My New Fall Pillow {and a Fall Pillow Round Up}

My New Fall Pillow {and a Fall Pillow Round Up}

One of my most favorite things about Fall is puttering around the house getting everything all cozy! I love making subtle changes that don’t scream FALL but just invite in more warmth. Little hints of cozy colors and textures are making me so happy already this season! It doesn’t take much to feel the changes in a room.

My New Fall Pillow {and a Fall Pillow Round Up}

I was making my rounds to some of my favorite places to shop last week, you know, just in case there was something I needed :) and happened upon this precious little pillow (from World Market)* with feathers on it. I loved that it had shades of blue, but also brown (which I happen to love with blue) and just a touch of rust. A perfect transition to my favorite season.

I knew it had to come home with me (but in my defense before I bought it I texted a photo of it to my daughter Courtney to make sure she agreed that I needed it, which she did ha! Just making sure!). I’m so glad I got it, I could tell right away when I brought it inside that it belonged here. I love it!

Here’s a round up of some super cute pillows I think would be fun for Fall! (PS. Did you see the announcement yesterday about my annual Fall series?)

My New Fall Pillow {and a Fall Pillow Round Up}

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

*This post is not sponsored, but source links are affiliates. The chair is from Ballard Designs, tufted ottoman is from World Market, and the throw blanket is from Target. Thank you!

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Do you change up your pillows (or pillow covers!) in the Fall?


  1. Not the pillows, but I put back the throw blankets that I took away for summer. And bring in candles and fall flowers and leaves :-)

  2. It just so happens that I sew pillows to sell, + just last week, I decided to make some that said “Autumn” without being too theme-y. I found all my burlap bag remnants + went to work! (P.S. Burlap is a difficult fabric to sew!)

  3. Melissa, I love the feathered pillow! I’m not that into fall colors, but having just a touch of the brown and rust with the blue is great.

  4. Gorgeous pillow and such wonderful detail.

  5. I was at those same favorite stores this week browsing fall items and actually stopped in my tracks a moment at World Market thinking one of these days I’m going to look up and see Melissa! The pillow is beautiful (and I missed seeing it but saw other lovely pillows with appliques).

  6. Melissa! Of course you and I picked up the same pillow! ;) Great minds and such. LOL. I found that pillow last week while out with my sister and almost fell over because it was just the perfect touch for fall and the color combination was so pretty and unique. Love your beautiful photos and your adorable post! xoxo

  7. I love, love, love your pillow. I’m going to have to buy one. I’m redoing my office area and the color combo will work well. I’ve also been drawn to feathers lately for some reason. Thanks for sharing! I love your other picks as well :)

  8. Ha! You sound like me when I see something I ‘need’.

  9. I love the color and patterns of the pillows! Great for autumn.

  10. Melissa,

    You’re obviously very creative. Do you have a “craft” space or a messy room? It looks like every room is clutter free, clean and neat. Where do you keep supplies for creating like craft paint, fabric or the like?

  11. I am getting my Fall stuff out tomorrow (finally) and I am SO excited! It’s my favorite season!! I love your new pillow, super cute!

  12. Had to come back to your blog again… is filled with wonderful ideas and fabulous pictures. I too bring in the fall season by using color and texture in my decorative accessories….this was something that I decided to do this fall season. The only place I will decorate using the traditional fall decorative accents will be in my outdoors area of my home. Your home is absolutely beautiful!…Thanks for sharing!

  13. Where can I get #5?

  14. Your new lumbar pillow with that touch of rust and textured feathers is perfect for the season and the setting. The feathers allude to falling leaves and I find that brown and blue is such an elegant colour combination; what a good find! I must admit I have a weakness for pillows and I do change the covers for every season. It’s such a simple but effective way to change the mood and look of a room and to keep the details fresh.

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