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{Use What You Have} Winter Centerpiece & Family Game Nights!

{Use What You Have} Winter Centerpiece & Family Game Nights!

We have a winter tradition at our house. A tradition we have had in our family for years! We love playing this wood board game we call “the marble game.” I think it is actually called Agitation or Aggravation or something like that.  It is a simple and easy to learn game with marbles and dice, but there is a little strategy involved. It is a great way to rally the family together, away from electronics, for some good old fashioned fun on a cold winter’s night.

We got started playing this game after dinner with all three of our kids when they were pretty young. Even young kids can enjoy playing it with mom and dad or older siblings, even if they don’t really understand strategy.

I always like to leave the game board out on the table in the winter because it reminds us to play it after dinner! Plus I love wood board games. I’ve decided to call it our “use what we have” centerpiece, because we actually can and WILL use it!

That is MY FAVORITE kind of decorating right there! 

Do you have an old or new favorite game you like to play with your family?
Let’s share some ideas in the comments!

Help for Finding Your Decorating Style {A New Gallery of Posts!}

Help for Finding Your Decorating Style {A New Gallery of Posts!}

D o you need or enjoy encouragement and inspiration for finding your own authentic decorating style? You don’t have to have a big budget, be able to recreate someone else’s style, or even live in your dream house, you can get started creating a beautiful home that is unique and authentic to you right now!

I started The Inspired Room in 2007 with a passionate belief that everyone deserves to have a lovely home. And yet I feel our homes won’t and shouldn’t look the same, so following someone else’s idea of what is beautiful can frustrate us or easily lead us astray. Their style or suggestions, however great they are, might not be right for you or for your home, your unique circumstances and lifestyle or your budget. Reading some decorating magazines or even blogs can be discouraging when you realize you don’t have the budget or the house or the time (or the special lighting and cameras!) to pull off that look!

We are all at different places in our homemaking journey, but once we are able to fully embrace where and who we are at this moment, we can begin to find and enjoy inspiration everywhere and apply it to our homes.

That place of contentment with where we are, combined with a desire to make it our HOME in spite of whatever challenges we have, is where the journey to an authentic home begins!

When you finally decide to set aside excuses (My home is too small! I’m in an apartment! I hate my carpet! I don’t know how to decorate the right way! I don’t have enough money! We are moving in two years! Things aren’t perfect so I can’t do anything! What if I make a mistake? I don’t like my furniture!) and let your life inspire your home, your home will in turn inspire YOU. You’ll be much more content within your own four walls and you might even fall in love with the home you have, whether it is your “forever home” or not!

So for five and a half years, I’ve been writing about this very topic here on this blog. I’ve been sharing ideas, encouraging women along the way to embrace the home they have, to really LOVE where they are right now, and to create a style that is authentic and personal.

To further help encourage you along the journey to finding your authentic life and style at home, I’ve put together a new gallery of “Decorating Style Tips” posts, all from the archives of the The Inspired Room! I’m so excited about this gallery! It will make these posts so much better organized and easier to find!

Hopefully these posts will encourage you with doable ideas, inspiration, easy decorating tips and a new way of thinking about your own home. You can do this!

I’ll continue to add new and older posts so the content in the gallery will always be evolving and hopefully inspiring.
You can find my other growing list of decorating galleries (including my homemaking & organization tips gallery and seasonal galleries!) through links in my sidebar!


To find the Decorating Style Tips Gallery, just click on the previous link or on the image above and the gallery page will open up so you can select the posts you want to read!