That Awkward Moment

That Awkward Moment

This is totally me. HAHAHA!
Anyone else?


  1. Ha! Love it. Happens to me every day :)

  2. I ALWAYS assume I must be forgetting something if there is a pause in my day. I think I need to embrace those pauses and be present in the moment. Tough to do. But so necessary.

    • That is so true, instead of worrying about what we should be doing to fill in that moment it would be best to just embrace it — even if we did forget something we were supposed to be doing :-)!

  3. Oh yes! I can totally relate.
    Oh wait…there it is again. I keep having a re-curring awkward moment!!!


  4. Had my mini melt down based off of this feeling last night :) It was quickly treated with chocolate lava cake and red wine! lol!

  5. This is me every time I feel like I’m having free time — love it!

  6. Salam to all,
    For a first time commenter I want to be in agreement with all of you kind ladies but I would not be telling the truth. See, as a Muslim , we have to pray five times a day so what happens is that you finish one prayer and you start thinking of the next prayer (time) . I guess you’re in perpetual rememberance !

  7. happens all the time, and I can’t enjoy the moment because I am too busy worrying about what I am forgetting.
    But I also have the opposite happen–I enjoy a moment of free time, blissfully unaware that I am forgetting a dozen things…

  8. Don’t forget the panic that sets in with the “What should I be doing?” moment. Cause there’s always something.

  9. Forgetting something used to really bother me, now I just chalk it up to mom-brain and laugh it off. This happens ALL the time. Unless it is really important I consider it a blessing and I must have needed a mental break :) I love this, pinning!

    xo, Tanya

  10. So funny, This happens to me ALL the time :)

  11. I have the worst memory, so I am constantly double-checking my calendar. When I don’t, I invariably miss appointments. You’d think reminders from my smartphone calendar would work, but sometimes even that hasn’t helped!

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