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7 Ideas for Creative Master Closet Storage

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Decorating Inspiration, Organization

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7 Ideas for Creative Master Closet StorageDIY Jewelry Storage via Whippy Cake

Along with the craft closet we are planning for our guest bedroom, we want to tackle our master bedroom closet this year.  I’m REALLY excited about it!!! I have a kind of small walk in closet but it is seriously lacking in personality and could use A LOT more function. I’m starting to gather inspiration to get a better idea of what I want to do!

Here are 7 creative ideas for master closet storage (that I plan to use!):

1. Add charm and personality. 

When it comes to cleaning and organization, I do not do well with boring normal spaces. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I need personality in a room in order to care enough to clean. I’m weird. So I’ll be all over anything I can do that is a bit out of the ordinary and fun, but still helps me to be organized. I love that jewelry board, above, because it is not only so useful but it makes a great artistic statement against the wall. If I can create a charming closet on a budget, I’ll be a happy girl.

7 Ideas for Creative Master Closet StorageBHG Closet Organization

2. Tuck creative storage in small spaces.

I love these cute little drawer systems (I’m guessing you could find something like it at IKEA) for organizing accessories. They would really bring so much more practical storage to a small awkward space. I will be on the lookout for creative ideas like this to maximize our storage in small spaces.

7 Ideas for Creative Master Closet StorageBHG Basket Organization

3. Find ways to organize and contain items by activity.

I absolutely function most efficiently when I can grab what I need to head out the door, cozy up in my bed to read, or work to take downstairs with me in the morning.  I don’t like to search for stuff. I keep tote bags with books, magazines, notebooks or quiet time activities to take with me when I think I’ll have a few moments to myself. It saves me time. I would love to hang hooks for several more of my cute bags and use them to organize all my on the go or type stuff or even nighttime stuff like fuzzy slippers and cozy robes or old sweaters since I’m apparently a grandma who gets cold easily. Plus, baskets double as cute decor! BONUS!

7 Ideas for Creative Master Closet StorageBHG bedroom storage

4. Find additional storage alternatives in other rooms.

Because we never have enough storage for both of us IN our master closet, I will be utilizing our bathroom and bedroom and possibly another area of our house for extra storage as well. A dresser as a nightstand in a bedroom is a great double duty solution for storing clothes that don’t fit elsewhere! I also love baskets with lids tucked in here and there!

7 Ideas for Creative Master Closet StorageBHG Closet Organization

5. Hooks, hooks and more hooks.

Could there be any more useful invention than hooks? I think not. I’m planning to go crazy with the hooks. Everywhere. And while a hook all by itself might not really be all that creative of an idea, when you tuck them in here and there for jewelry or scarves they not only make the most of unexpected space but they make it look really pretty too!

7 Ideas for Creative Master Closet StorageLucky Mag

6. Think outside the expected wire shelves.

I don’t really love the usual wire shelving (although that is of course what we have right now). I prefer to find more unique or eclectic ways to organize stuff if possible (remember my pantry?). I love this little bookshelf turned purse and tote storage and will be definitely thinking along those lines for my own closet!

7 Ideas for Creative Master Closet StorageBHG freestanding closet

7. Freestanding closets.

We’ve had a freestanding wire closet and shelving unit with a cover like the one above (we got ours at The Container Store years ago) forever. Sometimes you just simply don’t have enough closets, especially in an older house. We used it for everything from our girls’ clothes when they were younger, to a craft closet in two houses, to space for extra coats. Right now our freestanding wire closet is in our garage holding all our extra throw pillows! You can find freestanding closets on Amazon, too.

We also have a large armoire in our bedroom which can hold quite a bit of extra stuff so it too will likely be part of our organizational plans. I love organizing in creative ways so I’m really looking forward to my projects this year!!

7 Ideas for Creative Master Closet Storage

Do you have an organized master closet?


  1. Linda@Creekside

    mmm … gotta love those labeled robin’s egg blue drawers!


  2. Heidi

    My closet is in desperate need of a complete and total overhaul. Right now I keep all of my clothes in a separate room and my husband has full reign of our master closet. That is going to have to change at some point! Thanks for all of these tips.

  3. Casey

    The jewelry storage at the very beginning of your post is amazing! I have been trying to figure out a way to store my jewelry out in the open so I can see it, yet that is pleasing to the eye… perfect!

  4. lisa

    so many great ideas! my closet needs some pretty :)

  5. Carole H

    I love all the storage ideas, especially for jewelry. My next project is to repurpose an old wooden lamp into a stand to hang necklaces with a spot on top for bracelets. I’ll let you know how that turns out! Thanks!

  6. dawn

    I absolutely love all of the organization systems you’ve chosen especially the first one. What a neat piece. I also love the little drawer system. I have a small master closet as well and would love to make it pretty and more organized. This post has been very inspiring.

  7. Luisa

    Oh man! So many great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing this inspiration.

  8. Rosemary Foreman

    Love this….very timely! I have a big walk-in closet, the entry door is a sliding gold-edged mirror (dated) closet door. I have clear bins all along the top shelf, but need personality, more light, more hooks, and more organization….all the bins match and contain stuff…but just can’t SEE everything. I actually just wear the same old things, since I can’t see all my options! I’ll sure be watching your project!

  9. sandyc

    Melissa, sounds as if you have my “walk-in” master closet – you walk in, reach out and grab in any direction, do an about-face in place and walk out. Additionally I have one of those old 1980’s vanity areas off the bedroom with storage only under the sink and that horrid dropped counter space with open area underneath for the vanity bench, too low so slip a cabinet underneath and too dark and claustrophobic to want to stack cabinets on top. Right now I’m using a couple of white plastic drawer systems stacked just inside the closet for all my toiletries, etc. Love the blue drawers and crave the Stanton 6 + 1 drawer system or similar in white – available at Home Decorators Collections (
    but way expensive for me, even on sale. Apparently they do have the system in blue and in darker wood as well. I’m still thinking on the under-the-counter thing but a narrow, shallow free-standing cabinet with doors behind the bedroom door will work for a linen closet. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll be eager to watch it come together for you and for me..

  10. sandyc

    Sorry about the blue – on Amazon’s site it shows the cart in blue from Home Decorators Collection but don’t find it in blue at their own site – but there’s always paint.

  11. Marla

    My pet closet ‘peeves’ –
    – kitchen ‘pantry’ (8 ft high, 2-doors – 1up/1down, and 2′ d-e-e-p adjustable shelves only 15″ wide), rabbit hole anyone?
    – hall linen ‘closet’ (8 ft high, bifold door, 4 permanent shelves, 1′ wide x 2′ deep. Top shelf about 3′ of storage up behind front wall), how do you spell c-o-n-t-o-r-t-i-o-n-i-s-t?
    – Master linen ‘cupboard’ (7 ft high, 4′ wide x 2′ deep, one upper section with 2 doors, one lower section with 2 doors, 2 shelves per section are adjustable but weigh about 20 lbs. each of white pressboard!) Who owns that many linens to store in their Master Bath??? Would much rather have half this space for linen and the rest for a large tub/shower combo (rather than a 4′ shower with 2 teeny seats).

    Male subdivision contractors need to realize the fact that they need a woman to help them design well planned storage within a home! Also, every home design should be required to pass a rigorous standardized planning review – who wants a main bathroom that’s only 5’x8′? The toilet is too close to the tub/shower for safety and the sink is too close to the door for ease of access. Really people!

  12. Vali

    so nice ideas! :)

  13. Lauren

    Great inspirations! I am tackling jewelry and scarf organization this week. Ready to turn the blank wall in my closet into something beautiful.

  14. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Apparently you’re a cold grandma!?!?!!!!!!
    Congratulations!! I’ve been a bit MIA….so I might have missed the official news. ;)

    Melissa….I think this is the best bit of closet inspiration I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t wait to get at mine. ;)

    Recently I began co-hosting the Project Inspire{d} link party which goes live on Monday nights at 8 ET at It would be so fun to have you come by and link up your extraordinary inspiration!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha, no actually I’m not really a grandma. Or about to be one! Just feeling like one with my sweaters to keep warm, I guess! haha :-)!

  15. Karen Fields

    Creative and fun storage and organizing ideas for sure!! Can’t wait to try a few of these!

  16. Tamela

    Love all your design inspirations for storage. Thanks for sharing. Last year I transformed my armoire into an oversized jewelry storage. It took about 3 days to coordinate everything but it turned out great! I have posted the link to the video tour of my jewelry storage armoire if you are interested in seeing some additional storage tips.

  17. Karen Mary

    Wonderful inspiration! I have to say it’s a pet peeve, though, when closet pictures only include clothing that matches the decor. The BHG closet owner only wears turquoise and green clothing and accessories? Beautiful and inspiring anyway!

  18. Kristi@Chatfield Court

    I have a small master closet so I’m always looking for inspiration for better storage. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

    Melissa, great tips! I love any kind of organization tips. This post was very timely, as I’ll be working on our master bedroom closet soon.

  20. Angie Lawson

    Ok that has got me REALLY excited to go and organize our closet (and pretty much everything else)! I totally understand and agree with you about having more motivation to do things, when we can make it pretty, but still functional. Thanks for the awesome ideas!–♥Angie

  21. Cindy

    We made the white jewelry holder. It was a lot of fun. It took a bit to find all the milk glass pieces but our daughter loved it.

  22. Aalia

    For the bags storage where do you get that shelf and what hooks did you use too?


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