The State of the Home {and Kitchen}

The State of the Home {and Kitchen}

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Are you all back yet from the holidays? It must be time for another kitchen update, because I’m starting to get lots of emails and questions about when I’m going to reveal the kitchen! I love that at least some of you are very excited about this! HA! Me too. Thanks for being so patient! I’ve also had quite a few people worried they had missed it somehow.

I haven’t revealed it yet because  — it still isn’t done! I know! For being what I originally described as kind of a “small remodel” it sure has taken awhile! Sigh!

While most of my cabinets were finally painted right before Christmas (along with my family room walls and trim and part of the horizontal planking in my little hall) my one “open cabinet” in the kitchen was not able to be painted as it had to have some finishing work done on the inside of it first.

We got the work done on the cabinet and all the cabinet hardware was installed, and then I had to wait for the holidays to be over for my painters to be able to come back and finish the paint! You can see a little peek at the lower cabinets though, if you look at the picture above which I showed in the post about the new wood floors! It’s looking good!

That is how it goes though. One thing always seems to hinge on another, so it can take awhile to get to the finish line.

The State of the Home {and Kitchen}

Good news is my painters will return Tuesday to paint the cabinet in the kitchen and finish filling (caulking) and painting the rest of the wainscoting through the entry over the next week (we didn’t have enough time to paint all that wainscoting before the holidays!).

Sorry for the bad pic of the wainscoting and the lack of update pictures, but you get the idea: there is finishing work and painting still to be done both in the kitchen and with the new wainscoting before those projects will be actually revealed as “done.”

So what is left in the kitchen besides the paint?

–I still haven’t figured out what I want to do with my kitchen island.

I’m a slow thinker with a small budget so I have to reconcile my dream island with using what I have, so I’m still mulling it over. I’m glad I waited to work on it until after the kitchen was painted, though, because I really want to get the right vibe for the island. That means I need to think about the kitchen and even my house as a whole, not just the island by itself.

–I am installing two awesome new ceiling lights in my kitchen. I’m SO excited about them and can’t wait to show you! Maybe this week, I’m optimistic.

–I have blinds for my kitchen and family room windows that are just sitting around ready to be put up. And I am probably going to start looking for curtain panels for my family room to add more layers of warmth and color, plus I am still contemplating furnishings. I’d like to get two new chairs for the family room, but in all likelihood they will have to wait awhile.

Mostly I’m just puttering around with little things right now, which is actually what I love to do the most so I’m enjoying myself.

I actually had planned to get a little more organized, do my Home Goals post (eh hem), set up my command center for the new year (we just rehung it in our little kitchen hall so I’ll show you that maybe later this week too!), and even take some pictures of a few new things I haven’t shown you yet around my house, you know, to kick off the new year. But, alas, I didn’t do those things. I was overly ambitious in my mind.

My son finally went back to school today (such a late break this year!) so I guess I felt like TODAY I’d be off and running with all my plans for the new year. But then I kind of got sidetracked by cleaning, putting away Christmas stuff and leftover remodeling chaos. And, well, let’s be honest. Downton Abbey.

So are you all back to school and back to routines yet after the holidays?
I guess I’ll give myself a little more time to get back in the swing. There is always tomorrow, right?


  1. I think you have done well – especially with the holidays in the middle of it all. Your map wall is beautiful! We went back last week, and I STILL have Christmas to take down in 3 rooms. Good excuse for it though …new shelves in the attic to organize and store it all were built over the weekend. So hopefully next weekend will see a bunch of organization take place. It always seems to be a big domino effect when reorganization takes place. I loved your sentence about being a slow thinker and mulling things over. That is exactly what I am having to do to think about the best way to use all our spaces.

    • Oh hooray for new shelves in the attic! My husband and I decided today that next year we are going to organize our Christmas boxes and shelves. Haha we put it off again, but at least we have a plan for next year.

  2. Yay for tomorrow!
    Always a tease you are my friend! The bit of cabinets in view (and Jack) are looking fabulous! I’m really interested to see your new lights. (I love lighting!) And the map wall always makes me smile. Maybe one day I’ll do something like that. :D

  3. I absolutely think your floors are the prettiest floors I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to see the finished project.

  4. Hi! I love your kitchen floors! What kind of wood floors are those?

  5. Well, I for one can’t wait for the reveal!!!

  6. Barbara (WA) says

    I am getting a glimpse of some lovely colors and a wonderful combo with the new flooring! I am so glad to hear you don’t make decisions quickly despite that it seems otherwise in the world of blogs. I love hearing the real story behind projects!

  7. I loved the sneak peaks and I love the color of the cabinets. I too have not revealed my kitchen redo. I’m not really done yet either. Curtains still have to be sewn and a little bit more painting. We seem to be on the same wavelength. I had planned to get a lot done and so far it’s been a slow start!

    And wasn’t Downton Abbey great? So glad it’s back :)

  8. What I can see is beautiful!

  9. New to your blog but I like the kitchen, I am thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets white so I be watching for your updates

  10. Take your time! I’m sure the final reveal will be worth it. We just finished a kitchen reno and if there is one lesson I learned, it’s that things happen on their OWN time table, not mine. Good life lesson, really. You have a great attitude.

  11. Your kitchen remodel is going much faster than mine did. We almost took a year to get everything done and I still don’t have island lights!

  12. Love the maps!!

  13. So much to anticipate from The Insired Room! Can’t wait to see it all. Gotta tell ya, I am loooving that map covered wall. Happy New Year! xo, Faith

  14. Please tell me the color and brand of your base cabinets and the color of your grout. It is all so lovely. Also, have you selected under cabinet lighting? We are in such a quandry over that right now. Great to join the group!

  15. Your floors are gorgeous and I love the wall color. I can’t wait to see the final product! Have a great week.

    BTW…your doggie is too cute!

  16. Love that accent wall! Beautiful!

  17. i need to know how you did the open shelving in the kitchen. I need 7 feet shelves, preferably two. I want hooks on them for my mugs and utensils. Did you buy shelves made already? If not,where did you buy the wood? please?


    • Hi Gina, I have one open shelf that I put on brackets. I got the wood cut to size at Lowe’s and the brackets right off the rack at Lowe’s (or Home Depot, I can’t remember which). The rest of my shelves were for the inside of an open cabinet and I had a piece of clear cut pine for those cut at Lowe’s as well. For a seven foot shelf you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of support under it as it will be both heavy and prone to buckle. You can also find pre cut shelves and brackets and organizational items like hooks at IKEA (I found lots of shelving material there for my pantry, which I will be revealing soon too!). Good luck!

  18. Wow.. Looks like a picture from a magazine ! Can’t wait for the reveal…

  19. LOVE all the colors and textures. You’re quite and inspiration and I love receiving your updates. Can’t wait to see more!!

  20. I can not wait to see your kitchen! it is looking absolutely gorgeous so far! And very similar concept to what my hubby and I hope to do in ours!

  21. Hi Melissa, I think you are moving at a perfect pace!! You will be more than sure when it is all said and done that you made all the right decisions. It is looking great from the sneak-peaks you have given us. Nothing like new paint in a house. I always love the smell. I am moving slowly into the New Year!! I have been gathering bits and pieces of elements for my Family room re-do. Just a little freshening up around the old homestead.

    • I can’t wait to see what you have planned! I cannot wait to get passed the painting and remodeling chaos so I can get back to enjoying the freshening up, tidying and puttering! That is my favorite!

  22. Hi Melissa! I just wanted to tell you your home is beautiful! I have just recently found your blog and I can’t seem to peel myself away from the computer! You have awesome advice and what I love most about your advice is you do it and you seem to have a track record to prove it. I blogged about you on my own blog today you can check it out if you want too. I did link to your site though! Thanks again for all of your inspiring words! Oh and I can’t wait to see your kitchen!

  23. Yes I think Downton Abbey has set us all back. You have such a wonderful site and I just wanted to let you know you have “inspired” my husband and I to start some projects. I am usually out in the garden but this time of year seems to scream for indoor projects. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  24. Oh I love those floors and maps! When my son went back to kindergarten after the xmas break, I thought for sure I would get my act together and be so speedy with my organizing and getting a jump on projects but nope, cleaning and putting away christmas stuff seemed to take a lot longer then normal! I have never watched Down town abbey but seems like every blog I go to, they are watching!

  25. The boys went back Monday the 2nd. It’s been slow going for me to get anything accomplished. I was still in lazy, snuggly, holiday mode :) Got a lot done today though. Planning a complete laundry room redo. Hoping that’ll be finished in two months! Then on to something new :)

  26. The picture of the dog is adorable :-)

  27. I can’t wait to see what ideas you come up with for your island. I have one that’s almost identical and I think about making it over all the time. It’s so much work that I want to make sure I love the outcome. I’d sure like to se yours first…

  28. Girl, I have had the hardest time getting going! My boys go back to college tomorrow, so my first goal is to get the house cleaned up. And the Christmas decorations put away. And finish the final edits on my ebook. And then maybe I’ll actually tackle a project or two. Or maybe I’ll just buy some flowers and put them on the table and pretend that I’ve done a project!

  29. kids started back yesterday, but my middle son ended up splitting his head wide open, so we spent 6 hours in the ER. yuck.

    Thankfully, he is all stitched and stapled up…we’re praying for quick healing.

    Your home is coming together so nicely…you seem to have a great attitude in the midst of it. :)

  30. I love the subway-tile-covered walls… excited to see everything finished! : )

  31. Oh I just can’t wait to see the finished results. We have finished our living room project. This year, we have both of our daughters bedroom. I can’t wait to start thinking up ideas :)

  32. Lorissa Brown says

    Lovely! I’m currently having my new home remodled. We are coming close the painting phase. I really like the color of the dining room walls. What color/brand is that shade?

  33. Your map wall is so phenomenal, and it looks all the more gorgeous with the wainscoting, I have several maps that are currently sitting in the closet, so I may have to see if I can hunt down a good place in my house to duplicate this to some extent! :)

  34. Can I ask where you got the mirror leaning against the wall in the dining area? I absolutely love it.

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