Out & About: June

Out & About: JunePhew! I cannot believe June is over already! But the great news is we still have a nice long summer ahead! Good-bye, June! It’s been fun.

Favorite Instagrams

(from @jacktheinspiredgoldendoodle or @theinspiredroom)

Out & About: June


My Favorite Project in June

Out & About: June

How to Make a Lamp


Favorite Pin 

Out & About: June

Caitlin Wilson via The Inspired Room Pinterest

Summer Inspiration

– 4 Delightful Ideas for Summer Bliss

– Resources for Setting Up a Backyard Cinema 

– White Chocolate Coconut Mousse Parfait via Erica’s Sweet Tooth

Fun Summer Family Activity – Scavenger Hunt


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  1. You do have a most sweet looking and photographic dog.

  2. Aw man..forgot all about the Google Reader shut down! Guess I need to get busy with changing over to something else. I agree with Joy. Jack is precious and VERY photogenic!

  3. I love your round ups! So much pretty in one place.

  4. Ugh…love these colors!

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