Time for More Bedroom Decorating!

Time for More Bedroom Decorating!

So today is my birthday. I’m not really one to want a lot of fanfare for my birthday. I’ve never even wanted a party or big celebration, I’d rather just keep my birthday kind of a quiet day. Not that I’m embarrassed or sad about getting older, in fact, I think being well over 40 (gasp!!) is pretty awesome in many ways. Not every way, haha, let’s be honest here, but in many ways it is great! ┬áIt is a blessing to have another birthday and I think the older I get, the more I realize what matters most. With age comes a little more wisdom, right?

But I do like to give MYSELF gifts in honor of birthdays and holidays, because any excuse to treat myself to something I want or need anyway is good enough for me. Ha! For the past few years, I’ve been really wanting to make some updates to our bedroom decor. I was able to get new hardwoods, paint the room, and add a few new things like curtains and bamboo blinds (FINALLY! no old towels at my windows!! I know, I’m moving on UP!) and a snazzy new mirror and bird pillows I found at HomeGoods this past year. YAHOO! So grateful to have been able to make those updates.

Time for More Bedroom Decorating!

All of those things gave me a great foundation of what I want to do now, which is basically to keep going with this room, personalize the space, and add a few more “finishing” layers and decorating details. That will be my birthday gift to me!

You can see the post on how far the room has come in this bedroom makeover update post. Remember when it was SWINE colored with smelly carpet? OY. Glad to be past THAT phase!

This phase is going to be so fun for me! I love thinking about all the details that make a bedroom a real meaningful and cozy sanctuary, a place that you can get away from the world (and the rest of the house!)!

Time for More Bedroom Decorating!

I’ve had the same matelasse coverlet on my bed for probably 15 years. That is a long time! It’s been in four different bedrooms over those years. It is amazing quality and a beautiful timeless design, so I’m glad I splurged on it all those years ago. But over the years it has shrunk a bit to where it really only covers part of our mattress, so I can’t really make it look good on both sides of the bed any more. So I’ll be using the coverlet on one of our guest beds which is only a double sized bed, it will work perfectly for that.

Time for More Bedroom Decorating!

I’ll be figuring out exactly what this new phase of bedroom decorating will mean color and style-wise, even this week when I take myself and my girls birthday shopping for inspiration, new bedding and hopefully a new rug! I’ve got a beautiful traditional sleigh bed I’m hanging on to for now (it actually belongs to my mom so until she wants it back, I’m keeping it!). I love to work with what I have and find a good mix of old and new.

I think with some new bedding and other accessories, I can pull together a fresh look for our room, while building the foundation of the flooring, wall color and bed and a few other newer items in the room. I’ll probably do a few new posts on bedroom decorating inspiration, too, to help me figure out exactly how I want the room to look since I’m not really sure yet! Sometimes I just have to find the right “thing” that inspires me.

Time for More Bedroom Decorating!

Last week I received a lovely gift from a sweet blogging friend, Tara Lowry, a new custom wood LOVE sign from her shop Between You and Me Signs. It is HUGE and so cool, I love it! The verse means a lot to me, and I am so excited to have it now hanging in our bedroom.

My husband and I have been married a very long time so this verse is a good reminder of what true love is, both for ourselves and for our family! And it is a perfect Valentine’s day gift for our bedroom, don’t you think?

Time for More Bedroom Decorating!

Tara offers some really beautiful signs to add meaning to your home, whether you want to remember your family rules, places you’ve lived or loved, or special verses. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop! And while you are visiting her, check out her blog too. Her gorgeous home (& blog & life) is inspiring, so enjoy!

I’ll be taking pictures to share with you as I visit some shops later this week in search of bedroom decorating inspiration, and I have a fun decorating inspiration post for you tomorrow too!

Have you updated a bedroom lately? I’ll do a bedroom makeover linky party this weekend if you want to link up and show off your bedrooms and inspire me with your brilliant ideas!


  1. Happy birthday. What a fun present to yourself. And that Tara … love her blog and her beautiful signs.


  2. Since we just moved here in Oct. our master isn’t really “done” yet. We still need a few furniture pieces but I am trying to take my time and not rush. LOOOOVE that sign. I sent the verse to my husband. XO, Pinky

  3. Happy birthday! I hope your day had been filled with many fun-filled moments. Your room looks amazing and Tara’s sign is perfect. I just love her signs. May you have a blessed year ahead full of much joy.

  4. Happy Birthday!! I just turned 40 last month~eeks!! Just bought all new bedding a few months ago from Ballard and I love it. New blinds, paint and curtains are next. So much fun!! Thx for the link to Tara’s shop, I had never heard of her and her signs are so pretty. Gonna pop over!! xo~melissa

  5. I think my bedroom is going to be the last thing to tackle in my apartment. I still haven’t decided what I want it to look like yet!

  6. Happy Birthday! I am also a January girl/Capricorn! Love the yellow bird pillows on your bed. So sweet!

  7. Happy birthday! I love your bedroom and your new sign (Tara’s signs are amazing).

  8. Happy Birthday!! I just turned 44 (ouch) hehe. But, I too am happy to be getting older. I don’t care much for the alternative ;) What a great idea to do some inspiration posts for ideas. I need a more pulled together look in my room. I’m tired of it as-is. Look forward to seeing what you do! Those new floors are a great foundation. So pretty!!

  9. Happy Birthday Melissa!
    I’ve posted a link up to your 2013 HG page (and given you credit plus linked) on my blog…It has been such an inspiration to me, I hope my readers find it inspiring as well.
    Your bedroom is lovely. I think you have your home SO PUT TOGETHER…I can’t imagine you still needing to make changes (like rugs, bedspreads and things) But I guess we all need something new after a while. Keeping things fresh in the bedroom is important.
    I can’t imagine your room more spectacular than it is already. Can’t wait to see it.
    Many blessings again, Happy Birthday!

  10. Melissa..It’s beautiful….this post makes me so thankful that your blog is one of the first ones I found and began to follow. I’m sure your marriage is an example to many…I know that your words here today in this post are an example to all of us reading.

    We hope your sign will be a challenge and a constant encouragement for your sweet marriage.

  11. Happy Birthday Melissa!

  12. We are in the process of doing just that. It’s been pretty much the same since we moved in 7 years ago. Now we are redoing some furniture… painting and just updating. I luv the room… it just needed a face lift so to speak.
    Cheers, Gee

  13. Hi Melissa! Happy Birthday! I love your idea of photographing your room to take a step back and look at it differently, making notes on what you want to change. Love those cushions and mirror in particular – beautiful.

  14. Hope your birthday was the happiest! And that you found the perfect rug…on SALE! (Love the sleigh bed, but really liked the white iron bed as well. In fact my daughter had the same bed and when we were blessed with our second daughter I actually wrote to Elliott’s Designs and he pulled the expired pattern out and made a matching bed for me!)

  15. Happy Birthday!!! Your hard work deserves a new bedroom : ) hope you enjoyed your day!

  16. Happy Birthday! I love the idea of buying something for your home for your birthday! It’s like the present that just keeps on giving!

  17. What a beautiful sign for your room! I love it! Your room as such a nice feel I love the direction you’re going! I’ve yet to do anything to mine, I’m looking for good deals on bedding currently. This is my bedroom’s year I’ve already warned the hubby!lol Happy Birthday to you!!!

  18. Happy birthday, Melissa! Enjoy your shopping trip. Show us what you find.

  19. Happy Birthday! I love that sign and that saying people read that at our wedding. The bedroom looks gorgeous.


  20. Tara’s signs are really great! — Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, Melissa. I guess you won’t be returning your birthday presents!

  21. Happy Birthday, Melissa! I think treating yourself on your birthday is a wonderful idea. And your bedroom is looking so pretty. Love those signs–off to check out her shop right now!

    P.S. Thanks for the shout-out for my MBA on your Room Tours page! :-)

    • I hope you had a great birthday! I absolutely love that mirror over your bed. I can’t believe you found it at Homegoods. ZGallerie has one just like it that I’ve been admiring. I’m redoing my master bedroom on a major budget and it’s actually been fun because it makes me be creative, lol.

  22. Happy day! I’m doing the very same thing with my bedroom right now and have been searching for inspiration everywhere. My challenge is working with furniture I don’t absolutely love . . . I do love your sign though!!

  23. I love your bedroom… I need to go see the “before” but what an amazing job you did – so many lovely details – with a not so big room.
    I’m taking inspiration: my bedroom is in fact two as one part of it is used as Home Office and Closet and the other for “sleeping” ;) and it only takes the nightstands and the bed (which is big, huge, but hey! A girl needs a space for dreams, right? :D) and I’m not sure what sweet details to add because I don’t want it to get even smaller.
    Thank you!

  24. Happy belated birthday!!!!!!your bedroom is so pretty. I am planning on a redo of mine, its kind of cluttered. I haven’t changed it in almost 10 years!!!!! so Im planning on a full on redo, furniture and everything, old carpet is going, any suggestions on how to get it done, without anyone dying? LOL

  25. I do a bedroom update every 3 years. New comforter, new shams and pillows. I am particular because I inherited my Mother’s 1800’s Magaony bed set. I also have a long hair black cat on my bed every day so a new comforter is necessary . Happiest of Birthday!!!! Ito have a Birthday this month and I always induldge myself with a new gift for my home and a day just for me. Enjoy!

  26. I love when a room starts to come together! I’m certain you had a great time BD shopping. Can’t wait to see all the goodness you come home with.
    Happy Birthday Melissa! May your new year be blessed beyond imagination!!

  27. Midwestgirly says

    Happy Birthday Melissa! I’m also a January Baby, we need to treat ourselves because it’s a long time until our next B-day!

  28. Happy Birthday! Love the sign, also one of my favorites.

  29. Ruth Chidley says

    Happy Birthday, Melissa. Praying for God’s abundant blessings for you in this new year! You are an inspiration to me and I enjoy your sharing of your life with all of us. Have an absolutely fun day with your family and we will look forward to hearing about and seeing your shopping finds.

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