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A Memorable Kitchen: 4 Takeaway Tips

A Memorable Kitchen: 4 Takeaway TipsLee Ann Thornton in House Beautiful

I love analyzing photos of rooms to notice design ideas and find takeaway tips I can use in my own home. What makes a room memorable? Even if we can’t remodel a kitchen in the same way, the principles we take away can be applied to our own space in small ways to create a memorable room of our own.

A Memorable Kitchen: 4 Takeaway Tips

1. Mix Nature Inspired Colors

This kitchen has a beautiful color scheme. Shades of blue, green, white, gray and brown create a soothing color palette inspired by nature.

2. Pay Attention to Details

The details make this space captivating. The painted wood plank ceiling adds a layer of character. The barstools have great detail like nailhead trim, rattan backs and leather seats. A corbel was added to the island. Design details were repeated for impact, such as the curved open shelf detail on the display space and the curve of the opening into the next room, the double lanterns and double sinks. The island has a lot of detailed molding to give it presence in the room.

3. Focus on Statement Pieces

This room has statement pieces that make it memorable. Two interesting lanterns and the unique sea blue cabinet color of the island make it an unforgettable kitchen.

4. Add Texture and Warmth

Contrasting materials and layers of texture make this room inviting and interesting. The wood, leather, and rattan bar stools add texture and warmth in contrast to the smooth painted cabinets, marble counters and silver tone of the lanterns, sink, faucets and accessories. The dark wood floors, woven accessories, and planked ceiling add additional texture and interest.

Island Paint Color: Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe

What is your favorite design element of this kitchen?

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Decorating with Things You Love

Decorating with Things You Love

Remember how it feels when you first move into a new house and you can hardly wait to put your own stamp of personality on the space? It’s been awhile since I’ve moved but I still enjoy the process of making this house a home, even after living here for six years! Decorating a house with what you love adds those unique layers that turn it into an inviting home, so it’s no wonder I enjoy the process!

Decorating with Things You Love

Remodeling and big room makeovers can be rewarding, but there’s something nice about taking your time and simply adding a few personal touches here and there. I’ve always loved just puttering around the house, trying things in new places, refreshing or styling small shelves, tables or mantels, hanging things up on the wall or adding to and displaying special mementoes or collections. My favorite collections are ones that are of classic elements such as original art, pottery and other timeless pieces. I love adding to a collection over time, it’s a fun hobby!

One of my newest collections is of Polish Pottery. I came across these three pie plates and a mug from TJ Maxx a few months ago. I loved the vibrant color and pattern! While I will say that collecting “things” doesn’t really buy happiness, collecting things that have meaning or even just light up a corner of a home can definitely bring a little extra joy to every day life.

Polish pottery can be tricky to find, but here is a round up of some great online finds below in case you’re interested in starting a Polish Pottery collection of your own!

Decorating with Things You LoveSources for Polish Pottery (above): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

What are some collections or special things you love around your home?

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More Polish Pottery can be found in our eBay collection here!