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Kitchen Organization {My 5 Favorite Tips}

by | May 30, 2013 | Decorating Inspiration, my house, My Kitchen, Organization

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Kitchen Organization {My 5 Favorite Tips}

Do you love an organized kitchen? I’ve had some small kitchens in my day. One of my kitchens was so tiny that we kept most of our bulk pantry canned goods, extra pans and bakeware in the basement, there just wasn’t an inch of room to spare in the kitchen! But I’ve always found it a fun challenge to see how organized I can be in spite of any challenges.

I am not an obsessive organizer, I just like things to be easy to find. I especially like to be able to open a cabinet and not have everything fall out on my head. Life is stressful enough without those kinds of calamities in your kitchen. Right?

If you are getting injured, muttering a few choice words while looking for things in your cabinets, or you have to buy duplicate items because you can’t find what you have, it’s time to get your kitchen under control. 

Due to a few requests, I will be taking pictures of the insides my kitchen cabinets and drawers at some point so you can see where I keep stuff that is hidden behind closed doors, drawers and baskets. I know inquiring minds like to know.

Meanwhile, I’m sharing 5 of my simple and affordable tips for an organized kitchen today over at The Decluttered Home! Come on over!

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