Friends, I need your help!

Friends, I need your help!

The Homies are here! Apartment Therapy hosts a fun blog contest every year called The Homies!

Last year I was thrilled that The Inspired Room was listed in the top 12 in Home Design Blogs. YAHOO! That was so exciting and such an honor for me! Thank you to everyone who made that happen! The Homies is a really fun way to find new blogs in many categories, so I encourage you to check it out!

This year I was only added to the voting list late yesterday afternoon (sadness, I guess there was a technical glitch since I was nominated at least a day or two prior) so I didn’t get much of a head start on receiving votes. But that’s OK, it isn’t too late to vote! It just means I could really use your support now to catch up!  There are incredible blogs on the list so I am honored to even be mentioned in such fine company.

So if you are inspired by The Inspired Room blog and want to help me out, I’d appreciate your vote so much! You can vote in the Best Home Design & Inspiration category. You do have to log in to vote (to prevent voting fraud),  but they won’t spam you and it is really easy to scroll down to find The Inspired Room and click VOTE. 

Thank you for your support, it really means the world to me that you come here every day and read this blog!

Enjoy all the amazing blogs on The Homies this year!

Friends, I need your help!


  1. Done! voted for you.. all the best :)

  2. I will definitely vote! Love The Inspired Room.

  3. very happy to help you in this endeavor bc your blog is inspiring to me!

  4. I love your blog. The homies are always a great chance to get inspired and find new blogs to follow. You have my vote!

  5. Voted for you!
    do I get to vote again tomorrow? OR is it a ONE time deal?

    best wishes to you!

    • Hi Pat! Thank you so so so much. One vote per person but if you show your family my blog and they like it they can vote too ;-) Seriously, thank you!

  6. Voted :) Good luck to you!!

  7. Voted! Hoping the very best for YOU!

  8. My vote has been placed for TIR (2 years in a row)! Good luck, inspiring friend!

  9. Good luck, voting for the Inspired Room enjoy your blog.


  10. Just voted for you =)

  11. Colleen Sullivan says:

    Nominated you ( oops you were already there and I missed it because… it doesn’t list the blogs in alphabetical order!) and then voted for you once I found that you had “already been nominated”!

  12. I went over and voted for you because I like you, your blog, and of course Jack. Good luck!

  13. I voted!

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