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A Painter and Dash & Albert Rug {A Kitchen Update!}

A Painter and Dash & Albert Rug {A Kitchen Update!}

Dash & Albert Catamaran Striped Runner 

I‘ve always been totally smitten by striped rugs in kitchens.  So when Wayfair gave me the opportunity to receive a new rug, I couldn’t resist a new Dash & Albert runner for in front of my sink. Rugs are always great for layering and bringing warmth and style to a space.

No need to worry if you spill, this rug is an indoor outdoor rug, so that means it is way more durable than a rug that cannot take abuse or be cleaned. Plus a runner is so easy to move, if you think you are going to be extra messy with your spaghetti sauce you just just roll it up and move it while you go crazy with the sauce.

It’s been all rolled up in the corner collecting remodeling dust for awhile, so excuse that is was just thrown down there at random with no rug pad or any primping (and let’s also pretend there is no painter’s tape or dust on the cabinets). I don’t really want to use the rug for real until my kitchen is all painted, since it is more of a finishing touch thing.

A Painter and Dash & Albert Rug {A Kitchen Update!}
Dash & Albert Dogs {via my instagram}

One thing I decided when I picked this rug was order two of the exact same runners. Then I won’t be quite so sad when someone spills on it right before company comes. All I will have to do in case of crisis whisk it away to hose it down (the beauty of indoor/outdoor rugs) while whipping out the spare before anyone notices. Actually that was not my original plan for this rug, although it is a great idea I’m thinking of stealing from myself. I originally was going to use both runners at the same time in the kitchen and hall area but until the kitchen is painted I am not 100% certain where the rugs will go.

So finally some good news related to my kitchen remodel…I *think* I’ve found my kitchen cabinet painter. Thanks to one of my faithful local readers suggestions, yay Barbara! YAHOO! And if all goes according to plan, my kitchen will FINALLY be painted next week. Knock on wood. Longest remodel ever, it seems. I don’t even care if getting my kitchen painted right now means my Christmas decorating is delayed another week or if we do less holiday decorating. I know it will make a mess but I’m just so eager to get these projects done!

We have our new beautiful new cabinet hardware all ready to go (oooh, and I need to show it to you! Almost forgot)! I just went through and marked the cabinet doors that need to have some holes filled for different hardware (thus the painter’s tape) so I could talk to the painter about what needed to be done.

I am also going to attempt a little project on a few of my new cabinet pulls with a nifty new tool I got called a Dremel, I’ll tell you about that when I show you the hardware in a future post.

I can’t wait until the cabinets get painted, we are on the homestretch now!

Cheers to all you last minute project warriors still going strong on house projects 24 days before Christmas. We’ve still got time, right? {High Fives all around}.

Thanks to Wayfair for providing the Dash & Albert striped runners. For more awesome rugs, check out their great selection!