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A Blue Phase

by | Jan 22, 2014 | Color, Decorating Inspiration

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A Blue Phase

via Pottery Barn

I’m definitely in my blue phase.

And not just because it’s January, dark and depressingly dreary out.

{Although I could definitely use some SUNSHINE right about now.}

I just like BLUE.

Especially blue and white.

And I love this chair, it is inspiring me to recover my old dingy off-white wingback.

* * *

What color phase are you in right now? 



  1. Beverly

    My parents wore me out on blue because they loved it. Now, I do have a bit of navy blue in a few places.

    I admire the use of blue in many designs, but I know I only need a bit to make me happy.

  2. Kay

    Blue, please! I swooned a little when I spied the cover of my latest Pottery Barn catalog!
    I love mixing it with red, + my go-to neutral is gray.

  3. Kristen

    I’m in a blue phase, too. It’s a classic color and I find it easy to decorate with. It doesn’t scare me like some other colors – it doesn’t feel like that big of a risk and I’m not a big decorating risk taker!

  4. Becky

    I got all fluttery when I sped that chair in the Pottery Barn catalog as well. It’s classic and a perfect shade of blue. I’m not typically a fan of blue, but this chair is drool-worthy!

  5. Val Frania

    I’m definitely into RED! My kitchen and living room are accented in red, with browns and white as main colors. But I do love that Pottery Barn chair.

  6. Faith

    I’ve always been a fan of blue. Fancying myself to be a person of good taste and up to date on what’s “in”, when I saw a few years back the words written by an interior designer that blue was not a color one should use in their home – ever, I was crushed. Therefore I now have little blue, my favorite color, in my home; I shouldn’t have listened. That was before TIR, but thankfully now I hear you say, “be intentional, use what you like.” Gee, if I only had time and budget to paint the walls and make a slipcover for the green couch or wingback! Thanks for sharing the PB inspiration!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ugh, I do not like when designers say stuff like that. When anyone is emphatic about what should or shouldn’t be in someone else’s home it drives me nuts. It is our home :-) …

  7. Anne

    Always blue and white with a little turqouise and a touch of gold!
    And white tulips :-)

  8. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

    My big ole farmhouse has enough rooms, the entire color wheel can, pretty much, be used. My focus is on paring down more than building up. I’ve used denim a lot and never get tired of it…that chair is grand.

  9. JennyBC

    Love that chair. I am a fan of blue and white, timeless, classic and yet fresh. I have two wingback chairs in my den and was looking just the other day at blue fabrics to recover them. I want a deep indigo color. After seeing the Pottery Barn catalogue, I’m inspired to proceed. And I totally agree…use what you like…what makes you happy. You live in the house…not the designer.

  10. Melissa@TheChicDream

    I am loving blue too! I always have but in the way of aquas and soft blues. Right now I am feeling dark cobalt with emerald green, gray and, black.

  11. Laura Toller Gardner

    Yellow and turquoise!

  12. Sherry@The Impatient Remodelers

    That’s funny that you should write this post.
    I am slowly putting blue back into my home. I recovered our dining chairs in solid navy fabric. I bought a blue pinstripe duvet cover for our bed too. My son loves navy in his room. And now my almost 4 year old daughter has asked for navy in her room as well. I think it looks great with her turquoise and pink things too!
    I have wanted to re-paint my kitchen a very light blue (like YHL) too!

  13. Brindusa

    That armchair looks lovely!

    Colors… Years ago I was in a very red phase! :-) Then I transitioned to a more orangey shade, and now I’ve gotten to a combination of green (but not just any kind of green) and rusty shades… :-)

  14. Cynthia @herlovelynest

    I’m never far from blue! It’s always been my favorite color and is all over my house and closet. Though I adore all shades of blue, I naturally lean more toward the smoky blues. I love it mixed with white, gold, silver, copper, you name it.

  15. Mary Jane

    I love blue too. I have had it in my bedroom for years, currently the indigo color that Pottery Barn is showcasing. I love it. I am moving into a beautiful house in a couple of weeks that has the walls of the bedroom painted a dark purple or eggplant color, which is pretty, but it’s the first thing I am going to paint when I get there. I am keeping the blue and maybe adding some new accents. I’d like to use it in other areas, but I’ve been on a red kick for years and have a red sofa that’s in good shape and was quite expensive so I think I have to stay with the red, but tone it down a bit with other colors.

  16. antiquechase

    I love the deep navy and I just don’t know how to really add it to my house.


    Melissa, I pretty much use the same colors all the time. I might add a bit more of one over the other, but for me it is a shell of creamy maize with blue and whites, black and whites and green and whites. I will throw in an occasional pink or yellow to pump it up a bit. I think for spring I might add some yellow/pink. I am with you on the blue and white, love it and always have. I am one happy gal since I got back my blue and white ticking sofa, now life feels better around the old home!!

  18. Karen on Bainbridge

    There is no color combination that is as timeless and classic as blue and white. I, too, seem to enter and blue and white phase right after the holidays. I think it’s a cool and streamlined combination, probably what we all crave after the riot of color that is Christmas and New Years.

    I am in love with that Pottery Barn chair…the last thing I need is a new chair, however, I saw that in the catalog and was ready to pack my bags and move to Pottery Barn to live….permanently.

  19. Justme

    Melissa love the blue phase however my couch
    Has little blue so I put a blue afghan to pull out the colors I want.

  20. Tanya

    I love that chair too! right now I am really into greens. I seem to be painting everything in my house green right now..

  21. Marie @ Holly Crescent Cottage

    I love blue too, but I’m in an orange-y phase right now. I bought a beautiful terra cotta colored chair at the Salvation Army for $40 – practically brand new! It brought a much needed pop of color to my neutral/blue living room and I’m having fun adding bits of orange here and there to tie it all together. I’ve never had orange anywhere before, except for the shag carpet we had at home growing up (yuck), but I’m really loving it. I should try something new more often!

  22. Alice @ What I Really Wear

    Love that chair! I actually have a couch that matches it with the nailhead trim. Blue is one of my favorite colors though I find that I don’t end up using it much in decor (other than the couch). I should remedy that!

  23. Kathy M.

    I’m in the blue phase too! I was in the green phase for years, and still love it. But I’m leaning more toward blues and navy with my recent decor, with hits of green to tie in the rest of the house so I don’t have to redecorate every room at once!

  24. judianni

    Oh Melissa, you always have the most beautiful ideas!! I had never used blue in my 40+ years of loving and feathering my nests; however, in the last couple of years I can’t seem to get enough of all shades of blue from the palest robin’s egg blue, bright or light turquoise, into deep cobalt shades! It’s a new love affair and I can’t seem to stop being amazed by how beautiful blues are!! A satisfied goodbye to my former browns, greens, rusts, and assorted harmonizing shades. Just give me grays and blues now!!!

  25. Patty

    I too LOVE the color blue, and I’m so pleased to see this chair as I’ve recently had two slipper chairs that I had been dragging around with me because I couldn’t bear to get rid of them recovered in a beautiful dark blue linen. I had the skirts removed and changed out the legs for turned wooden legs… What a difference.

  26. Candice Wright

    Blue is definitely making a comeback. Navy is slowly becoming my new favorite neutral along with grey.

  27. Felicia

    Definitely blue. With yellow in the kitchen, with coral in one BR, with red in another, and teal in he other. Blue is my go to color.

  28. Lynn

    I love blue. I have to, it’s my maiden name! I love blue and white and yellow. I live in a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath cottage. My living room is a pale yellow – just like butta. My kitchen is a shade or two darker with creamy white cabinets, black countertop and blue and white toile curtains. My two bedrooms and bathroom are different shades of blue; periwinkle in one, blue/green/gray blue in another and the bath is sort of a baby blue? and will eventually have either beadboard or board and batten on the lower and the blue on the upper. Love blue. Peaceful, restful and happy.

  29. Kristi@Chatfield Court

    I love that PB chair. I have never really decorated with blue, I’m a green girl, until I moved into my house last July. I changed out the greens for navy and white, with a touch of yellow, and I am loving the change. Yay for blue!

  30. Kathy

    I have so much yellow, white and green…I’ve been adding or switching out with rose and blue the past few weeks. I’m finding the blue so “clean” and I like how it works off the yellow. The rose is in a room with pale yellow walls and dark green carpet…its like addinf the flowers :)

    • Helene

      Blue and yellow are at opposite ends of the color wheel so they compliment each other beautifully. Your house sounds so pretty!

  31. Jean Kronzer

    I am finding myself leaning towards grey. I can’t believe that, since I’m a shabby chic all white with touches of pink and aqua girl………but soft grey seems soooooo yummy right now. Maybe it’s all this cold in Northern Minnesota!

  32. Margaret Ryall

    I am usually a lover of purples, blues and greens but for some reason this year I am attracted to red. It started with blue red but now I am seeking out orange reds. It is a colour I use quite a bit in my art, but not in my home decor. I’ve decided to answer the call. Anything works in my very neutral soft white, soft gray spaces.

  33. teresa

    I have always loved blue…sea glass blue anytime =)

  34. Susanne

    I am in the same color mood as you are. I have been drooling over PB’s new items. I also adore the blue ticking stripe pillows, duvet cover etc…..

  35. Tamela

    I am incorporating the color blue but more on the blue/turquoise side. I am also adding in some pops of purple or violet as my splash of color.

  36. tara

    we just bought the blue and white bedding from PB..quite a splurge but it’s so beautiful.
    we stashed cash away until we could re-do our bedroom bedding, and we have NO REGRETS.

    loving that chair, too…it’s beautiful.

  37. sandyc

    Missed this post the other day – don’t know why it didn’t come up. I’m definitely a green girl but it’s a yellow green that makes my heart sing. It’s a new realization, really over the past year, but I’m still loving it. Never been a lover of blue per se but during my teen years when everything was blue and green, my mom recovered a bedroom chair in the most gorgeous blue & green geometric pattern that I dearly loved, I do enjoy some of the lovely blue & green dishes I’m seeing for summer, and I actually have some aqua and orange red working with an antique blue old secretary in my guest room. And the Pottery Barn indigo catalog was quite sophisticated and classy.


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