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My girls and I are working on a starting a new gallery wall for the family room, I’m so excited about how I think it is going to turn out!

We lined up all the frames on the floor as a first step to figuring out what we want it to look like, and then next we will add the art. I think it is going to make a big impact in the room and be a great conversation piece since all the artwork is from an adventure to Europe! Definitely some great memories going up on the wall and out of the dresser they’ve been sitting in for years! YAY! YAY TO FEEL AT HOME HERE!

Remember this stairway gallery wall? Every day I see it as I go up and down the stairs — still LOVING IT!

This is the part of decorating I really love, working on the smaller details of a room to pull things together a little bit more. I enjoy being able to focus more in areas that never felt quite right to me. I feel so much less overwhelmed in my house these days since we did so much work last year to update everything, now I’m really to the fun part!

Besides working on the gallery wall, if you are using your super sleuth eagle eyes, you might notice we’ve also changed slipcovers on our Pottery Barn sofa! See?

Changes can throw a whole new and unexpected twist in a room but it is fun to see how a room evolves.

You’ll get to see more pictures of most the recent updates around our home at the Summer Tour of Homes, visit Shabby Creek Cottage for more details! Lots of bloggers involved so it should be a REAALLY fun day! Mark your calendars!

Meanwhile, you can visit my general house tour pictures right here, or get inspired for your own projects via my How to Decorate series.

Tomorrow I should have an update on my entry makeover, so check back later for that post!

Ch ch ch changes are happening, little by little around here!

What are you up to this long holiday weekend? Any fun projects?


Plant SOS! My Fiddleleaf Fig!

Plant SOS! My Fiddleleaf Fig!

Ok, popping in with a crisis. Pardon my terrible cell phone shot but this is a bit of a plant emergency and I didn’t have a chance to take pictures today — so this random one will have to do for now.

Sorry to jolt us all back to ugly reality after that perfect GORGEOUS COTTAGE FARMHOUSE post, haha, but we need to get over it and move on, right? Or, no. I don’t want to move ON. I want to move IN. Gah. I might have to repost the pics again later just so we can stare at it some more.

But meanwhile, back in the real world….my PLANT! MY FIDDLE LEAF FIG!

Plant SOS! My Fiddleleaf Fig!

Remember my beautiful fiddle leaf fig?

I mentioned when I posted about it that it had a few brownish edges on the leaves and you all had great advice. I decided I must be overwatering so I cut back.

Wellllll, I thought I was getting the hang of it and the leaves were looking better. It even started getting lots of new bright green leaves! I had visions of it growing bigger and stronger, and then…..

And then, lately there have been MORE brown edges, brownish STEMS and the leaves are DROPPING to the floor.

EEK! I’m killing it!


Should I move it to more sun? More water?  I have not been overwatering it so that cannot be it. Am I under-watering now? OY, I need help.

Why can I not keep a plant alive when I love them so much? Sigh.


Plant Killer