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Kitchen Cabinet Colors – Before & After

Kitchen Cabinet Colors - Before & After

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Are you ready for a kitchen update? I am, FINALLY!! I’m so excited to finally show how my gray and white kitchen cabinet colors and how they turned out after they were painted! You all have been SO patient! I know I’ve offered some sneak peeks but I’m finally ready to officially reveal more pics showing the gray kitchen cabinets … and in the process you’ll get to see a preview of the room!

{UPDATE>>> The whole kitchen has now been revealed so click here!}

Kitchen Cabinet Colors - Before & After

The full reveal of the kitchen is still coming. I’m working on my kitchen island makeover (and thinking I’m going to LOVE IT!) so that is my current hold up with showing the rest of the kitchen! HA! I’m really happy with the rest of the kitchen as well!

Update: See the big kitchen reveal post here!

In case you are wondering where this all started and why, here is the first kitchen remodel post. I will share more about how the actual remodel has improved our kitchen and family room, once I do the final reveal posts. But it has made a huge difference in how the room feels! And yes, we removed some upper cabinets but we also ADDED cabinets to the right of the sink (you’ll see that part in an upcoming post!).

WHY do these projects take so long? I’m sorry, it is just how it is! But for now, this should give you a REALLY good peek at my kitchen! And we’ll just have more to look forward to!

Kitchen Cabinet Colors - Before & After

As you might remember from my original kitchen inspiration collage, we decided to go with darker charcoal lower cabinets (Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore, satin finish) and a soft white upper cabinet (Dove White Benjamin Moore). I know this surprised some of you who know how much I love a white kitchen! But, there were many reasons for going with darker lower cabinets, and I have to say I’m SO happy we went with the choices we did! And we still have white cabinets, they are just all upper cabinets!

Kitchen Cabinet Colors - Before & After

We knew that a good portion of our kitchen was already going to be quite “white” with our remaining upper cabinets that are painted white, plank walls, white subway tile, white farm house sink, window trim and white quartz counters. I love some contrast, personality and charm in my kitchen, so going with this beautiful dark gray on the lower cabinets makes all the white pop out and be even more stunning in contrast! It is a nice neutral that seems to work well with almost any accent color!

The darker painted cabinets also show off our Mohawk natural hickory floors, and allows them to add a ton of warmth and personality.  We selected a slightly more modern shaped brushed nickel bin style pull from Restoration Hardware and some pretty gold patterned knobs and mercury glass knobs from Anthropologie, to bring a warm metal mix and fun personality to the cabinets. We adore them all!

Kitchen Cabinet Colors - Before & After

We also love our new sconces from Restoration Hardware, with the antique brass, metal and mirrored elements. And the Edison lightbulbs are AMAZING, so happy with them! They add such a beautiful glow to the room!

I think the mix of elements and colors (including some you’ll see in the full kitchen reveal) give our kitchen an interesting mix of modern, vintage, traditional and rustic, which I absolutely love. And of course, loving that look is important since we live here!

Kitchen Cabinet Colors - Before & After

Kitchen Cabinet Colors - Before & After

Kitchen Cabinet Colors - Before & After

Do you even remember how this upper cabinet used to look? It’s come a long way, baby. Remember when we filled in the awkward top portion of the cabinets? It is fun to see how it looks now, all painted!

Kitchen Cabinet Colors - Before & After

I originally took the doors off just to give my kitchen A LITTLE more personality, but FINALLY I think my true vision and its FULL PERSONALITY is coming together, both in this corner and in the rest of the kitchen!

Can’t wait to show you more, this has been SO exciting for me! {UPDATE: The kitchen remodel is finished, come see!}
I love waking up every day and getting my coffee in this kitchen!

Feeling BLESSED, for sure.

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