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New Farmhouse Bar Stools for the Kitchen

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Decorating Inspiration, Kitchen Renovation Project, My Kitchen

New Farmhouse Bar Stools for the Kitchen

I‘ve been on the lookout for barstools for my kitchen. While our island doesn’t actually have a bar countertop, we discovered when Better Homes & Gardens was here that the island was actually really comfortable and convenient to sit at with a cup of coffee or while you are chopping vegetables. The stylist had brought in a yellow stool for the shoot and while the pop of color was really fun for photos, I just wasn’t ready to commit to it.

So when I spotted these adorable white stools with wood tops at Target the other day, my cart came to a screeching halt! HELLO, CUTE LITTLE STOOLS!

New Farmhouse Bar Stools for the Kitchen

I knew I would probably want two, but like a dork who never learns her lesson, I decided to take just one home to see what it looked like it the room. And of course, I loved it. What is not to love? Sigh. When I returned the next morning for a second stool, they were GONE. Story of my life.

After searching every nook and cranny of the store just in case and asking the clerk just to make sure they didn’t have more in the back, I immediately went to my phone and ordered another one online. They only came in sets of two from their website, gah, so I now have two more on the way. Which is actually fine, I think the stools will be adorable next to our dish cabinet or tucked here in there just about anywhere. We can just pull the trio of stools around the island when we need them! :-)

They are cute, aren’t they? I still love adding new things to my kitchen! I also found that metal plant stand thing on top of the island at Target, I have some fun ideas for it, too!

Have you found any cute things for your house lately?

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  1. Jill @ Still Keeping On The Narrow Way

    Ooh….those ARE cute!! How did I miss them at my Target? I like the “metal plant stand thing” too! Jack, however, doesn’t look convinced. Ha!

  2. Amy W

    I TOTALLY just bought the metal bar stools from Target AND that metal plant thing, ha! I bought the stools in green though, they were on major sale so I just could not pass them up. So fun.

    • Melissa

      Oh I loved those green ones, so cute!!!! And hooray for the plant thingy!! :-D

    • Martha

      I also grabbed four green ones. I had had my eye on them for a while so figured they must have been meant to be when I found them in the store for 50% off. Love them

  3. Natalie

    Perfect find. Gee I wish Target in Australia had such cute things. Glad you didn’t commit to the yellow.

  4. Courtney @ A Dash of Coco

    I love these stools! I actually saw them at our Target once, didn’t buy them, went back and they were gone. I could buy them online but not for as much as I was willing to pay. So I made over some stools I already had to look like them!

  5. TJ

    Love the stools!! And your new fruit basket! Where did you get that gorgeous kitchen island??!!

  6. Cathy

    I have been eying those stools, they are adorable and just perfect in your kitchen! You won’t regret having 3 either, guaranteed!

  7. Liz

    Love the stools! And the metal stand too! What are your plans for that? I love it, but am not sure how to style it! Would look cute in my kitchen.

  8. Crystal

    Pretty addition to your kitchen! I have a question…is your island as tall as your counters?? Also, we have a peninsula that doesn’t have an overhang but I’ve been dying to get a couple bar stools for them so we can have extra seating. I’ve tried sitting on it with a regular dining chair to see how comfy it is and while my knees did hit the back of the cabinets, I think you can just lean over to drink a cup of coffee or eat. Hmmm?? I am afraid barstools will also look awkward without an overhang

  9. Kay

    Everybody has been buzzing about these stools!
    I wonder if they’re from Target’s new Threshold collection; it really rocks.

  10. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

    They are cute but, imo, there’s nothing comfortable about perching. I despise perching and I despise perching without a stool back.

  11. Kathy

    Adorable! I was just at Target and I know I would have seen those and done a screeching halt too! I don’t think our Target has as good of stuff as others I’ve been in Hmm! Interesting! Can you tell me what kind of camera you use for your pics? They always look so bright & crisp. It also seems like blogs on WordPress look brighter. I’m on Blogger. Any advice? Thanks! Xo, Kathy

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I have a Canon Rebel, I’ve had it for a couple of years. I’m not a great photographer and don’t really know what I’m doing, the it’s been a good camera to learn on!! I’m still figuring out what the buttons do :-) I just turn dials around a bunch and hope for the best!! :) I don’t know if there’s a difference whether you are on wordpress or blogger as far as photos, but I guess it’s possible?

  12. Bex

    I think the cutest thing in your photos is your dog! Love him. My dogs like to sit in the kitchen and help me too, they are such sweethearts.

  13. Lisa D

    So cute! You can always return one at the Target store if 3 is too many! Nice find, thx for sharing :-)

  14. Michelle

    Love the bar stool. It goes well with your island. I do the same thing. I go home to see if something will fit or look right and when I go back it is gone. I did the same thing with the bar stools but in the metal finish. However I did buy the plant stand. I love it. I’m using mine as a coffee bar. It is such a versatile piece.

  15. Sonja Allen

    Love these! Thank you for always being an encouragement to us…even to those of us that just “dream” of having a kitchen like this one day. This spurs me to keep on hoping that when I get to where I need to be financially, I will remember all of your great shared thoughts!

    P.S. And congrats to you & your great Seattle Seahawks on the Super Bowl win!

    P.S.S. In this great video, some of the players share their faith and it looks like they are sitting on stools very similar to yours.

  16. Rondell

    I saw those stools and was wondering if they would fit my bar, looks like I should take a measurements for the next time I’m at Target. They look adorable and the extra will fit anywhere in your home. I didn’t see the
    plant thingy that could be used in so many ways.
    Have a great day!

  17. Emily

    I just took a picture of those amazing stools and posted it on instagram (springhillfarmeg) this morning. We have the same taste…I just love them. I have a taller version minus the wood seat in my kitchen now. I was debating on grabbing one when I was there, but let it go and now like you I am kicking myself.

  18. Shannon [Our Home Notebook]

    They are such a beautiful addition to you space! I have such a hard time deciding whether to buy one to see if I like it, or buy more and risk having to return them all. I always sit there wondering and then end up wishing I’d done the other. You just can’t win :)

  19. Rose L

    I think the stools are really really cute and they look wonderful in your kitchen, Melissa! I love the tiered server as well, it would be really cute on a coffee bar with all the coffee gear in it. I’ve been looking for bar stools too. I’m not sure I would like to have backless stools purely from a comfort standpoint. Perhaps people using them in your home would be fairly brief per sitting? I would have coffee drinkers sitting on mine for several hours at a time. So I’m not sure which direction to go. I’ve never had a bar before so have no knowledge to draw upon. Also I hope you don’t mind my asking but I wonder if you or any of your readers would care to comment on the style bar that you have with the shelves below? I am adding a similar bar/counter top to my kitchen and though I like the idea of storage for larger items below on the shelves, I wonder about how much sense that makes when people will be sitting at it. Do people put their feet on the shelves? Ha! I know that’s seems a crazy question but people do tend to get comfy when they are in comfortable surroundings right? Does it get dusty and dirty pretty fast or does it stay pretty clean under there? My bar will be sitting parallel to the pathway coming in from the back porch which we use exclusively. Does placement in the room make a difference as far as cleanliness goes? I’d love to hear others opinions. Thanks!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room


      Good questions! I probably wouldn’t use backless stools in my situation because our kitchen is small and it would probably just feel a bit crowded to have anything bigger with back. These are definitely more for the perching type, rather than settling in for the afternoon! :-) But they are perfect for visiting with the cook or having a quick cup of coffee. I find I sit there already quite a bit just to chat with people, so SO FAR so GOOD with using them! I suppose for longer than a short visit, I’d be sitting across the room in our comfy chairs.

      People can put their feet on the bars below the stools, or yes, some might put their feet on the lower shelf of our island! It’s so rustic and informal (especially since the slats are stained rather than painted) so it would be totally fine if people did that.

      We don’t put anything there that I expect to keep sanitary or anything. Since they are open shelves and near our back sliding door they tend to do get a bit more dusty than anything across the room would (our cookbook shelves don’t get very dusty since they are further from door). We just use the lower shelves for overflow pans and big pitchers and baskets, our everyday dishes are stored in the drawers nearby. We would rinse things or give them a quick washing before we use them anyway.

      Hope that helps! :-)

      • Rose L

        Thanks Melissa, I appreciate your candid answers to my questions. I love the look of the slats on your bar and I think when I make mine I’ll drill some holes and add a boot rail to mine. Maybe it will help with keeping most of the dirt off the slats. I’ve rearranged my kitchen plans in my head a thousand and twelve times and just can’t find any other place for the bar to go. My kitchen is too small for a table and chairs and we usually use the dinning room for everything but I’d love to have a small area where folks can perch and visit. I’m glad you mentioned chairs with backs adding more weight to a small room. I hadn’t thought of that and I can now see how that would make the room look more closed in. So backless stools then! That helps narrow down my search by quite a bit. Thanks so much!

  20. Melinda@LoveMelinda

    Love those stools! *raising hand* Guilty of buying one of something and going back to get another and they are gone. :)

  21. Susanne

    They are adorable and look great in your kitchen. Your home always inspires me. I have learned from my mistakes. If I really love something and can’t decide whether I need more than one or not I always get the extra, if the store has a return policy where I can get a full refund. Hope you have a nice week and enjoy your new stools.

  22. Glenda Childers

    There is always something wonderful to discover at Target. :)


  23. Judy

    Melissa, Love those cute stools! I looked them up online and found them to be very reasonably priced! Thanks so much for all the inspiration you give. I just love your blog!

  24. Nora

    Hi, Every time I see your kitchen I can’t get over how amazing it is. I found a decorating site that identified top trends for kitchens in the years ahead. You’ve hit on most of them…the tile, the two tone, the open shelving etc. One that I don’t see is BRASS. Now, maybe I’m just showing my age, but I cannot walk down the path of brass… I remember ripping it out of too many places to start putting it back in. No.
    What is your opinion of the brass trend?
    Thanks for your great design posts.

  25. Kristi@Chatfield Court

    Hi Melissa. I love those stools! I bought one a couple of weeks ago when I went in to look for something else. I couldn’t pick it up and put it in my cart fast enough LOL. I’m sure you will love yours, they look great in your kitchen.

  26. Ms. Mike

    Finding just the right stool is always a challenge and you did well for your kitchen. I recently found two stools at Tuesday Morning that I fell in love with and hope at least one of them is still there on my allowance day. They had industrial bases with tractor-type seats, painted in a high gloss red and one in yellow. While I follow several, okay, many DIY/décor bloggers I never hear that you shop at a Tuesday Morning for great finds and terrific inspiration. It’s my go-to place in my neck of the woods.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Tuesday Morning used to be one of my favorite places to shop when I made my rounds back in Portland. But in our area now the Tuesday Morning isn’t good at all :-(. I miss the days of visiting the one we had back in Portland because you are so right, there were some gems there at times!!! I hope you get your great tool, sounds really cute!

  27. Mindy

    The stool is so cute! I often do the same thing – only buy one just to see, or wait and look one more time at home before I purchase, and they are gone. Target is always a favorite for me. My most recent purchase was a, not sure what to call it – ball, orb, bouquet- of oyster shells. We see piles of them near the beach but these were all strung together so nicely and just under $10 at Marshalls. They look great in our neutral living room.

  28. Linda

    Love the stools. I keep seeing versions of them and keep passing them by. Time to stop doing that! They look great in your kitchen Glad you found more.

  29. ashley

    The stools are gorgeous and go along with the rustic look. The white legs create a clean look while the dark wooden seat offers a great contrast to the light hardwood floors.


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