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Decorating with a Pop of Red {Cottage}

by | Jan 28, 2013 | Color, Decorating Inspiration | 37 comments

Decorating with a Pop of Red {Cottage}

Decorating with a Pop of Red {Cottage}

Decorating with a Pop of Red {Cottage}

Decorating with a Pop of Red {Cottage}

Decorating with a Pop of Red {Cottage}

Decorating with a Pop of Red {Cottage}

I happened to run across this natural beachy cottage decorated with pops of red on BHG.  I love it. Emerald green might be the color of the year, but as much as I have always loved green and still do, I’m always smitten by decorating with a pop of red. Especially when it is mixed with lots of natural elements in a cozy cottage like this one!

I’m using a little bits of red in my house again and I just love it! I missed it when I first moved here, so I finally started using it again. I don’t use a lot of red, just a touch on a pillow or throw blanket here and there. It is a delicate balance at my house, I can only use a little bit of it as an accent. Too much red throws my house and color palette off balance. But in just the right dose, I do love mixing in various shades of red to orange to bring a little variety and spice to my decor.

PS. I am in the process of creating a new paint color and color palette post for my house so soon you can get an overview of my color scheme.

And, GOOD NEWS….I will be sharing my kitchen cabinet paint before and after THIS WEEK! YAHOO!

You can see more of this beachy cottage at BHG!

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So how do you feel about decorating with red in your house?

Decorating with a Pop of Red {Cottage}


  1. Lori

    Red is so cheerful, that’s all, and it is found in nature in all seasons. Most rooms in my house have a touch of it.

  2. Amanda

    LOVE red! Our whole house is decorated with yellow and red. Great find!

  3. Stacy

    Red is tied as my favorite color ( tied with yellow) but I agree that it is best as an accent color. When we finish our attic it will be white, natural elements, and pops of red! So I loved your inspiration pictures today :)

  4. Centsational Girl

    Amazing what a small pop of color can do to unite the spaces in a home! Definitely a house I could get cozy in too!

  5. Karis (Dear You, I Do!)

    My mom would love this post. Her favorite colors has always been red and she loves to decorate with it. Looks great!

  6. Jessica

    This is my FAVORITE color scheme! So, so cozy.

  7. Angie

    I love using red as an accent color. I’ve been doing it for years and probably always will, no matter what the color of the year is! I’ve mixed it with neutrals, blues, aquas, and browns. It just adds personality to anything you put it with! ~ Angie

  8. Shelley

    I love all of those rooms with the pops of red. There is just the right amount of red in each one…so pretty!

  9. mary beth

    I love it all! I also noticed that every picture contained some form of wicker which I also love and use a lot…you can’t go wrong, and it all looks so comfortable and fresh!

  10. Shannon

    So funny, I just last night retired the tired red pillows from our living room. Perhaps its because we are still in so much transition from moving this fall but they kept catching my eye & not in a good way! I do love the use of red in those pictures though ~ keeps what could be a flat pallet fresh feeling.

  11. Stacey

    I have the pages of that cottage in my inspiration folder. Tore it from BHG a few years ago. It is wonderful!

  12. Alison

    Looks like a Sara Richardson room! I’m doing do much red lately too!

  13. Chaney

    I’m not usually a big red person, but I absolutely adore this cottage. Red in small doses works really well!

  14. Nora

    Wow Wow Wow…..I want to live here! Love it all. Thanks for finding this. I have a new direction.

  15. Linda Stoll

    Love that primitive coffee table!

    And I love the old red utensils that are in residence in my dining room and kitchen. Egg beaters, spoons, measuring cups, ladles, potholders, and more overflow from baskets and enamelware bins and perch on shelves …

    And yes, I just posted about the RED pens I use right and left …

  16. Sabrina

    I don’t know why but I love gray with red. They complement each other so well. Great pics too.

  17. Kelly

    I love the pops of red in all of the rooms. It really adds a wonderful look and feel.

  18. Richella at Imparting Grace

    YES, Melissa!! I was talking with a designer just the other day about what I like. I’m very much attracted to blues and greens these days, but I realized that I would be sad if there weren’t some red in the picture somewhere. Love these photos!

  19. Sandra Miller-Long

    Love seeing a beachy decor that isn’t all aqua and teal. Very refreshing and …. inspirational! Especially love it with the gray and natural elements. I actually started using red again in my own home. It’s a rustic home in the woods and it seems to wear red well. Thought I was burned out by the (my) overuse of red a decade (or 2) ago. But I must agree, there really is something about red in a room.

  20. Deanna

    Oh, yes, Red!
    I do use it…love it so much!


  21. Rebecca

    Oh, how I do love a pop of red. And orange too. Also wanted to say thank you. I referenced TheInspiredRoom in a post today regarding my blog redesign, and that I took a close look at your blog’s clean/professorial style to inform my design.

  22. Holly

    When we moved into our house two years ago, I was SO OVER autumnal color schemes that I purposely didn’t do any yellow or orange or especially red. Now I’m finding that I can add these colors in, as long as it is the right red and it’s used sparingly. I painted my favorite vintage desk bright, panic-button red and I am in love with it. Other than a plate and a pillow, it’s my only red and it’s perfect.

  23. karen

    Red is the best color ever invented! I use it every time I get the chance. It is my go to accent color – no matter what the trends are. That is if the room isn’t already red – then I have to use another accent!

  24. Maria

    One of my interior design instructors always says that a room without a touch of red is like a woman without lipstick. :-) I love red in small doses, too!

  25. Grace

    I just had to pin a few of those photos (from the BHG site, natch) as they are just how I like things – easy to live in, pretty pops of colour, and lots of interesting details. I recently added a red cover to our bed and I love how cozy it looks.

  26. Debbie reFresh

    I totally agree :) I love all the inspiration and I can’t wait to see you reveal!

  27. Faith

    I have swooned over that red, white, and gray bedroom for a while now. Thanks for showing the rest of the cottage. It is as awesome as the bedroom.

  28. Jennifer

    I love that cottage! I’ve been getting away from cottage decorating lately, but these pictures just reminded me why I it’s always been a favorite of mine.

  29. Cynthia

    I have had red in some form since I began keeping my own home, including college apartment! Usually it’s more of a cranberry or burgundy shade. Currently most of my rooms are neutrals, with burgundy pillows, trim or small florals. Burgundy leather library chair & ottoman in living room with paisley couch brings the rest of the house together. Love these pics!

  30. Carolyn

    This is so pretty! I’m a big fan of red, and these pictures are a good reminder that you only need a little bit for a wonderful effect.

  31. Melissa McIntyre

    LOVE red! I have always been a neutrals kind of gal (still am) but I fell in love with adding red to my decor about 10 years ago!

  32. Diane

    Pop of red! That’s my language. And what I’m loving right now. I wish a few of my pieces could be a bit more neutral so I could carry it off the way I envision. But…eventually I will. I had fun doing a big pop of red in my sunroom…linked here. It’s been popular…being featured at several linky parties. The big thing to me…it just makes me happy. :D Thanks for the inspirational pops of red!!

  33. Erin

    Red has always been one of my favorite colors! I’ve been so happy to see it again in design because I just never could part with it. :)

  34. Hanni

    Hello, would you please say where you purchased the rug pictured in the bedroom? My mother loves it, and Id like to purchase one, or something similar, as a gift. Thank you!

  35. Kay

    I’ve pinned quite of few of these images! My biz name is RedBird, so of course, I love red! Old, red painted antiques are my weakness!

  36. Irma

    I love red accents and have them in my main rooms. 2 years ago, we redecorated my husbands church office. We had it painted in a medium grey with white trim. He has a big,old oak desk which adds a nice warmth to the room. We got 2 tub chairs, for a separate seating area,in bright red, on a black area rug. He got a white Expedit ikea bookcase and has mixed in red canvas boxes, with natural fibre boxes, for storage. Behind the desk he has a very large, framed print he took of an old,red restaurant with a black and white background. He also got a red Keurig coffee maker for his coffee station. Of course, we have reflective items like a ikea swing arm,shiny desk lamp and a big round mirror with a few family photos. But I’d say the red pops of color really jazz up the room. And hubby feels inspired working in this office.

  37. Irma

    This isn’t the comment I had written, Melissa, maybe you could email me as to what happened.


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