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Spring Style: A Dash of Inspiration

by | Apr 24, 2013 | HOME & GARDEN

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Spring Style: A Dash of Inspiration

{Spring Decorating}

1. Ikat Appetizer Plate 2. Do the Dishes Tomorrow Tea Towel 3. Stoneware Serving Bowl 4. Dipped Bamboo Kitchen Spoon 5. Batik Kitchen Towel Set  

This post is sponsored by Target. Welcome to Threshold.
A new line for house and home.

Please, for the love of all things SPRING, why am I still seeing snow in some of your pictures on Instagram? If you have snow on the ground right now, I’m so sorry. Don’t be too jealous — we’ve had absolutely GLORIOUS weather the past couple of days. We are soaking in every ray of sunshine.

Spring Style: A Dash of Inspiration

After being vitamin D deprived all winter, the warmth of the sun is SUCH a welcome feeling. The sunshine and budding trees tell us SPRING is really and truly here! Bring it. I’m soooooo ready.

So, let’s get inspired by a dash of spring style today, shall we?

Spring Style: A Dash of Inspiration

I’m extra excited about spring decorating this year. Maybe it’s because my kitchen and pantry are finished and I can finally think about accessories and having fun with the decor. YAY! Remodeling is fun in its own way, but it is nice to be to the point where I can update the look with just a few dollars and no sawdust. Right? That’s the best.

One of the things I like about my kitchen’s generally neutral color scheme for the cabinets and walls is I can mix things up by adding a dash of seasonal style with colors and accessories. That is what makes decorating so much fun for me, being able to embrace an ever evolving style and color palette.

Spring Style: A Dash of Inspiration

I am especially drawn to happy bold colors and fun items for the kitchen right now. As part of my personal spring therapy, I’ve been wandering the aisles of Target on a regular basis, just to see what inspires me!

I get so excited when I stumble across something that speaks to me. Not literally SPEAKS to me in an audible voice of course (don’t worry, heh heh), but maybe a color that draws me in or grabs my attention in some way.

Even just one new item can refresh my home with a new color or look that will energize me for spring. I’ve been especially impressed with the new Target Threshold line of products! Oh my goodness, have you seen them? So many wonderful things! If you haven’t been to Target lately, you are going to LOVE it! I’ve been collecting a few new pieces here and there over the past few months.
Spring Style: A Dash of Inspiration

Adding a pop of spring color to my home is truly like therapy for me, a happy dose of color or pattern mixed in among my neutral dishes always makes me smile.

Spring Style: A Dash of Inspiration

I love the thrill of bringing home a cute new hand towel, maybe adding a pretty colored spatula or mixing spoon to my collection, or setting out fun colored bowls for serving and entertaining in spring. It’s the little things, right?

Spring Style: A Dash of Inspiration

This dining room is not mine, darn it, (picture is from Target) but I adore the combination of orange, yellow and blue dishes with the rustic table. Mixing and matching spring colors with beautiful textures really creates the lively and modern but still classic and refined style I want for my home this spring.
Spring Style: A Dash of Inspiration

I started a Pinterest board of some of my favorite spring decor items called Spring Style: A Dash of Inspiration. Maybe you’ll find just the inspiration you need there to add some new spring colors and fresh decor to your own kitchen or home!

A little dash of spring color is just what the doctor ordered after a long gray winter.
What are your favorite colors or patterns this spring?
I’m crushing on corals, yellow and blue right now. How about you? 


  1. Tanya

    I really loves those spring colors too. They just make the table pop with color. I love added new hand towels that go with the new seasons. It changes up your kitchen just a bit and freshens it up just enough.

  2. Anne

    Turquoise and azure blue for me, please!

    • Melissa

      Oh so pretty, I love those colors!!!

  3. Nayana

    I really love that ikat plate and fun dish towel…dish towels changing with season and festival always brings new color…

  4. Sandra

    I have a love affair with dishes. I’m embarrassed to admit it but it’s true…and I need those bowls!

  5. Michelle

    These are so lovely. I love this dish towel and the bowl. Love the freshness!

  6. Gina

    I love that line, too! I’m so tempted every time I go (which, let’s be honest, is like every week.) My instagram followers are probably tired of all the tempting stuff from Target that I can’t help but share – haha!

    And. Those aqua dishes? You know they’re right up my alley :)

  7. Emily

    Oh how I LOVE the Threshold line!! I have several of those items you showed in my kitchen too and they are some of my favs.

  8. Shelley

    IN LOVE with all the awesome goodies Target always has to offer! Thanks for pointing out all the great stuff that I sometimes miss! Great post!!!
    Now I’m off to snag a few of those fab jars. Eeek!

  9. Beckie

    I am so with you Melissa. Every time I roam Target I will be drawn to certain pieces and I look at the brand and it always seems to be Threshold. They definitely are spot on with their trends for sure!

  10. Katie

    Agreed! I was just there on Tuesday and wanted everything…they have some really great door mats/area rugs as well!

  11. teresa

    I have to say again….I love your kitchen. Love pops of color….any color =)
    Love all the inspiration you share!
    Happy Day

  12. Pam

    Oh my what goodies you’ve found! I’ll have to go check out that ombré velvet pouf, let’s hope it repels dog hair, ha-

  13. Diane

    Except for tempting me to “do the dishes tomorrow” I love it all!! Great color combos all year long, actually.
    I gravitate towards new dish towels. What is it? It’s like they call my name the minute I walk in a store with a small stack of them.

  14. Cristina F

    Love your new kitchen, it gives me so much inspiration. I’m re-doing my 70’s style kitchen next year and our tastes are very similar. Also my kitchen layout is almost identicial so I’m really soaking in your ideas. I would never have thought to leave some open shelves but I love the way it looks. Love your color scheme too. I just painted my entry way a similar gray (owl grey from Benjamin Moore) and I love it.

  15. Mimi

    I love your pinterest board of new products and those napkins are really lovely. Thanks for sharing .

  16. Samantha

    I would like the do the dishes tomorrow towel…that is how I feel about my whole house :) I need some color after our dreary spring! GAH, it’s been snowing for weeks here in Colorado

  17. Marlene


    Great post. I absolutely love the new threshold line. I look at it all everytime I go, which is a lot. Honestly, I’m there at least twice a week. My kids and I can’t get enough of Target :) And your new Pinterest board is great. Love it.

  18. judi

    I just picked up the #5 towel set at target a few days ago. LOVE the coral and it really caught my eye as I am working on some shop décor to add COLOR to some bland areas. plan to use the towels to make some pillows for a vintage navy blue settee with wood trim. i’m with you about neutrals and adding pops of color…and I generally am not one to lean toward the coral! maybe its the long dreary winter we’ve had in the NE…definitely ready for spring and its finally on its way.

  19. rebecca

    I haven’t stepped in Target since Christmas. I’ll go check it out. Could use a little spring pop o’ color!


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