Small Cottage with a Tin Roof {Weekend Dreaming}

Small Cottage with a Tin Roof {Weekend Dreaming}

Small Cottage with a Tin Roof {Weekend Dreaming}

. . . . .
…I think this would be such a peaceful little house to live in. I’d grow my own vegetables in a backyard garden, we’d have cute chickens running around, and I’d grow herbs in the kitchen window.  We’d spend summer evenings outside by the fire pit listening to crickets, gazing at stars in the dark sky and telling stories. Yeah, I think I would be happy here.

Now it’s your turn. What if YOU lived HERE? 


  1. I would curl up in a hammock and read a book. Love this cute little spot!

  2. This is a beautiful cottage and has alot of great windows. I would make a huge lavender garden and enjoy the lovely smell of the flowers.


  3. If I lived here, I wouldn’t mind if it rained because the sound of the rain on a tin roof would lull me into a restful afternoon nap before I went out to play in the garden after the rain passes.

  4. Oh, so lovely! Not sure what I would do first, but whatever it was it would probably be outside.

  5. Built in window seat in that upstairs window = reading nook for curling up with coffee.

  6. That upstairs dormer would be my knitting/sewing room!

  7. I would turn off the phones, computers and TVs and simply enjoy the peace and quiet for as long as possible

  8. This is actually my dream house. I can’t wait to find the perfect land to build something exactly like this. Very modest and so beautiful.

  9. Adorable house!! I love it!

  10. Ditto the things you said! I would also have a garden party because it wouldn’t be hot and steamy like it is here. I would linger at the kitchen table by the window with a cup of coffee chatting with my sweet neighbor, and later in the day, I woul cook dinner with my kiddos in the cool kitchen with a big island and marble countertops. :)

  11. If I lived here, I’d live happily ever after. A house such as this (in Vermont) has been my dream house since I can’t remember when. Thanks so much for sharing!

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