The weather cooled down a bit this weekend and it rained.

And just like that, I got in the mood for fall. I brought out books and almost sat by the fire!


Carry on, sweet summer. See you soon, fall.


  1. Thanks for the post. I love autumn. Beautiful colors, cozy sweaters, putting out extra throws and pillows in the house, what’s not to love?


  2. You and fall go hand in hand, Melissa! It will be here before we know it.

  3. Pleezzzzze. It’s only July. We should have tons of warm weather in our future. I am in upstate NY. Not time for a FALL post!

  4. Oh I am so ready too. It is 113 here and no sign of cooling down. Love your fall vignette.

  5. Patricia says

    What’s on your reading list?

  6. I’m not ready for Fall weather-wise, but I am ready for the changes in decor and colors that it brings to my home.

  7. I’m sitting on the back porch with a tall glass of home-brewed iced tea, reading through the whole series of John Grisham novels. I’m savoring these lazy days of summer, these moments, right here, right now!


    And fall’s the furthest thing from my mind …

  8. I don’t blame you Melissa! Happy Soon-to-be-Fall!

  9. I think many of us got a taste of that summer “Polar Vortex” and it whet our appetites for fall! I purchased a pottery pumpkin at a yard sale!

  10. Karen on Bainbridge Island says

    Don’t say it out loud! Fall is my favorite time of year, but I am so NOT ready for it to arrive. Our Northwest summers are short enough as it is for me to be wishing it away.

    What is it with this wacky wet weather in the middle of July? That never happens, and I want it to go away right now, and I want Mr. Sunshine to come back immediately.

    Oh, and for the record…we almost lit the fire too!

  11. We still have six weeks of summer vacation left here so I’m not ready to hear about fall yet. It is sad when you see the back to school stuff out in stores on your last day of school (before your summer even starts!).

    • It’s good to embrace every moment of the season we are in (whatever they bring, even when I have to bundle up and get cozy in the summer because it’s cold and rainy like today! I love nesting inside on these days and can’t wait to get outside when it warms up again!). I pay little attention to what the stores do or what the school calendar says or what the weather man says! I actually love our weather here all the way through October, I’m glad we have both cool and warmer days for much of the year, just for variety. :-D

  12. I woke up in the middle of the night and heard rain through the open windows. I lay there listening and breathing it in, dreaming of Fall. its been an unusually hot summer in Portland, has it been hot there too? and good news Melissa, I think we’re sending another round of rain your way…this wee storm is crawling northward! enjoy!

  13. Autumn has always been my absolute favorite season and I’m so ready to call it quits with summer. The humidity in the northeast is usually brutal and I just can’t wait for the colorful foliage, crisp temperatures, and giddy feelings I get just thinking about the season. I’ll take sweater weather and boots over flip flops and barely there clothing any day! Also congratulations and best of luck with your book series. That’s such a fabulous achievement and I think you’re living the dream of many bloggers. Hats off to you!

  14. We had some really beautiful weather 2 weekends ago, but the heat and humidity is upon us in Pennsylvania. Fall is my favorite time of year and when the humidity kicks up I find myself thinking about fall, so I’m right there with you. I don’t like to rush things along, but there’s nothing like the change of leaves, a nice sweater, and some coffee.

  15. I wish that we got fall weather here in south Texas. It stays hot here until the end of October! Jealous lol

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