Happy Halloween from Jack & Lily

Happy Halloween from Jack & LilyHappy Halloween from Jack & Lily

I die.

HAHAH! Lily is a COW for Halloween!

This is what happens when your youngest son is thirteen.

You start dressing up your dogs. I might need intervention. And my dogs might need counseling.

You can go see Jack’s commentary and his costume, over at his blog.


  1. Adorable! Our dog is dressing for Halloween too! She’s a “hot dog”! The kids (trick or treaters) get such a kick out of seeing her in her costume — just have to do it — it’s a sickness you know! lol

  2. They are just too sweet! Adoring the cow costume! Happy Halloween Melissa!

  3. bahaha HOLY COW! so cute I love it, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Oh my goodness….Lily is the cutest cow ever!!

  5. We had a puppy with bat wings. And yes, the kids loved it, especially the little girls. And he loved them!

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