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Jack’s 2012 Christmas List

Jack's 2012 Christmas List

1. Languages Dog Blanket 2. Crochet Baseball 3. Martha Stewart Holiday Penguin

4.Alba Collar  5. Ruby Cable Sweater 6.  Brass Paw Dog Tag 7. Soft Bear Dog Toy

* * *

Hi. My name is Jack. I’m a Goldendoodle. I have my own blog.

I get into a lot of mischief.

My mom said since I have so much time on my paws, maybe I could do a guest post here.

So, here I am showing you my Christmas list.

I love Christmas. Mostly I just really love the boxes.

That is all for now.



Jack's 2012 Christmas List

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

{you can find my exact floors at Mohawk: Natural Hickory Hardwood Flooring}

Last week when the painters removed the paper from the floors after painting my kitchen cabinets and family room trim, walls and ceilings they both exclaimed, “WOW, the floors really make this room!” It wasn’t that the cabinets or walls didn’t look lovely on their own, they do (you’ll get to see more of the kitchen, soon, I promise), it was that the floors added a beautiful natural element to the room that brought the space to life! 

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

If you think about it, flooring is an important part of the design of any room. Flooring choices can completely change the character of any space, so it is important to think about how it might affect the mood and look of your home.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

This was my kitchen — prior to the remodel and the new hardwoods in the dining room. So much has changed! I’ll have before and afters and updates for a long time to come as we did end up changing quite a few things over the past year! I feel like our home flows so much better now in large part due to the new flooring.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

After new hardwood floors

Even though our rooms open up to each other, the previous flooring was different from room to room making each space feel much smaller. Last spring, we put in Mohawk Natural Hickory pre-finished hardwood flooring in our living room, dining room, up the staircase and in our master bedroom.


Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Then this summer we started a kitchen remodel, which left our original wood floors with large holes and other damage when we removed a section of cabinetry and plumbing from the middle of the room. We weighed all the options from refinishing to fixing to replacing.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Our family room was well loved over the past few years and ready for some updates!

Since we also needed to replace damaged carpet in our connecting family room (which had taken quite a bit of abuse after kids, dogs and falling paint cans full of black paint!) we decided the option that made the most sense to us was to change the flooring to the same Hickory wood throughout all the connecting spaces on the main level.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

It was so exciting to see the floors going in after all the thinking and planning and dreaming.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}


Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

We love how our rooms flow together with the same gorgeous hardwoods. The Hickory has beautiful light and dark tones that bring so much warmth and light to even these dark gray days in the NW!

In addition to the new hardwoods (and kitchen renovation), we’ve been sprucing up walls with new paint (which you can see a bit of in today’s photos!) and we added tongue and groove plank paneling. We recently completed a fireplace makeover. Everything is feeling much lighter and fresher. We love that we have been able to add to the character and quality of our home and give it more of the look and feel we had hoped for when we first moved in!

We are still not done with the final touches of furnishings or rehanging photos and accessories (so many new ideas running through my head, I can’t wait to work on details now!). But now that we have some of these key foundational items done, we feel like we can really have some fun with the decorating. We are looking forward to bringing in layers of personality, color and more texture to create a warm and comfortable home for our family.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

 Dash & Albert Rugs via Wayfair

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

While our furniture is still the same (although I do have a few plans for some tweaks and updates!), the flooring really makes a difference!

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

I’m so excited to add in all the finishing details to these rooms. Blinds, curtains, chairs and accessories will continue the transformation. (update: here is the family room and hardwood floors in Fall 2013!)

I’m so grateful that Mohawk selected me to be a brand ambassador for this flooring project, it has been an amazing experience and they have been wonderful to work with. It was a HUGE blessing for us to get new flooring and we are so excited to see how our home comes together as a result!

I’ll be sharing my final post on the floors later this week with a few tips on how we keep our floors clean and pretty! But that won’t be the last you’ll see of these rooms! I’ve got lots more details to show you and more reveals in the weeks and months to come.

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NOTE: The wood floors I have can be found on the Mohawk website right here.


Sponsored in partnership with Mohawk.