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The Plate Wall

The Plate Wall

 Just thought I’d let you know I finally took down the crunchy Christmas wreath from the dining room.

And, I found some plates to fill in the awkward blank wreath-shaped area on the wall.

PHEW! Crisis averted.

I know you’ve been losing sleep over how I was going to solve that decorating dilemma.


Anyway, I’m making progress on getting back in my groove after the flu!

Yay me!

Carry on.

*For tips on creating a plate wall like this, see the post on How I Hang Plates.

A Blue Phase

A Blue Phase

via Pottery Barn

I’m definitely in my blue phase.

And not just because it’s January, dark and depressingly dreary out.

{Although I could definitely use some SUNSHINE right about now.}

I just like BLUE.

Especially blue and white.

And I love this chair, it is inspiring me to recover my old dingy off-white wingback.

* * *

What color phase are you in right now?