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The Decluttered Home {A New Monthly Home Organization Column & More!}

The Decluttered Home {A New Monthly Home Organization Column & More!}

Home Organization & Decluttering

This year has been a BIG year for organization around my home. We’ve reorganized how we wanted to use our home, how it feels to us, and now have set it up to be much more effective and comfortable for our needs. This next year I have big plans for fine tuning the details of our organizational systems and making sure each and every closet and drawer is organized to its fullest potential. Good-bye excess and hello order! We still have a ways to go (don’t look in our garage yet heh heh) but we are well on our way.

Dealing with stuff and clutter, and using and loving what we have in our homes, is something I really enjoy thinking about. Organization makes such a difference in our quality of life!

And so it is with great excitement that I share some big news today!

I’m now writing a monthly column on decluttering and home organization for the awesome Uncle Bob’s Self Storage Company! It’s one of the largest self-storage companies in the U.S. and I’m excited to partner with them in bringing you this column! I’ve enjoyed working with them over the past few months to get this column set up and ready to go and today is the BIG DAY I get to tell you about it!

The Decluttered Home

The column is called The Decluttered Home, and I’m pretty tickled to be able to bring you all along on my own journey and pass along tips and ideas for getting your home organized and into shape, so you can really love where you live!

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to dive more in to the topic of creating a comfortable home through being better organized! I’ll keep you in the loop as I have a new article over at The Decluttered Home so you can follow along and maybe share your own journey to organization too!

So, thank you for checking out my new column, The Decluttered Home! Maybe leave a comment there and share your own stories? My first two introductory posts are up including the welcome post with a bit of my story and 4 Reasons Why You Might Have a Clutter Problem! Oh yeah. I think many of us can relate to clutter problems, right?

Thanks so much for your support! Of course, nothing will change here at The Inspired Room, this is still my home base and I have lots of cool stuff in store for us here too! And I’m actually planning on adding more fun organization-related content to The Inspired Room.

By the way, I could use some suggestions for home organization topics you’d like to see covered, so if you can help me out in the comments, I’d appreciate it!

What are some of your biggest organizational challenges?
I’d love to address your questions and organizational issues  in future articles!

{Free Printables!} Hand Drawn Woodland Gift Tags

{Free Printables!} Hand Drawn Woodland Gift Tags
{Free Printables!} Hand Drawn Woodland Gift Tags

{Free Printables!} Hand Drawn Woodland Gift Tags

{Free Printables!} Hand Drawn Woodland Gift Tags

{Free Printables!} Hand Drawn Woodland Gift Tags

{Free Printables!} Hand Drawn Woodland Gift Tags

Free Printable Gift Tags!

{Woodland Animal Gift Tags}

We love personalized and handmade gift wrap, using simple things you might already have around the house like leftover scraps of ribbon or twine, doilies, paper bags and natural elements like pine cones. We thought since we had such a cute little Woodland Tree this year, we would create some hand drawn woodland animal gift tags, in keeping with our theme! Yes, of course we should! And we did!

Precious, right?

We’ve had a lot of requests for a download of the hand drawn deer tag seen in our use-what-you-have gift wrap post last year.

Now we’ve got a whole woodland family to share with you, a gift to you, all hand drawn by my ever-talented and creative daughter Kylee! {These are free for personal use!}. Didn’t they turn out awesome?

{Free Printables!} Hand Drawn Woodland Gift Tags

Download these free hand-drawn woodland gift tags right here or by clicking the image above! Print them out on card stock and punch with a hole punch.

The tags will be downloaded to your computer to cut out and enjoy!

Kylee made some adorable printable holiday gift tags for us last year too (you can still download them!).

Happy gift wrapping!

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