymn is “Mary Did You Know” which tells of how this simple woman was given the immense responsibility of being the mother of Jesus who belonged to all of mankind, and yet he was also her beloved child. This nativity really reminds me of that.

  285. Sarah

    It’s beautiful! I would love to display it in our new home.

  286. Christine

    My hope is that I will eventually be able to celebrate Christmas with just this singular thing: The Nativity. I’d like to free myself from the distraction of decorating, not because it isn’t fun ( it is!), but for the calm and simplicity it would provide.

  287. Meagan V

    Why would I love to win? So many reasons! First – this nativity set is a beautiful reminder of God’s grace and mercy to us in the gift of his son Jesus Christ. Besides that I’ve been wanting (and wishing for it) for years, but since my husband is currently in school and I’m a stay-at-home/part time work from home mom it really isn’t possible to fit it into the budget. Would LOVE to win!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  288. Melissa

    I love this nativity! I have a couple of small nativities but would love a larger, nicer one. I want to start collecting them!

  289. Deidre

    I would LOVE to win this. I have always admired it and made plans to buy it after Christmas. I never feel like I should. It’s so beautiful!

  290. Chery

    I think of all the decorations for Christmas this is the most meaningful. A nativity set expresses to those who enter your home why you celebrate the season.

  291. Blessie Nelson

    It is so beautiful! This would be such a wonderful holiday win :) We don’t have one yet!

  292. Elizabeth

    Oh, this is so beautiful! I would love to have this to use to help teach my little ones about Jesus’ birth.

  293. Jeanne

    Love Willow Tree and the nativity set is so pretty!

  294. Mitzi

    This is a beautiful nativity and would make a beautiful focal point for the Christmas season. I would use this throughout the year to remain centered in mind and spirit on the thing that is most important.

  295. cindy lewis

    I love this nativity. It’s such a simple and elegant reminder of what this season is all about. I wish as much emphasis would be placed on the message of the nativity as there is on the commercialism represented by black Friday and shop, shop, shop.

  296. Judy Morano

    I would love to win because it’s so beautifully simple. Just gorgeous. It makes me feel really good.

  297. Teresa Helms

    This beautiful Nativity reminds me of the precious Christmas Hymn “Away in a Manger”. Sweet, sweet Baby Jesus!

  298. Rosanne

    I love Willow Tree figurines and this is the loveliest Nativity I have seen. I think it inspires a sense of wonder in its simple elegance.

  299. Susan Cox

    I would love to win this beautiful nativity because I love to display a nativity at Christmas and love the simplicity of this one! Thank you.

  300. Xio { A Styled Fete }

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!! I’ve never had a Nativity and I think it is the perfect representation of what Christmas is all about. Now that I have kids I want them to know the true meaning of Christmas. Would LOVE to win it!!

  301. Nolly

    How lovely of Dayspring to offer this beautiful nativity as a giveaway!
    A beautiful reminder of what our great God gave us on that special night.

  302. Ruth Chidley

    When I saw this Willow Tree Nativity last week on your blog, my eyes and heart immediately gravitated to it. I collect nativity sets and absolutely love everyone of them. Each one reminds us of Christ’s birth, which is what Christmas is all about, but beyond that, each of my nativity scenes brings back a lovely memory of how and when I got it and who may have given it to me. I allow my grandchildren to play with most of them for I want them to be constantly reminded of Who we are celebrating at Christmas time.

  303. Arlene Selser

    I love this simple nativity set. Would go well with my simple Scandinavian style Christmas decor.

  304. Kara

    I have always wanted a Willow Tree Nativity. They are simply gorgeous. :)

  305. ro elliott

    as i journeyed down a path to simplify christmas…to take out all the worldliness of the holiday…my all or nothing tendencies of my youth…I ended up not only stripping out the world…but Christ in the process…we ended up with nothing….now I see the enemy robbed us those years ago…so now…I have grown children…I am coming back to Christmas….allowing my older children to set the new course for the family…I am doing some decorating…and now with grand loves…I do want them to see Christ in the very center of it all….so this would be just lovely~ blessings~

  306. Sarah Beebe

    I absolutely love the simplicity of this Nativity. Afterall, the animals were the first witnesses to the Savior’s birth. How fitting, how perfect, for they too knew the agony of bearing burdens that were not their own. They definitely had an honored place at the manger. This nativity reminds me of that great truth. Every detail of our Savior’s birth was so very carefully planned out by God the Father. A very blessed Christmas to you.

  307. Jeannette

    Christmas is my favorite holiday next to Easter. I love the smell of Fir trees. I love pine cones, lights, Christmas music, friends and family and all the other delightful joys of this season including two Christmas babies. But what would it be without the Nativity Scene? My children and I make our own home made Nativity every year out of clay, paper, or whatever comes to our imagination just using things around the house. It’s a tradition now. But it would be nice to have one on display on the mantel. Jesus is the reason for the season and I would love to win this beautiful Nativity Scene. Thank you for offering.

  308. Karen

    Love these sweet figurines! Thank you for the chance to win!

  309. Candice Richardson

    I admired the navity set last year from Willow Tree and it was sold out. I just told my husband last night and again tonight to keep an eye out for this set. I love all their collections and it would be great to add this one to mine.

  310. Nicole

    I would love to win this nativity scene, not only because it’s gorgeous, but because I just got my first job out of college and am setting up my first “adult” home, and this would be a great addition to my Christmas decorations!! Thank you for the chance to be able to win this!!

  311. kimj

    WOW~ how beautiful! I would love to add this to my holiday decorations!

  312. Dawn

    When I was first married, my husband bought me a nativity set for our first Christmas together. IT has been a treasured tradition, but when the Willow tree set came out, I fell in love with it and my daughter started to buy me other willow tree figurines to represent the most important people and things in my life. She has recently married and I would love to win the set to be able to give it to her, so she can start the tradition in her own home.

  313. Ellen S

    I was just admiring this nativity at dayspring!

  314. Rachel

    I have wanted a willow tree nativity for so long! I would be just tickled if I win!

  315. Deborah E

    This nativity is so sweet and simple…….it would be meaningful in any ones home. I would be very pleased if I were the lucky winner.

  316. Tammi D

    I would so love to win the Nativity!

  317. Jayme

    This would make a beautiful addition to my nativity collection. :)

  318. Tammi Mitchell

    The perfect simplicity of all the Willow Tree figurines are exquisite. Why not add this perfect message to my growing collection of Willow Tree?

  319. Carrie Roberts

    I would love to win because I love the Willow Tree figurines. But I’d really like to win it to keep the theme and reason of Christmas central during the season and out – it’s so beautiful I’d keep it up year round.

  320. Twila Henry

    This nativity set has been on my wish list for the past few years….how awesome it would be to win one!! :)

  321. Cindy

    I love Jesus and want Him central in my home!

  322. kim misenheimer

    I think this is so beautiful! Willow Tree is amazing!

  323. Tracey Whitney

    I think the Nativity is so simple and lovely!

  324. Rose

    Love Willow Tree and would love to win this

  325. Jennie Speakman

    Love this! It would be a lovely addition to my nativity collection.

  326. Jacquelyn Oswald

    I love nativity sets and collect them. I have a small collection right now but would LOVE to add this BEAUTIFUL SIMPLE NATIVITY SET THAT SHOWS WHY WE HAVE
    CHRISTMAS IN THE FIRST PLACE. BECAUSE OF JESUS!!!! I love how it would be the center of my Christmas Decorating and would even stay out all year.

  327. Stephanie

    I would love to have this as my crèche set this year! If I don’t win I might have to buy it. Simple, beautiful, and so meaningful!!

  328. Nancy M

    This set is a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is all about! I would love to win it and be able to put it on display all year round! It’s beautiful and I love Willow Tree!!

  329. Sheila Shapley

    I love this nativity set. I have the other Willow Tree nativity and I keep it out all year long. Would love to add this set to my collection, yes I also collect nativities.

  330. Susan

    This is one the most beautiful nativity sets I’ve seen! I would like to own:)

  331. Lisa

    I love the beauty of this nativity. Would love to have it!

  332. Prerna

    Ooh… Would totally love to win this since getting a gorgeous Nativity scene like this one is so difficult here in India..

  333. Carolyn

    So Beautiful! If I win this I would gift it to my Daughter and her Husband who is a Methodist Minister and they collect Nativity sets. Thanks for this nice offer.

  334. Lori Sawyer

    I have long admired this particular Nativity set. I have several small Nativities that have been appropriate for my kids to handle and enjoy when they were small, but I would love this more “grown up” set! So beautiful!

  335. Cherri Engle

    Love this nativity. I haven’t seen this one before. Thank you for the give a way opportunity.

  336. Wendy

    I would LOVE to win because Willow Tree makes beautiful figurines and I have wanted the nativity set for so very long. ♥

  337. Leslie Corrigan

    I love how simple but beautiful this set is. I would love to put it in my front hall so that everyone would see it when they come in!

  338. Heather musick

    I would love this nativity, it would be a great reminder.

  339. MeliaS

    I Love this nativity. It would be fun to have a “grown up” version of a nativity.

  340. Suzanne Garber

    So simple, yet so Beautiful! I would love to win this to place on my mantel:)

  341. Debbie w

    Please, please pick me ….I adore nativity scenes and I adore willow creek!

  342. libby

    The real reason for the season!

  343. martha Carmona

    Love seeing the beautiful nativity.

  344. rebecca a

    What a great giveaway!

  345. holly

    PLEASE pick me! :)
    I have been looking for years for a nativity scene for my home. I just recently discovered Willow Tree and fell in love with this set.

  346. Lori

    I work as a teacher’s assistant at a charter school and would love to have a nativity set for the classroom. Even though we cannot openly teach about the birth of Jesus, we are free to decorate in out room. With so much Santa crafts, I would live to bring the true meaning of Christmas to my room.

  347. Jamie

    I have been looking at this nativity for a while now. I love it!

  348. Donna jenkins

    I would love to display this in my home!

  349. Carma Cops

    I love the nativity set! I would love to give it to my son and his wife for Christmas!

  350. Jenna

    This nativity set is beautiful and I love the simplicity of it! I would love to win this!

  351. Elise

    Such a beautiful Nativity set. If I was lucky enough to be the winner, I’d give it to my son and new daughter-in-law, as they are just startingtheir life together.

  352. KC

    So pretty! I love the softness of the pieces – would love to have. I need a new set now that the kids are old enough to respect breakables! I bought them their own Fisher Price set last year, and it was a hit. Maybe this is the year mommy gets a grown up set!!

  353. Carolyn

    I currently have a very primitive terra cotta Nativity that a dear friend brought me from Mexico. Would love to display this beautiful, unique one in my home as well.

  354. Courtney

    I love the Willow Tree Nativity! I have wanted one for years but it never seems to be in the budget. I’d love to win. :)

  355. Sarah

    I had never heard of Willow tree until my dear Mother passed away from breast cancer. I received tons of flowers and plants that all eventually died. Then I received a willow tree figurine. It meant the world to me because it’s a daily reminder of how much my Mother is portrayed through this figurine. I would love to win this nativity set as a reminder that Jesus was sent to earth to love us and die for our sins.

  356. Heidi

    I love Willow Tree. their simplicity is what makes them so beautiful. I’d love to enter the contest. nativities help us remember the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus!!

  357. JudyClark

    I have always wanted this nativity set! It is so dear and precious. Would love to win it. Thanks for the chance.


  358. Diane T.

    I think it is the simplicity that makes this nativity set so lovely!

  359. Claudia W

    I would love to win this nativity because I have other willow tree stuff and absolutely love the simpleness of them. Plus, I am a Christian and believe that we need to focus on the Real reason for Christmas which is Jesus!

  360. Jessica

    I love nativity sets and Willow Tree! Thanks for the giveaway!

  361. Karen

    “‘Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has mad known to us.’ And they went with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby lying in a manger. And when they saw it, they made known the saying that had been told them concerning this child. And all who heard it wondered at what the shepherds told them. But Mary treasured up al these things, pondering them in her heart. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for al they had heard and seen, as it had been told them” Luke 2:16-20. This is why I would like to have the nativity, to glorify and praise God!

  362. beth greenawalt

    This year for Christmas, in keeping with the gifts the wise men brought Jesus, we are giving our children 3 gifts each. We’ve never been the family to fill the living room with unnecessary gifts, but this year we have scaled back and started the 3 gift tradition. (believe it or not it was my little girl’s idea) The nativity set would be a nice addition to our tradition.

  363. Janet Crouch

    Willow Tree has the sweetest and most meaningful sets! What a wonderful way to display the nativity!

  364. Allison A.

    So beautiful. I would be blessed to win such a simple, yet profound, gift. Thanks for the opportunity.

  365. Emily

    I LOVE this nativity set. We just bought our first home and think it would be a lovely addition.

  366. Wendy N

    I would love to win this giveaway so that I have a nativity set of my own! Growing up my parents always set one out for Christmas, but I have never been able to find one that I love. This one is great and I would love to own it! Thank you for the chance to win!

  367. Tera

    I have always looked forward to Christmas since I was a young girl as most do. Now I do even more as my children grow. My 5 year old little girl asked me why we celebrate Christmas just a couple days ago so I told her the story of the birth of Jesus. How neat it would be to have this beautiful willow tree nativity scene to utilize to show them the story every year as we decorate the house. I believe it is important to instill the main values of Christmas not just the gifts we receive and the stories of Santa but the real reasons we celebrate and get together and share the gift of giving. I would just love to win and start this new tradition!

  368. AngieN24

    I love this set, it’s so beautiful. Thanks for such a great give-away.

  369. Carol Spears

    I love the beauty and simplicity of this piece. I used Willow Tree pieces to celebrate the pregnancy and birth of my grandchild. The nativity would be appropriate for year-round display.

  370. Michelle N.

    Nothing could be any more precious to win than a nativity scene of the birth of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ <3 I have loved this Willow Tree set since I first saw it, its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. Karen K

    This is a thing of beauty & simplicity, just the way Jesus was born. In a manger, with the animals & with the stars overhead. Your Nativity set is that also but sends a powerful statement of the Jesus, son of God, who died for us to have everlasting life. Jesus is the reason for the season. A celebration of God’s love that we can feel in our hearts & minds.

  372. Brandi Pittman

    This is beautiful! I have been looking for a nativity scene and this is perfect!

  373. Mary Joy

    Why I would want to win it….

    This is the Nativity Set that my amazing husband was going to buy me for Christmas this year. We had talked about it and he wanted me to have one because the simplicity really speaks to my heart. ((tears)) I miss him so much. This is the truest beauty of Christmas. It looks lovely in your dining room, Melissa. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  374. Yvonne

    I would love to add it to my Nativity collection!

  375. Kelly D

    I would love to win because we don’t own a nice nativity scene and I am sure my kids would love admiring it.

  376. Patsy

    It is beautiful and inspiring.

  377. Lori

    I purchased a wooden, kid friendly nativity when my husband and I were married and planning for a family. I wanted a nativity that our kids could play with and learn the true Christmas story with no worries of anything being fragile.

    This set is just beautiful. I would love to place it in a location where it can be admired by all who visit our home.

  378. Andrea Clunes Velásquez

    This is such a beautiful nativity scene! I would love to win it because, first, we don’t have a really nice nativity scene (nothing like this one!) and I’ve wanted one for some time. But we haven’t been able to get one because of the second reason why I’d like to win: we can’t afford it. I live in South America and shopping online is usually very expensive due to taxes and shipping expenses, so, as much as I love products, I can’t really afford them. Plus, I’m currently unemployed, so I don’t even have a decent salary to use to purchase things to decorate the house! So… Yeah, it would be wonderful to win this lovely nativity scene! *o*

    Even if I don’t win, I still think it’s gorgeous and I thank you for this giveaway and the chance of, maybe, getting one. :)

    God bless you and your family!

  379. Carol

    I adore Willow Tree and have wanted their Nativity for years. I’ve been putting it on my Christmas list for several years, but there are always things I “need” more. :)

  380. Meaghan

    I have wanted this nativity set for years, it is so beautiful and truly captures the meaning of the season. Than you so much for the opportunity to win one!

  381. Camille Overmeer

    Would love to win this as it’s a contemporary interpretation of something very traditional…must confess have not put up a Nativity in a while..but this one I definitely would!

  382. Karen

    Love the nativity! If I won, don’t know if I would keep it or give it to our daughter as she is getting married and it looks to be her style.

  383. Elizabeth

    My new Daughter-in-law wants a Willow Tree Nativity set, this would be perfect for her. If I were lucky enough to win it I’d give it to her! Thanks for the contest! Merry Christmas!!

  384. Kara B.

    Ive been looking for a nativity scene for over 3 years & have yet to find the perfect one until I saw the Willow Tree figures! I haven’t been able to save up for them yet, so I would love to win these! Thank you for the opportunity! <3

  385. Terry

    Just found out tonight that we’re going to have a new granddaughter. I would love to give this to her in the future!

  386. Diann

    My daughter collects Willow Tree pieces. She doesn’t have the Nativity yet so I would love to give it to her for Christmas!

  387. Brenda Kay

    I love the Nativity! I have wanted one of the Willow Tree Nativities for a few years, but haven’t been able to purchase one yet. The Nativity brings the true spirit of Christmas into our homes and is my favorite Christmas decoration!

  388. Amy

    We love nativities at our house! My son has stolen some of my favorites in years past to use in HIS room, so a new one would be great!

  389. Cheryl

    I simply do not have a nativity yet. But I do have 3 Willow Tree pieces for each of my children’s births. It would be a very meaningful set.

  390. Rache Rosas

    Beautiful in it’s simplicity.

  391. Melissa

    I love the beautiful simplicity of this nativity and would love to see it daily as a reminder of what to focus on during this season.
    Thanks for offering this amazing gift!

  392. Susan

    looking for inspiration this holiday season, this would do it! Simple & amazing. Great offer! Hope its me.

  393. MissMOE

    I love the simpleness of this set. Beautiful.

  394. Patricia

    So simple and beautiful. I love it.

  395. Sarah

    This is beautiful! This would be perfect for our little family!

  396. Linda

    I would love to display this beautiful Nativity on the shelf next to my Christmas tree!! I would also be beautiful on my mantle. Everyone needs a Nativity and this one is so pretty. Willow Tree Angels are so lovely!!

  397. Carrie

    I do not have a nativity set and hope to have a Willow Tree one some day. This is just beautiful!

  398. Sharon Schultz

    There is nothing more important to me than to give an example to our grandchildren and those who come to our home of what the true “Gift” of CHRISTmas is – our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have my mother’s old, plastic nativity – at least 60 yrs old – and it is a treasure to me – our grandchildren have grown up “playing” with Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, Wisemen and animals and love placing the little plastic Baby Jesus in the Manger. Priceless memories. This Nativity is beautiful and would be such an addition to our home – another witness of CHRISTmas. Thank you and blessings! Sharon

  399. Mary Anne

    What a beautiful Nativity set! I hope I win.

  400. Nilza

    Would love to win this nativity scene. So simple and beautiful.

  401. Amber Parrish

    Oh me & my daughter are both in LOVE with Willow Tree figurines. And also, the only nativity scene we have is one I bought from the Dollar Tree because Ive never been able to find “just the right one” that didn’t cost $100 or more! This is beautiful.

  402. Michelle

    I would enjoy winning a Willow Tree Nativity because I adore their figurines. We are tailoring our Christmas decor to center on “The reason for the season” – hence I am shopping for nativities.

  403. Sonya

    I would love to win this! It’s discouraging not being able to find beautiful decor that reflects the meaning of why we celebrate Christmas. Great reminder for my kids too. :)

  404. Beth

    I would love to display this beautiful nativity. This is the year I don’t just long for or talk about a simplified Christmas. This is the year I will relax into the real reason for the season. Thank you for all the sharing you do, you truly are an inspiration.

  405. Wendi

    My children love their ever growing collection of nativity sets. I love the way they love to set them up and play with them each and every day. Much more fun than a train under our tree. It is one of their favorite things to pull out every year. A new beautiful nativity set from Willow Tree would be such a treat this year. Thank you Dayspring and The Inspired Room for the chance at this giveaway. Merry Christmas.

  406. JuliAnn

    I decided last year to start a tradition of getting a new nativity set each year. This would bee the perfect addition to my small collection

  407. Temia

    I am a senior living in a very small senior apartment. I don’t have any room to decorate for Christmas, but I love my humble sweet little place. I can’t complain. I have more than baby Jesus had when He was born. This would add just the right simple touch to remind me of my blessings and the real meaning of Christmas!

  408. Candice Zamora

    This Nativity set signifies what Christmas is all about. I would display it all year long because of the very special meaning it represents 365 days a year. I have many Willow Tree ornaments & they each have special meaning. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to have faith when sometimes I falter. Blessings to you.:)

  409. julienne

    can anyone enter? I really hope so. That nativity scene is beautiful.

  410. Renee

    First off, I really enjoy your blog and find it very encouraging. My 8-year-old daughter wrote out her Christmas wish list tonight, and besides all of the American Girl doll requests, she asked for “an older person’s nativity.” She explained that she wanted a more grown-up nativity scene that she could carefully play with, as opposed to the simple wooden set we have for her younger siblings. Imagine my surprise when I checked in on your blog today — hope she will win! Many thanks and Merry Christmas!

  411. kathy c

    Simple, peaceful, speaks of the season. First I have heard of willow tree. Thanks fir the opportunity!

  412. Janet S

    Love all of the Willow Tree products and have a growing collection! Would love to add this nativity! Keep Christ in Christmas!!

  413. Emily

    That’s so pretty! I would love to win the nativity scene. That particular depiction seems to get at the essence of young parents’– even those who are saints — humanity and humility. It would be a joy to own something that beautiful.

  414. Danielle

    I don’t have a nativity and have wanted this one for awhile, would love to win it!

  415. Andrea Wood

    Love ths! I would give to my friends that collect sets!

  416. Jen

    Oh my word! I LOVE Willow Tree!!! I have collected them and gave as gifts for over a decade now. This would be a perfect fit in my collection! Susan Lordi is such a gifted artist.

  417. jenny

    I think the Nativity is the the most important Christmas item a family can have!

  418. Karen

    I love the classic, simple message of Christmas conveyed in this nativity. Would proudly display it in my living room.

  419. Jan Healy

    Beautiful nativity. This is why we celebrate, after all, so would love to win! Love the beautiful simplicity of this set!

  420. Melinda Stainbrook

    All eyes are on Jesus! An excellent reminder throughout the entire year.

  421. Kris Pare

    Beautiful message for the season. Love willow tree!

  422. Diana Allen

    I don’t have a lot of room in my house, but would love to display this beautiful nativity set!! Thanks for the great opportunity.

  423. Terri Scheriff Thompson

    Love the Willow Tree Nativity Scene. I always remember the Nativity Scene my parents would put up every Christmas. And we would wait until Christmas Day to put the baby Jesus in. And it would always be the newest family member to do it. So many memories…..

  424. tara

    I would love to receive this nativity set because the handmade one my grandmother made my mother was destroyed when the box dropped the same month my father passed away, and I’d like to give her something special to remind her of her mother and my father

  425. meghan

    i love willow tree and would LOVE to win the giveaway! every christmas, i think after christmas i will get a nativity scene, but i never can bring myself to spend the money when things are so tight.

  426. Erin Buchanan

    I have always wanted a nativity set but sometimes they look rather “cheesy” but this is truly beautiful! I would love it. Thanks so much ~

  427. Jenn Wolfenbarger

    I believe I posted this to the wrong blog post yesterday…

    Two years ago our home was in the path of an EF4 tornado. Although our house and belongings did not survive, we did – in the only mainfloor, interior space – while holding my 3-week-old daughter. If you saw the walls we climbed out from under, you would understand it was nothing more than divine intervention and many angels watching over us that day.

    At the time we were only able to replace our necessities. Replacing all our decorations was not on the list. But, then my mom – my best friend – passed away two years ago tomorrow…so last year I really wasn’t up to too much decorating.

    This year, through much therapy and finally finding my faith, I am getting back on track. I have collected Willow Tree Angels for many years and the Nativity was given to me around ten years ago. My mom also made a creche (as we could not afford to purchase one). Of course all these were lost (or donated, I like to say, to some family wherever they landed) and would love to begin the Nativity tradition again…with my daughter this time.

  428. Erin W

    The nativity is so pretty. I would love to add it to my Christmas decorations.

  429. missy

    Oh my heart is beating faster. I have been yearning for this particular Nativity for some time. Thank you for the chance and HOPE that I could win.


  430. Heike

    I love Jesus and I love keeping Jesus as the central them of Christmas!

  431. Tonya

    This is such a pretty nativity. I love how the willow tree figures blend so well into different styles of decorating. Thanks so much!

  432. Kelly F.

    I would love to win this to give to my mom. Years ago she gave me her large nativity because she had no room in her house. This simple nativity would work very well in her house.

  433. vanessa baughman

    It would be a beautiful addition to my other willow decorations. Just stunning!

  434. Heidi

    I made a twenty piece nativity set in the seventies in ceramic for my first home with my new husband. I have just given that set to my son for his first home and his first son to enjoy! I would love this small set to replace and remind me of the true meaning of Christmas.

  435. Samantha Gomez

    Love your blog and would love to win this nativity set!!!

  436. Mary Lea Wolf

    I have been secretly wanting this very Nativity set for years now!! I LOVE Willow Tree!! Thanks for a great Christmas give-a-way!!

  437. Elaine Breedlove

    Love the simple beauty yet powerful reminder of Christ’s love for us! Would love to have this is my home!

  438. Kathie

    I have a hand-crocheted Nativity set that we received for a wedding gift over 30 years ago! It has gone through 3 children and now 2 grandchildren – I love it. I also have the Little Tykes set for the grands and a “generic” one for general display. I have always loved Willow Tree but never felt I could afford it, so of course, would love to add this beautiful one to my home.

  439. Rebekah

    I love the Willow Tree Nativity sets! I have the small one already and would love to add this one to my home!

  440. Roberta

    I agree, with a desire for a simpler Christmas, this Nativity would be enough. Willow Tree is so beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  441. Kerry

    This is such a pretty nativity! Thanks for sharing!

  442. Sheila

    What a beautiful inspiration to admire everyday!

  443. Destiny

    I love the simplicity of this nativity!

  444. Kristen

    It’s so lovely! I love the simplicity of it – the way it captures the emotions.

  445. maggie

    I love Willow Tree and that nativity is simply beautiful! Thank you for the giveaway.

  446. von

    as my family was decorating, we were commenting that now that everyone is older we need a nice, respectable looking navitiy instead of the plastic one that was “child friendly”. the one offered here is beautiful!

  447. Alissa

    Beautiful Nativity. Exactly what my home needs:)

  448. Jen

    Love the nativity set.
    I have several of my own, but would love to gift someone with
    this one.

  449. Trish

    What a sweet nativity! It just warms my heart. I know it would be a welcome addition to my Christmas decorating. Thanks for the opportunity! Blessings. :)

  450. Abbie

    I have admired the Willow Tree Nativity sets for years and would love to have one for our family to enjoy! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  451. Amy

    Love the Willow Tree nativity set. Please pick me.:)

  452. Jennie

    I’d love to win the nativity because my sis-in-law collects the Willow Tree angels. This would be a wonderful addition to her collection and a perfect Christmas gift!

  453. Carrie

    I have been looking for years to find a nativity that I love! this one is beautiful! would love to win it.

  454. Brook

    So glad to have found your site. I love the decorating ideas. I would love to win the nativity set. Blessings to all.

  455. Lisa

    I love that Nativity set. I never win anything, but I have to try!!!

  456. Michelle

    The nativity is the heart of why we celebrate Christmas – the birth of our Savior. What a wonderfully simple nativity set!

  457. Amanda H.

    We do not have a nativity set. I have looked at the Willow Tree sets before and love the simplicity of them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  458. Kati Driban

    Wow! Couldn’t believe how many posts there are already! Personally, I do not wish to win this nativity for me, but for my mother. I live with her and recently adopted an extremely active kitten. Due to adopting this sweet ball of fur, we realized that our regular decorating for Christmas probably needs to be toned down if we decorate at all. My mother loves having her nativity set out, but her set is unfortunately very large and we have nowhere to put it where it would be safe from the kitten. In addition to be much smaller than our set, my mother owns several Willow Tree pieces and loves them. Thank you to Willow Tree for such a wonderful giveaway!

  459. Meg Blevins

    I am striving toward simplicity in all things, in order to be a good example to my grown sons, as well as to our newly adopted baby daughter. I have no Christmas decorations; I tend to use items from nature to decorate. However, this is the one item I would dearly love to have in our home and have wanted for a while. Thank you for this opportunity to perhaps have one!

  460. Beth R.

    Love Willow Tree.. this is just beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  461. Christine

    I would love to win this for our mantle. We moved across the country to a small home and left quite a bit nehind. I have almost no Christmas decorations, we are going to have a simple holiday season, this would be beautiful for our mantle!

  462. Kelli G

    I loooove Willow Tree! So simple, yet gorgeous!

  463. Elizabeth

    The Willow Tree Nativity has always been my favourite. I have a few other Willow Tree pieces and would love to win the Nativity. We don’t have a Nativity anymore and would love to win this one. Thanks for the chance, Dayspring and Melissa.

  464. Anne Marie

    A beautiful statement to the true meaning of Christmas!

  465. Yesenia

    I love it… I would love a nativity set but can’t afford it. I live in NJ and with the hurricane our financial situation has gotten worse. Beautiful to look at while reading the Bible. Blessings

  466. Belinda

    I love the sweet simplicity of Willow Tree and this set is stunning! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Merry CHRISTmas!

  467. Heather

    I have wanted the Willow Tree nativity for several years. I would love to add it to my collection.

  468. Mary

    I would love to win this-its so important to keep the focus of christmas on Christ.

  469. Carmen Goddard

    Beautiful, I am looking for a nativity set -this is just perfect!

  470. Diane

    I love nativities and I have several of them. This one makes my heart sing! I love the simplicity and beauty. Great job DaySpring!!

  471. Tracey

    I can always find another spot for a nativity!

  472. Tracy

    Hi Melissa. What a beautiful Nativity set! I really like to win this for my daughter-in-law so she will have her own Nativity. My grandchildren would love it so much.

    Thanks for letting me enter.
    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  473. Megan

    I would love to win this Nativity scene. I’ve always wanted a Willow Tree one and this would get it started for me! It would also serve as a great way for me to give my toddler a visual idea of what Christmas is really about.

  474. Carrie

    I have a collection of nativity sets that I set out every Christmas. I would love to add the Willow Tree nativity. Thank you for the give away.

  475. Jen

    I have always wanted a Willow Tree Nativity, this would be so awesome.

  476. Benita

    I just found your blog & I’m loving it! I have wanted the Willow Tree Nativity set for YEARS as I collect a lot of the Willow Tree angels (I have over 20 in my collection). This would be the perfect addition to it & I would display it all year long, not just during the holidays. Thanks for this opportunity.

  477. kate

    I am loving all these holiday things Dayspring does. Count me in.

  478. Carolyn S

    I would love to have a “grown up”nativity for our house…So beautiful!

  479. Pam

    I love Willow Tree and this Nativity is beautiful. It would be a wonderful addition to my daughter’s collection of Willow Tree items. A special way to help show the “true reason for the season!”

  480. Gina

    This would be wonderful as our family’s first nativity set. We recently started celebrating Christmas and for all the right reasons(celebrating the birth of our Saviour)and it hasn’t been in the budget to purchase one so this would be a lovely Christmas present!

  481. Jen

    This nativity set is really beautiful. This will be my first Christmas since I received Jesus as my Saviour. I’m so excited to celebrate his birth!

  482. Tiffany

    I love this set and have had my eye on it for a while. Would sure love this set displayed in my house this year (*GRIN*).

  483. Kathy K.

    I would love to win this and display it in my home as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas – that Jesus came that we may choose to have eternal life. It would be a reminder that someday I will see my husband again who died a few years ago from cancer. It’s a beautiful nativity set!

  484. Nancy

    I would love to win, because its so beautiful and simple. its perfect. Also I need more ways to teach my children that christmas is not just about santa!

  485. Rebecca Keith

    this is beautiful and I would love to add it to my collection…I have a small collection that I have gathered over the years and I love the look of the willow tree items…this would be a wonderful present for me…thanks you

  486. Katie Matheson

    Hello and Merry Christmas,
    You wonder why I would like to win this Willow Tree Nativity? Because my friend, Kristin, would like it…I asked her the other day if she has a nativity and she said no, but that she would like the Willow Tree set…so I think it’s so neat that I saw this giveaway…so she could possibly have one! (wish I could afford to get it for her!)

    Anyway, thanks for considering her,
    Katie <

  487. Amy Z.

    Lovely! I’d love to win because this would look perfect in our living room and is a great reminder of the meaning of Christmas!

  488. REBECCA

    He is the reason for the season and I love how beautifully the artists at Willow Tree have captured that most sacred and tender moment.

  489. Marian

    Because we dont have one yet :)

  490. Lydia

    I would love to win this gorgeous nativity set! I love Dayspring, I love Willow Tree, and I have the perfect place to put it.

  491. Denise

    I would love to win it as a gift to my mom. It would look so beautiful added to her collection!

  492. Connie

    What a beautiful, simple way to celebrate this glorious season! I am always on the lookout for the simple, and this fits the bill perfectly!

  493. Linda marino

    I would love to win this beautiful nativity set from day spring. I think I would enjoy it for a few days on my mantle and then give it to my step-mom Carol. She loves giving and receiving willow tree figures… With hopes she will re-gift it back to me!:)

  494. Whitney

    I was just telling my husband how the one thing missing from our Christmas decor is a good nativity scene. And, of course, it is the most important thing!

  495. Lisa C

    I know my Mom would love one for Christmas! I would love it as well but I know she would love it and it would make her so happy!

  496. Ana

    I would love to replace the tattered nativity set my husband insists we put out. This is beyond beautiful and would be a wonderful replacement.

  497. Tracy

    I really really would like to own a Willow Tree Nativity…I’ve been wanting one for years but they’re too pricey :(

  498. amanda heath

    I would love to win this set not only because it matches my holiday decor perfectly, but because now that my children are 6, 10 and 13…I do believe it’s time for an upgrade from the plastic Fisher Price nativity scene that we have :)

  499. Cindy Day

    I love Willow Tree! This would make a lovely addition to my nativity collection!

  500. jenn

    I would love to add this beauty to my nativity collection. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  501. Debra D

    Because Jesus is the reason for the season.

  502. Debra D

    Because Jesus is the reason for the season at the R house!

  503. rhona

    I like this for Christmas decoration, Simple But beautiful.Thanks for giveaway..Merry Christmas to you!

  504. BeBalanced

    Our family focuses on the meaning of the season rather than the commercial aspects around us. We don’t have a nativity scene and have been looking to find one for awhile. This one is beautiful and simple at the same time. . It’s a meaningful reminder of what Christmas is truly about.

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