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{Spring Cleaning} 4 Secrets for a Cleaner House

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Domesticity, Organization

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{Spring Cleaning} 4 Secrets for a Cleaner House

Spring Cleaning

I love having a clean house. I’m more productive, much happier and all around everything seems more awesome when my house is clean and free of clutter.

I know a disorderly house might not bother everyone, but truth be told, MY stress levels go UP when my house is a mess. I feel more anxious. I’m less fun. I get overwhelmed and can’t focus. When mama is feeling crazy, nobody’s happy, right?

Does that mean my house is always clean? HAHAH! No. Not at all. I’m not obsessive about housework or organization. I can actually tolerate things not being perfect. Happy chaos is fine with me day to day. That’s just reality for me, we are busy like everyone else.

But somewhere in there is the sweet spot of having a clean, fairly orderly house that inspires me to be at my best in other areas of life, without having to be obsessive about housekeeping.

I want to be able to focus on OTHER THINGS in life, so keeping our house in “reasonably good order” is part of how I can function to run my business, volunteer at church and MOPS group and spend time with my husband and kids and am free to invite others into my home without needing months to prepare for guests.

How to Keep Your House Clean

I have four “secrets” that help us keep our home clean.

And no, sadly for me these secrets are not  a team of housekeepers or professional organizers! Hahah, although I would not be mad to have a few of those to help me out. I’ve considered having housekeepers someday, not for the every day stuff I can do myself, but just for some more major cleaning of showers and stuff I don’t like to do! But for now, my husband and I are our own housekeepers and organizers!

I’m sharing my 4 housekeeping secrets today in a spring cleaning article, so head on over to The Decluttered Home to read about how we keep up with our home!

PS. I’ll be sharing more secrets to organization next week on the blog when I reveal HOW I remember what is in those baskets we talked about last week in my “How I Organize My House” post! I haven’t forgotten!

Happy spring cleaning!


  1. KMP Modern

    I clicked over to read your 4 tips, and I completely agree with them. One of the most important things is having a place or home for each item. I hate items, especially toys, that turn up anywhere and everywhere. But I still think having that full-time cleaning staff would also do the trick!

  2. Karen Albert

    Off to see your tips and learn from them!! I am the same way as far as getting stressed when things get out of hand.

    PS I am having a Paris Book Giveaway!
    Art by Karena

  3. Lisa

    I feel like my house needs to be clean before I can do anything else. If the floor is dirty or laundry hampers are full, I can’t get my nails done. If the fridge isn’t clean, I can’t go grocery shopping. If I haven’t wiped down every surface and cleaned the toilets, I can’t call to schedule my tax appointment, lol. These are examples of my weird problem. When my house is kept clean and organized, I can then organize life outside of home. That’s just the way I am. So I completely understand about your stress levels. :). I’m off to read your 4 tips. I’m always open for ways to improve. Afterall, the sooner the house is clean and neat, the sooner I enjoy life.

  4. Diane

    I hear you!! Clearing the clutter clears my mind and allows me to focus. We’ve got to live in our house and we do. But, if a friend calls and says they’re in the area….I don’t want to have to do a ton to get ready either. Now if those three cats would just quit shedding and leaving litter through the house. Yeah! A girl can dream!

  5. Amy

    I think it’s funny because when I have friends over they ask me how I keep my house so clean. Despite the tumbleweeds of cat/dog hair floating around or the shelves that obviously need dusting – I tell them that getting rid of the clutter was the most important step. After graduating from college I moved around a lot so I kept my possessions to a minimum. I also don’t buy a lot of little trinkets. I have enough to move around the house or rotate out, but not so many that it’s difficult to store them (one small plastic bin for every day stuff – and another one for holiday decorations).

  6. Mimi

    I learned just a few years ago that tips 1 and 2 were the foundation of keeping a house clean. Makes it easy too. No more dashing around when people drop by unexpectedly searching for places to stuff things. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Jennifer

    I’m not obsessive about a clean house because there’s no way I could take care of three boys, work and write a blog if I were! I do love it when my house is clean, but it’s not always feasible. Having a place for paperwork, bags, shoes, etc. keeps it from looking as messy as it really is. It also makes it easier to jump right in and sweep the floor when there isn’t a ton of stuff piled on it.

  8. Kristina

    I’ll never forget your “cleaning frenzies”! My husband and I have implemented that concept to get the job done quickly!

  9. Sarah - Art of Decor Blog

    I totally agree. I just cannot start thinking unless I get the house clutter-free and everything in place. That just makes 50% of the cleaning.

  10. Christine Ellingson

    oh no, I think you need to redo this post on your own blog, I tried to look at this post tonight and your friend’s blog (and your post) no longer exists :-(


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