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Decorating with Things You Love

by | Jan 26, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration

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Decorating with Things You Love

Remember how it feels when you first move into a new house and you can hardly wait to put your own stamp of personality on the space? It’s been awhile since I’ve moved but I still enjoy the process of making this house a home, even after living here for six years! Decorating a house with what you love adds those unique layers that turn it into an inviting home, so it’s no wonder I enjoy the process!

Decorating with Things You Love

Remodeling and big room makeovers can be rewarding, but there’s something nice about taking your time and simply adding a few personal touches here and there. I’ve always loved just puttering around the house, trying things in new places, refreshing or styling small shelves, tables or mantels, hanging things up on the wall or adding to and displaying special mementoes or collections. My favorite collections are ones that are of classic elements such as original art, pottery and other timeless pieces. I love adding to a collection over time, it’s a fun hobby!

One of my newest collections is of Polish Pottery. I came across these three pie plates and a mug from TJ Maxx a few months ago. I loved the vibrant color and pattern! While I will say that collecting “things” doesn’t really buy happiness, collecting things that have meaning or even just light up a corner of a home can definitely bring a little extra joy to every day life.

Polish pottery can be tricky to find, but here is a round up of some great online finds below in case you’re interested in starting a Polish Pottery collection of your own!

Decorating with Things You LoveSources for Polish Pottery (above): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

What are some collections or special things you love around your home?

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More Polish Pottery can be found in our eBay collection here!


  1. Christi {Jealous Hands}

    I have a collection of teapots that I absolutely adore! None are expensive, and they’ve been picked up from all over. A few have been given as precious gifts. They aren’t the only collection I have, but they certainly bring a smile to my face! :-)

  2. Pamela liebsch

    I ran into polish pottery while on vacation in northern Michigan last summer. In a small town there was one of those eclectic stores that sold art, gifts, jewelry, toys and had a coffee bar too. They had all these beautiful dishes I hadn’t seen before, which were from Poland. I really wanted to buy them all. Then thought about just the mugs or a few bowls, sadly I couldn’t decide and left them behind. I will be back next summer and this time I will make a decision. Love them!

  3. Renee Murphy

    I love the drapes that you have in your dining room. Where did you get them? The pottery is beautiful and really adds to the room.

  4. Barbara (WA)

    I am especially fond of original art. I have found affordable pieces from time to time and that’s what I prefer for my home. I even have two watercolors I commissioned from a local artist depicting my husband’s family homestead in Minnesota. I can’t afford expensive art but I find things I love on Etsy or in local art galleries.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I love it when I find original art. I have a few pieces I really love and I’m always on the hunt. I either get them for free or the most expensive art was maybe $100, but I know I’ll love them forever!! I love that you commissioned a piece depicting your husband’s homestead. That’s so neat, my wheels are turning now :-).

  5. Ms Maggie

    Just spent the weekend putting up a large vintage Asian silk 3- panel screen hand painted (and signed with script and block!) with a bird singing on a large cherry tree branch behind the cal king bed blackened metal frame at the Island home. It was the finishing (????) touch to the Master. The little bird can now sing us to sleep. We found it at our best vintage furniture mart in Ballard. We used to go there more when we had the boat docked at “BoatsBoatsBoats”. They were glad as usual to see us. Now hubby says we have our HB room with a view! PS Polish small boxes are a sweet thing to add to bookshelves~

  6. Seana Turner

    I so agree!!! The whole point of collecting and buying things is to enjoy them. Get your precious things out, on display, where you will see them and they will make you smile, right? I know someone who has an amazing corkscrew collection (probably close to 700). He just build display racks for them and it looks terrific – unique, significant, and a great conversation topic.

  7. Lori R.

    Try They will send you a catalog. My grandmother came here from Poland so it is my heritage. I love Polish Pottery!

    • Brooke

      Yep, BlueRose is a GREAT source. They’re located an hour away from us so I’ve been several times in person, and they have one of the largest selections in the US. Lots of stuff on clearance, too! Sometimes if you Google “Blue Rose Pottery discount codes,” a useful promo will pop up.


    I am a lover of blue and white and I think your polish pottery is such a nice element in your home, great collection!! Love the way you display your treasures with your own personal touch.

  9. Kay

    I display personal framed artwork, photos, old maps, posters, letters, flash cards, pennants + such. Everything has great meaning to me.
    We made a couple of art shelves out of salvaged wood from the house re-do which is great for allowing me to reorganize + revamp whenever the mood strikes.

  10. teresa

    Love that color of blue…I have a collections of vintage blue Mason jars…even a few purple ones. =)

  11. Christina Rodriguez

    You and I same wavelength! I definitely agree that you should use what you love in your home decorating no matter what anyone else says. I also believe in decorating you home for happiness. It’s true that thins are not what bring us true happiness, but how you keep and decorate your home will have an impact on how you feel. That has a direct effect on your attitude about your life.

  12. Christie

    Where did you buy the metal dining chairs? Thanks!

  13. Trivial Pursuits

    I actually have some new Polish pottery- from a sister-in-law who lives in Europe.
    I do love older pieces, however, and would just love to see the look on my husband’s face when I bring home dishes and announce, “It is pottery! For the wall!” (He already thinks I’m bonkers, this might convince him of the crazy.)
    The blue is absolutely breathtaking. Love it.

  14. Tara G.

    Our artwork is all from places we’ve been. It’s our “story” and fun to have on the wall.

  15. Kristen

    We collect DC-area artwork for our powder room. It’s a nice way to add personality to an other-wise boring/forgotten room – and guests always return from using it with a comment, so it’s a great conversation starter!

  16. Liz @ Infuse With Liz

    I like Polish Pottery too. I have a honey pot and a jam jar that I adore. Your plates look great on the wall- great impact! I’m always putting my stamp on our home- love to move things around and freshen up the look!

  17. Linda

    Loved the blue in this room. The plates you hung look more like pie plates. How did you hang them? I have never used plate hangers. Can they accommodate the deeper dish? Thank you. I really enjoy your blog.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks, they are not the usual plate hangers, they are like a glued on sticker with a hook. I’ll have to show them sometime, they work great for hanging deeper things like these pie plates!

  18. Kristine

    Melissa, I know this post is a few weeks old now, though I had to stop by and comment when I saw that topiary (in the first pic) over on one of your Pinterest boards. I’m sure I have the exact same one! Love how we can live 10,000 miles apart and still share these commonalities :-)
    Love the plates too BTW.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh thank you :) Aren’t those the greatest topiaries? Love that I can’t kill them too ;) Have a great evening, Kristine! Nice to “see” you!

  19. Lisa

    Loved the drapes and the plates, but can I ask where you got the mirror? It really caught my eye :)

  20. Becky

    Hi, this is my first time on your Blog. Love it and I will be back. The Polish Pottery is beautiful. I love your drapes too. It is such a fresh look and so inviting. I love to decorate and I am always redoing things around my house. Happy Spring


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