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{Inspiration} A Simple Whimsical Christmas

by | Nov 19, 2013 | Christmas, Christmas Decorating, Decorating Inspiration, Holidays

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{Inspiration} A Simple Whimsical ChristmasThe Yvestown Blog

{Inspiration} A Simple Whimsical ChristmasDottie Angel

{Inspiration} A Simple Whimsical ChristmasBy Fryd and Country Living

{Inspiration} A Simple Whimsical ChristmasDottie Angel

So, it’s only like 35 days ’til Christmas.

Have you started getting ready for Christmas yet?

{Inspiration} A Simple Whimsical Christmas


  1. tina

    No, ours do not go up till Thanksgiving weekend. I host Thanksgiving and do not like to jump ahead. LOL


  2. Catherine

    Not being native to the US, Thanksgiving is a bump in the road on the way to Christmas! I am saying that with NO disrespect for the Thanksgiving tradition. Mentally though my brain is already on the Christmas train. I am only holding off on the decorating because I promised my soon to be visiting niece we would decorate together. Otherwise it would have been all systems go around here already! I am satisfying myself with making decorations and other things in readiness.

  3. Lorrie

    Nope. I like to start Christmas decorating the beginning of December – maybe stretching it to the last couple of days of November if I have to. But I’m thinking about Christmas – gifts to make, celebrations to plan, and a heart to prepare.

  4. Sandra Mosolgo

    Thanksgiving is too important to be ignored in favor of shopping. We decorate after Thanksgiving.(not turkey day)

  5. Linda@Creekside

    Yes, Melissa, believe it or not, we put the candles in the windows a few weeks ago and decorated our tree this past Friday night! My husband figured we were going to be in/out so much over the holidays, and what better time than a wide open Friday night with nowhere to go! I figure we’re the only people in NY to have a tree up in the middle of November …

    Anyway, after years of using only unbreakables to decorate the tree, we figure the grandkids are old enough now to enjoy my grandma’s ornaments that hang on this year’s tree instead of seeing them stashed in big ol’ jars. You can see what I mean in this post from last Christmas –

    I am lovin’ those sparkling white lights reflected in the orbs of every vintage ornament I could lay my hands on.


  6. joan

    I love Thanksgiving. but this year I must plan early for Christmas. In addition to my immediate family, I am shopping and wrapping for my home bound 92 yr.old mother. She needs gifts for 35 people. She says “I can’t eliminate gifts for children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and their spouses”? So… off to the store (or web) I go.

    At times like this I appreciate that my Christmas tree is stored and fully decorated. I began this tradition long ago when I had several surgeries within 2 months and was recooperating during the holidays. We just need to carry it up, unwrap the large plastic bag, and use the bag as “fluff” under the tree skirt. It works well for us. We always have a beautiful tree by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. I especially love the lights and they are turned on from dusk until the end of each evening.

  7. Jennifer

    I had a great start on Christmas until last week when I worked way too much for a part-timer. I’m almost done with the gifts and my tree is halfway decorated. I’m crossing my fingers I don’t get called in to work this week so I can finish up! I’m hosting Thanksgiving as well so I’m only decorating in the great room area right now. The entry and dining room is still done up for fall and Thanksgiving.

  8. Luisa

    Working on it…one tree at a time! I usually don’t start this early, but being 7 months pregnant I tire easily. So, instead of doing it all in one weekend I am slowly chipping away at it :-) Beautiful inspiration you’ve shared!

  9. erin @ House Envy

    Love these clean and crisp holiday rooms. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Shannon [Our Home Notebook]

    Thanks for the Christmas decorating inspiration! I really love how simple and beautiful that first photo is. We’ll be starting on decorating in the next week or so (it’s easier here because Canadian Thanksgiving is earlier then yours so we only have Christmas to focus on now). And lots of Christmas shopping is going on now too :)

  11. Miriam

    I enjoy your blog so much…yes and no….I am so in love with Fall and Thanksgiving (grateful spirit all year, strive for…)
    Yes,I shop and pick up gifts throughout the year when I see something someone in my family would like. So I go to the shelf and organize and than make a further list….but no, I don’t decorate, listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving…I also leave up my decor until a week after New Year’s….so love the object of our worship: Jesus!
    I am one of those few women who hate to shop unless I know exactly what I want to get, except for TJMaxx, when my children were small I would shop out of the Penny’s catalogue and my husband would pick up the order! They are all grown and we have 12 grandchildren so needless to say, have lots more to do…would love to simplify their gifts, each year we struggle with that aspect of giving…..


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