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The State of the Home {and Kitchen}

The State of the Home {and Kitchen}

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Are you all back yet from the holidays? It must be time for another kitchen update, because I’m starting to get lots of emails and questions about when I’m going to reveal the kitchen! I love that at least some of you are very excited about this! HA! Me too. Thanks for being so patient! I’ve also had quite a few people worried they had missed it somehow.

I haven’t revealed it yet because  — it still isn’t done! I know! For being what I originally described as kind of a “small remodel” it sure has taken awhile! Sigh!

While most of my cabinets were finally painted right before Christmas (along with my family room walls and trim and part of the horizontal planking in my little hall) my one “open cabinet” in the kitchen was not able to be painted as it had to have some finishing work done on the inside of it first.

We got the work done on the cabinet and all the cabinet hardware was installed, and then I had to wait for the holidays to be over for my painters to be able to come back and finish the paint! You can see a little peek at the lower cabinets though, if you look at the picture above which I showed in the post about the new wood floors! It’s looking good!

That is how it goes though. One thing always seems to hinge on another, so it can take awhile to get to the finish line.

The State of the Home {and Kitchen}

Good news is my painters will return Tuesday to paint the cabinet in the kitchen and finish filling (caulking) and painting the rest of the wainscoting through the entry over the next week (we didn’t have enough time to paint all that wainscoting before the holidays!).

Sorry for the bad pic of the wainscoting and the lack of update pictures, but you get the idea: there is finishing work and painting still to be done both in the kitchen and with the new wainscoting before those projects will be actually revealed as “done.”

So what is left in the kitchen besides the paint?

–I still haven’t figured out what I want to do with my kitchen island.

I’m a slow thinker with a small budget so I have to reconcile my dream island with using what I have, so I’m still mulling it over. I’m glad I waited to work on it until after the kitchen was painted, though, because I really want to get the right vibe for the island. That means I need to think about the kitchen and even my house as a whole, not just the island by itself.

–I am installing two awesome new ceiling lights in my kitchen. I’m SO excited about them and can’t wait to show you! Maybe this week, I’m optimistic.

–I have blinds for my kitchen and family room windows that are just sitting around ready to be put up. And I am probably going to start looking for curtain panels for my family room to add more layers of warmth and color, plus I am still contemplating furnishings. I’d like to get two new chairs for the family room, but in all likelihood they will have to wait awhile.

Mostly I’m just puttering around with little things right now, which is actually what I love to do the most so I’m enjoying myself.

I actually had planned to get a little more organized, do my Home Goals post (eh hem), set up my command center for the new year (we just rehung it in our little kitchen hall so I’ll show you that maybe later this week too!), and even take some pictures of a few new things I haven’t shown you yet around my house, you know, to kick off the new year. But, alas, I didn’t do those things. I was overly ambitious in my mind.

My son finally went back to school today (such a late break this year!) so I guess I felt like TODAY I’d be off and running with all my plans for the new year. But then I kind of got sidetracked by cleaning, putting away Christmas stuff and leftover remodeling chaos. And, well, let’s be honest. Downton Abbey.

So are you all back to school and back to routines yet after the holidays?
I guess I’ll give myself a little more time to get back in the swing. There is always tomorrow, right?

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Online paint color tool

My Colortopia just launched a cool new online paint color tool called Color My Room. You can upload your own photos or use from one of their room photos, and then have fun trying out new Glidden paint colors in the room right from your computer screen! I love stuff like this!

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Don’t be alarmed when you see my face pop up in the tool recommending you try new colors. Haha. I write for My Colortopia, so that explains why my face is there.

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

I played around with the tool myself, using one of their kitchen photos. You can select your paint options first, then click next step, and then it gives you the opportunity to define the areas you want to paint with those blue lines, and then fill in the areas you want to paint.

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

It was fun to see how the various paint colors transformed the vibe of the kitchen!

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

I even tried a little color on the ceiling! How fun is that?

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Somebody stop me.

I’m addicted.

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Ok. I’m done.

A wee bit cheaper and easier than painting and repainting a room with real paint, no?

So there you go. Give the Color My Room tool a try! It’s fun!

I was sponsored by Glidden® paint for this post but the thoughts and opinions are my own.