Warm & Lovely Coastal Dream House

Warm & Lovely Coastal Dream House

I was sitting by the fire last evening, pretending I had nothing to do (you know when you are REALLY busy but can’t take a day off so you just pretend you have nothing to do? Or is that just me…). I REALLY needed to get some work done.  So naturally, I found myself on Pinterest. And while sometimes I can justify that as part of my job, last night it was just a way to be a work-avoider. Or so I thought.

Warm & Lovely Coastal Dream House
Then, I spotted this lovely waterfront home (via House of Turquoise), designed by the talented Justene Spaulding of JS Interiors (photographed by Trent Bell). There are a lot of houses on Pinterest. A LOT. But every once in awhile I come across one that has something special about it. Something worth taking another look at. This was one of those houses.

Warm & Lovely Coastal Dream House

It’s tastefully done, a beautiful combination of rustic, traditional, coastal and cottage. And I love the color palette in the kitchen and living area (on the ceiling, too!). The water color shades of teals and greens mixed with the dark and lighter woods, white woodwork and beautiful gold fixtures is fresh and pretty but still warm and cozy. My favorite combinations. Love.

Warm & Lovely Coastal Dream House

I adore that rug and the barley twist legs on that cute bench!

Warm & Lovely Coastal Dream House

That cabinetry. The lights. The walls. The wood work. The tub.

Warm & Lovely Coastal Dream House

Of course, I’m all about the planked walls. Mark my words, my house will be all planked some day. Or at least mostly.

Warm & Lovely Coastal Dream House

And so much texture on those floors! Beautiful.

So, I guess that is the hazard of having a job doing exactly what I love. You just can’t stop yourself. Even when you are trying with all your might to be a work-avoider, what do you do? You scroll Pinterest and end up dreaming about houses again. If you want to follow along with my housey pinning sprees, you can find my Pinterest boards here.

Happy Monday, my house-loving friends. Do you find yourself daydreaming on Pinterest when you should be working, too?


  1. That rug is to die for — I love it. I actually don’t know if I’ve ever seen a house with planked walls, but it is gorgeous. It just really makes me think about living near the beach, and living near the beach (in a warm place) would make me very happy, so I guess you can say you made me happy today!

  2. That house IS a beauty (and I want that rug)!

  3. This house is stunning! I love the color combinations like you said! Some of these colors I would have never thought to put together but I love it. It is a very common thing for me to be pinteresting when I should be doing laundry, cleaning the house, making dinner for my husband or something else. However, Pinterest is like a little escape and it soothes me! Thanks for Sharing (:

  4. That bead board + beamed kitchen ceiling rules my little world. I wanted said-same for our house but just didn’t have it in me to push for it. But enough about us. What is everyone’s thoughts about the rustic wood floors? I’m not going to lie — my mind went straight to “splinter” when I spied it. Re: Pinterest. Please. It’s been a godsend for our re-do project + my biz. What ever did we do before? And heck yes, it’s “work”!

  5. Everything about this house it perfect!

  6. So incredibly stunning. The kind of house that leaves you shaking your head, whispering “Oh my gosh.” Love it so much — thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Memories!!! I HAVE seen and stayed in a home with plank walls and I loved it. My mom’s parents lived on a farm near Bryan, Texas in a house my grandfather designed and built from Texas oak. Was quite young when we visited so don’t remember many details, but when my great aunt & uncle decided to stay and farm as well, he built them a similar home and that’s where we visited every summer for a couple of weeks. The house was light and airy and oriented perfectly to the land on which it sat. Big front porch for enjoying summer evenings with a million stars in the sky. Inside, work plank walls in every room, each room painted a very soft pastel color. The floor was oak as well, though not nearly as dramatic as the one in the picture and certainly not polished or coated in any way except maybe some oil rubbed in? (not sure when the houses were built but we were visiting back in the 1950’s and Bryan was just a little farm town back then. We ran around barefoot inside but don’t remember splinters. Can’t compare bathrooms as we had an outhouse and we brought water in from the pump outside. Lighting wasn’t much either. Later, my dad put in plumbing and built a bathroom and also added “real” electricity. Loved, loved, loved everything about that house. A favorite daily event was napping in the middle bedroom in the white wrought-iron bed in front of the windows with soft white curtains billowing in the breeze. In fact, Melissa, it was this memory that you brought forward with your Find Your Style quiz a year or so ago and it’s thanks to you that I made the decision to incorporate that country, cottagey, rustic feel into my sort of Spanish bungalow home here in Sun City West in the middle of the Arizona desert. My memory home was not nearly as grand as the one above and neither is/will mine ever be, but the inspiration is fabulous and I never tire of looking at similar homes. Thanks so much for sharing!

    P.S. I do get hooked on Pinterest too

  8. I wonder how do you hold the boards on the floor. These boards can be applied directly on the tile that already exists in the house?

  9. What kind of floors are those and where did you get them?

  10. interested in more info about the beautiful newel post on stairs. Any suggestions where to find?

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