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Funny Easter Picture & For the Love of our Pup, Jack

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Easter, Jack

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Funny Easter Picture & For the Love of our Pup, Jack

I‘m just popping in for a few quick updates and a little news, including some exciting news about Jack!  First of all, I’m glad you enjoyed the tips on organizing children’s rooms, I’ll share the picture I featured in that post in another post soon, so that so many of you asked about (the one with the bus) can see it better! I don’t have the art source but maybe it would be a good DIY.

Tuesday I’ll be sharing my kitchen reveal! I’m so excited to finally be done, so stay tuned for that! And now for some fun news about Jack and then a funny (but unrelated) Easter picture….

Funny Easter Picture & For the Love of our Pup, Jack

I know you all love Jack. Because you love him, you might be excited to learn he is in the final match up to earn the title Pup of the Year! He’s made it through several rounds of voting and now it is down to these two cuties, Jack & Hugo! It’s a tough competition! But how can you resist Jack’s smile? haha.

Funny Easter Picture & For the Love of our Pup, Jack

Jack has been a huge blessing to us and brings so much joy to others, I would love for him to win the honor of Pup of the Year.  You can vote for him easily under his picture on Facebook with the “FINAL ROUND” title. Voting ends Sunday night.

But either way, whether he wins or is runner up, he is a wonderful pup and I am so thankful for how many friends he has. If you haven’t read his blog lately, he’s had some very funny posts. You can find his blog here and his facebook page here. My favorite recent post is the one about an incident with his toy, Big Red. 

Funny Easter Picture & For the Love of our Pup, Jack

And lastly, a friend of mine shared this hilarious picture of her twins with me and said I could share it with you. It was all fun, smiles and waves at the bunny — until they realized they were SITTING on HIS LAP. HAHA! Things went downhill from there.

Her kids are so cute! I posted this on FB and we are getting such a kick out of it I know you’ll love it too (shared with permission, of course). Someday these two sweeties will laugh about it too, I’m sure. It is a classic.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family, and are as aware and grateful as I am for the meaning and significance of what happened that Easter 2,000 years ago.


  1. Grace

    That photo of the twins is hilarious. Who knew the Easter bunny was that terrifying?

  2. Susan

    Poor twins…hope they don’t have bad dreams about the Easter Bunny!! Voting for Jack :)

  3. Joni Webb

    i voted!
    omg- jack has the cutest smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Beverly

    Go Jack! Happy Easter to you send your family, Melissa.

    Darling photo. You should share it with us at our Easter Pink Saturday.

    Looking forward to the final reveal.

  5. Johnna Fussell

    I think your dog is wonderful and would like to have one that big but am afraid Rascal (long haired doxie) would try to eat him up. As for the bunny pic, my grandson at age 4 had his pic taken w/Easter Bunny and said to me,”Grandma there was someone in that bunny”. When I asked him how he knew that he answered, “Well, I could feel him”. LOL

  6. Jennifer

    Cute babies and dogs all in one post! We have our own funny crying pics with the Easter Bunny, but nothing like that, lol. Could Jack be any happier? :)

  7. Sophie

    OH those dogs are just too precious I love the doodle though he is charming! That E.B> picture is way to funny they look like they can’t get away fast enough LOL!

  8. Manya Greif

    Hope Jack wins, he’s adorable!!!

  9. Marla

    Say Melissa, I have to say some of Jack’s pics make me think of Bear in the Big Blue House. It’s gotta be those big eyes – you just want to love on him! LOL!


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