10 Great Mudrooms

10 Great Mudrooms
10 Great Mudrooms
10 Great Mudrooms
10 Great Mudrooms
10 Great Mudrooms
10 Great Mudrooms
10 Great Mudrooms
10 Great Mudrooms
10 Great Mudrooms
10 Great Mudrooms

I have a crush on mudrooms.

Which one is your favorite? :)

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10 Great Mudrooms

10 Great Mudrooms


  1. I like the second one it makes more sense to have dark paint as opposed to white. Hides the mud that most real mudrooms get as well as gives the “room” a cozy feel.

  2. LOVE the color of #2 (Traditional Entry by Philadelphia General Contractors Greenable), but love the layout of #5 (Traditional Entry by Gaithersburg Home Builders Finecraft Contractors, Inc.).

  3. We were just talking about mudrooms around here yesterday! Now that everyone’s in school and it will start getting cold, we need to get our winter gear in check…I think, with four kids, we need something like the lockers — one for each!

  4. The the second one down is my favorite. Love the wall, the non-white wood, the flooring. It shows that you can utilize a lot of storage space in a smaller entry area. Love it!

  5. You had me at sliding barn door :-) !!

  6. Love the gray one with the atone wall. They all have their plusses.

  7. though they are all simply gorgeous, that second one really hits it for me….dark putty paint and that stone wall? delish!
    and it’s not only beautiful but totally functional since it’s got everything: shelves, hooks, and cabinets

    I’ve been gathering materials to transform a huge long wall where our garage comes into the house…going to be board and batten and hooks and shelves galore! can’t wait to get started

    thanks for sharing all of these wonderful options, they’re all inspirational.

  8. Jake's a Girl says

    Love them all!

    Jake’s a Girl

  9. I guess I like the ones that will work the best in my own home! #3 and #8 have good, simple finishes and lights and functionality for a home with 2 people. I like them the best!

  10. Susan Patteson says

    These mud rooms are lovely! That said, sadly, with all that white or light paint (excluding the single one in a natural finish) none would not stand up to the actual “mud” of New Hampshire or our snowy winters! Too much MUD, will show! The mudroom in our 1812 farmhouse, is always getting a beating from whatever the cat, dog, chicken, teenager, kiddo, snowy booted husband or weather drags in. I’m in constant battle with the mud room here and just painted the walls deep navy, previously sky blue, previously white! Now what do I do with the decorator white trim? Still shows the dirt! Guess I can be happy I have less to clean. Painted the door red!

  11. Found #3 on Houzz. It’s a lovely farmhouse, and the kitchen is pretty too!

  12. I’ll take any of them! The first thing I would build in a new house is an amazing mudroom. I have a mudroom wall in my laundry room, lol. I don’t have room for the kids’ shoes so those have to go on a rack in the garage just outside the door. Eh, at least the floor doesn’t get dirty.

  13. My absolute favorite is #6 with the ladder. There is so much storage, I love the slate flooring, the pendant lights are gorgeous and the peachy ceiling surrounded by all that molding is a fabulous touch. I also really love the contrast of the white builtins with the espresso stained bench seating and ladder.

  14. While I love them all, I have to stay focused and think “small”- so I’m picking the simple hooks on a wall!! HA! We just purchased a new home, and there is no true mudroom. We have to steal from other spaces in the home to create an area for our kids to remove wet, snowy boots and have places for their school belongings. My husband found an area in the garage, and there could also be potential in the laundry room. Your blog has great ideas that we turn to often.

  15. I like the one with the sling door best.

  16. So much of home organization is infinitely easier when there is so much ROOM. It almost doesn’t require imagination or creativity. I don’t have room in my 1925 house for a mud room. So I have to think differently and more creatively. And I have to relax about seeing soccer shoes in the kitchen. Limiting my external square feet can expand my inner life immeasurably.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  17. I love the 4th one! Sometimes I think mudrooms can get too “cutesy” but this one is a great mix of traditional and contemporary. And very functional! :)

  18. every house should have one of these fabulous mud rooms. Love them all. Pinned.

  19. I would take any one of those! We sort of have a mud room — it’s where you walk in from the garage — but it’s not super big – but we’ve done our best to make it work. You sure found the best ones though — keeping them in mind for next house! lol

  20. I agree with Genny…each of them is functional & beautiful!
    Of course, in our house, our ‘mud rooms’ consist of a) front entryway the size of a cracker (NOT the cracker box), or b) garage door into laundry room followed immediately by another door (picture a submarine passageway). So our famly entryways could fit – numerous times – into any one of the given mud room beauties above.;)

  21. Its tough to pick a favorite., they all are fabulous. I like the idea of having a ladder attached to get the hard-to-reach spots.
    Have a great weekend.

  22. I think they’re all great, but especially love the 5th one with the chalkboard!

  23. I really like the one with the individual cubbys and the chalk board. I love that room!

  24. These are all lovely! #6 is very classy. We are building our retirement home and downsizing. While we don’t need a mudroom for weather or kids, I am going to have a decent size one just inside from the garage with mostly built in storage cupboards for overflow from the kitchen, seasonal storage, whatever doesn’t fit in the main part of the house. With only the 2 of us, I will have a few hooks for a jacket and hat and something beneath for shoes. Instead of cubbies I would like an antique or just painted bench. I/ve never had a mudroom while raising kids but can’t wait to have one now.

  25. Oh, now you have me dreaming of a mudroom! I like elements of #4 and #7 but would be thrilled with any of them! A friend with a dreamy farmhouse just re-did her mud room in black, white and red – adorable!

  26. All, save one, could benefit from boot trays. None are suitable for my lifestyle so I’m not really a fan of any of them…not enough space to hang coats, hats, gloves,scarves, work boots,dog sweaters, towels etc. When holders are stacked a-top each other, everything is going to fall down…these mudrooms look very pretty but also pretty non-functional for my real life.

    I do like the sliding barn door, next to last photo, and will use that in my next house…what a great security feature!

  27. #2 and #4 for sure.

  28. What a great and beautiful collection of mudrooms. They all have great features that suit the needs of that room very well. Thanks for sharing!


  29. My God, I need a library ladder in every room. Thanks for this great roundup!

  30. Lovely mudrooms. I enjoy looking at them and sadly, I don’t have one. If I did though, I would put a Dutch door in. Love that one.


  31. I live in Brisbane, Australia – we have absolutely no use for a ‘mud room’ – i wish we did, it makes me think of snow, seasons and foreign countries!
    love number 2 and the barn door!

  32. I definitely want a mudroom with a bench in our next house. It may have to be combined with the laundry room. Those who have mentioned that dark colours are more practical have a good point. These are a great inspiration!

  33. Wendy Johnson says

    All lovely but I have to laugh , some of them are as big as my livingroom….how did I ever raise 4 kids without a “place” to put those things? lol

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