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How to Organize and Declutter Your Way Through the Holidays

How to Organize and Declutter Your Way Through the Holidays

Think you have to put off your organizing and decluttering until the new year? I think you can make more progress than you think you can between now and Christmas! Find my tips over at The Decluttered Home today!

Two Things to Consider When Buying Home Accessories

Two Things to Consider When Buying Home Accessories

Hello friends! I took a few days off to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. It was so nice to slow down a bit, relax, and eat delicious food, of course. And just for the record, my 24 pound turkey turned out amazing if I do say so myself :). It was perfectly browned, juicy and delicious and it only took a few hours to cook to the perfect temp. Success!

But even though I enjoyed the break, I’ve missed being here and chatting with you! I’m SO excited December is HERE! Yay! Now that I’m back I’m ready to charge full steam ahead into Christmas decorating and all those fun December-y posts (PS. I didn’t finish the last three scheduled days of my Loving Fall series in November as I intended, but this weekend family came first so maybe we’ll just return to that series next year! You all know I love fall enough for all the days so I think we’ll just move on now to Christmas heheheh!).

Two Things to Consider When Buying Home Accessories
Have I mentioned that you are all invited over for a virtual Christmas tour next Monday (SAY WHAT? I guess I need to get busy!). I’m looking forward to cranking up Charlie Brown and decking the halls! :)

But first…as all the Christmas sales are beginning, I wanted to share a few thoughts and tips about shopping for home accessories. When you have limited space for storage and are on a budget for decor, you obviously can’t buy everything you see or love. You have to make smart choices. But it can be overwhelming to know what is worth buying, because there are so many options and fun seasonal decor to choose from all the time!

Here are two questions I ask myself to help me determine what to buy or what to pass on when it comes to home decor:

1. Is this item season-less?

I absolutely always prefer to have decor that is season-less. I don’t have room (or patience) to pack up and store too much stuff, so if I can jazz it up to feel festive this time of year and then de-festive it (is de-festiving a thing?) for the summer months too, I’m more tempted to add that new accessory to my home.

These wood candlesticks are perfect in every season, simply changing the candles to different colors or styles makes them more festive or pretty for summer. CANDLESTICKS FOR THE WIN! Plus, you can buy them today at 30% off with the discount code listed at the bottom of the post!

Two Things to Consider When Buying Home Accessories

2. Could this item go in more than one room or one place in my home?

When I got this fun rustic wood starburst mirror, I planned to hang it in my laundry room. But on its way there, I realized it would also look really cute as a part of my rustic Christmas decor!  Not only is the mirror season-less, but it is versatile too. Instant win. Note: you can order this starburst mirror at DaySpring for 30% off today with the code below!

I’ve talked myself into and out of many home accessories by pondering the answers to those two questions!

Now, with that said, sometimes it’s really fun to find special decor for the seasons or holidays that you switch out to enjoy certain months of the year. I certainly love seasonal things, too! I keep a shelf in my garage for seasonal decor and I’m always excited to bring out the old favorites every year and add them to my old tried and true home decor basics.

So are you doing any Christmas shopping this week?

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Two Things to Consider When Buying Home AccessoriesStarburst mirror // Reversible Table Runner // Canvas Tote // Wooden Candlestick Set

Two Things to Consider When Buying Home AccessoriesCelebrate Cake Topper // The Greatest Gift // The Best Yes // Star Necklace Set

Happy December, friends! Don’t forget to leave a comment to enter the $300 shopping spree!

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