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Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Online paint color tool

My Colortopia just launched a cool new online paint color tool called Color My Room. You can upload your own photos or use from one of their room photos, and then have fun trying out new Glidden paint colors in the room right from your computer screen! I love stuff like this!

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Don’t be alarmed when you see my face pop up in the tool recommending you try new colors. Haha. I write for My Colortopia, so that explains why my face is there.

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

I played around with the tool myself, using one of their kitchen photos. You can select your paint options first, then click next step, and then it gives you the opportunity to define the areas you want to paint with those blue lines, and then fill in the areas you want to paint.

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

It was fun to see how the various paint colors transformed the vibe of the kitchen!

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

I even tried a little color on the ceiling! How fun is that?

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Somebody stop me.

I’m addicted.

Cool Online Paint Color Tool

Ok. I’m done.

A wee bit cheaper and easier than painting and repainting a room with real paint, no?

So there you go. Give the Color My Room tool a try! It’s fun!

I was sponsored by Glidden® paint for this post but the thoughts and opinions are my own.

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage Ideas

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage IdeasFreestanding storage via BHG

Don’t you just love a well-organized bathroom with functional and pretty storage galore? I sure do! As I’m thinking over my own house, trying to decide which home improvement projects I want to commit to this year, I keep wondering about whether to include my master bathroom.

Honestly, I’m not much of an advance project planner. Usually I do things on a whim. But I really want to be extra intentional about my time and money in 2013, and I know how easy it is to have one whim lead to another and pretty soon, you’ve gone out on a lot of whims. {grin…. whims, get it? Limb? Oh, I crack myself up sometimes.}

My master bathroom is not particularly pretty as it is, and it isn’t especially functional either. It could use a little makeover. AND, the toilet doesn’t work, so there is that.  It has been broken for a couple of years. Eh hem. But, it isn’t the worst bathroom ever, though, so I’m thinking maybe I might allow myself a little bit of a functional storage makeover with a bit of pretty thrown in (and completely avoid a total remodel, which I’d like to do someday but it really isn’t necessary right now).

We’ll see. I’m still working on my home goals for this year, so no promises of projects yet!

Enjoy this round up of pretty and functional ideas!
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{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage IdeasLoving these flower baskets for storage (which I already have, YAY!)
via Our Fifth House

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage Ideasutilizing space above the toilet via BHG

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage IdeasNarrow storage in bathroom with baskets via BHG

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage IdeasTrays to organize bathroom supplies via BHG

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage IdeasUse an old dresser minus the drawers for linen storage,
love this idea! via Cameras & Chaos

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage Ideassalvaged doors create closed storage via BHG

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage IdeasOrganize your cabinet doors with these clever stick on containers!
Want to try these! via Stick on Pods

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage IdeasUse freestanding furniture for storage in a bathroom  via BHG

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage IdeasRepurpose drawer as wall shelf via BHG

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage Ideasbuild a storage ladder via HGTV and the amazing Ana White

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage IdeasLazy susan for neat and tidy bathroom storage via BHG

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage IdeasUtilize space between wall studs for more storage or display via BHG

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage IdeasStorage towers for organizing in bathroom via BHG

{pretty & functional} Bathroom Storage Ideas

Do you have a bathroom storage or organization project in mind for your home this year?