Beautiful Family Home {Weekend Dreaming}

Beautiful Family Home {Weekend Dreaming}

Beautiful Family Home {Weekend Dreaming}
This house could be my forever home. I love the style, the setting, everything about it (just dreaming of it from the outside, of course)! I think it could be the perfect family home. We would gladly retreat here after long days and build fires in the fireplace. We’d curl up in our cozy living room with stacks of books to read. Then we’d fall asleep to the sound of the crackling fire. Other times the happy sounds of kids and dogs would fill the house. Sigh. I think I would love it here.
What if YOU lived HERE? {remember this is just for fun, so dream big!}


  1. Holy cow! We just bought a house in Alabama that is all siding and we want to incorporate stone. This house IS my inspiration! Love it!!

  2. I’m more of the small cottage type. If that beautiful house was on the beach, then I would love it.

  3. In my dreams this house would be smaller so it is cozy. Then in my dreams, I’d have the room over the garage as my art studio. What fun!

  4. Ohhh! I’d put it right near a Maine lake; preferrably near the coast. Camden would be the perfect spot. We would spend our days canoeing…go into town in the evening and catch a theatre production then eat at a restuarant on the bay. I’d have a housekeeper so I could spend the day with the kids and not have to worry about cleaning (or cooking…we’ll throw a cook in there too). I agree with Grace; I’d have a studio set up so I could create to my hearts content! Warm evenings we’d sit on the porch with a glass of sweet tea and fine conversation. Ahhhh….

  5. This house belongs on a beautiful lake! If I lived here I would be living my dream, so I would definitely had someone who would clean it for me, and I would have a huge master suite with a seating area and a two walk in closets, one for me and one for him. We would have an awesome great room where the whole family had a place to do what they wanted but we would still be in the same area.

  6. That is indeed a beautiful house. Remember though, it’s not where you live, but who you live with that really matters!

  7. I would put this house on a lake, and have a pontoon boat to cruise around on. I would have a LARGE dining room for dinner parties, a LARGE basement with bar area and HUGE closets. Of course at my advanced age I would need a cleaning lady:):) Thanks for the dream………….

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