Beautiful White and Gray Kitchen

Beautiful White and Gray Kitchen

Beautiful White and Gray Kitchen

Beautiful White and Gray Kitchen

Beautiful White and Gray Kitchen

I might be just a wee bit biased, but I do love a gray and white kitchen. White is always a beautiful and classic choice, but there is something I especially adore about a white kitchen when it is paired with a lovely gray. I really like how the gray and white combination complements both silver and gold finishes, too.

And how about that floor tile? Gorgeous, right?

Here is an interview with the designer Caitlin Wilson.

Designer Caitlin Wilson, Photography Annie Schlechter photos via House Beautiful

Beautiful White and Gray Kitchen


  1. BEAUTIFUL! That gray is perfection (I’d love to know the color), and that floor – oh my goodness! I am a smitten kitten!

  2. Tara Croker says

    Do you know the name of the color used on the fridge cabinetry? It’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks. Great post!

  3. I totally agree! Love the white/gray combo, especially those charcoal cabs. The herringbone pattern porcelain tiles are high on my wish list!

  4. I love white and gray kitchens too. White is so clean looking, and some of the grays out there are just beautiful.

  5. I was thinking that all white and and white and gray kitchens, while beautiful, were becoming a little overexposed. I’ve seen a lot of them in magazines and blogs lately. But maybe that means they’ve gone beyond trend and become classic, the “little black dress” of kitchens.

  6. My dream kitchen…..just stunningly beautiful! Melissa, how is your BM Advance paint holding up on your kitchen cabinets? I used BM Satin Impervo Waterborne (Advance was not on the market when I began painting), and I feel like I have to ‘baby’ them (they are white). Thanks!

    • Pretty good! Our edges do chip sometimes on certain cabinets, but we aren’t very careful and bang stuff into them all the time (and by we I mean other members of the family heheh). It has held up perfectly on our trim and elsewhere in the house, it looks gorgeous still! I do love it.

  7. That’s just gorgeous! That floor totally draws my attention. And the lighting, and the cabinets, and the marble backsplash…. all of it!

  8. I love the gray. The kitchen looks clean and inviting. It’s perfect! Thanks for sharing. I’d also like to know the colors used if that can be found out. Victoria

  9. I am in love with that kitchen! Just gorgeous!

  10. The floor is amazing! If you click on the link to the interview with the designer there are sources listed near the bottom of the page, also, the slideshow lists paint colors for cabinets (BM Silhouette) and walls (BM Revere Pewter) :)

  11. Definitely gorgeous. What gives me the most hope about my own kitchen from this beautiful makeover is the exposed cabinet hinges. They are not totally exposed like mine are, but it makes me feel like I can achieve a better look than what I currently have by painting out the cabinets in white and gray.

  12. Lovely. Beautiful. And mostly serene. I love white kitchens and gray is a wonderful companion. Someday.

  13. Chloe Crabtree says

    Beautiful kitchen! I would love to have this kitchen. The gray is so rich and I love the floor! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh my gosh – beautiful! I am currently renovating my kitchen and we’re going with a white and gray look (with potentially dark stained brown as well for depth). But these pictures make me want to keep it just white and gray – the kitchens are stunning! Thanks for posting, I needed this today! :)

  15. This kitchen is beautiful. Love the combination of gray & white cabinetry and the tiling behind the sink all the way up to the ceiling is so unique.

  16. This is absolutely gorgeous. Lots of great ideas. I love the cabinets especially and the kitchen. Thank you.

  17. The flooring is absolutely to die for! I just love the herringbone pattern.

  18. All white home decor is like dreaming, although it might a little hard to maintain cleanliness, but it’s well worth it ;)

    New Post up…

  19. Karen Russo says

    I once had a gray and buttercream kitchen….loved it.

  20. Melinda says

    I am smitten with this one!

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