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Positive Motivation for Decluttering in 2015

Positive Motivation for Decluttering in 2015

So, we are a few days into the new year now! Are you still excited about decluttering and organizing? Or are you a little unsure about the commitment of getting organized this year? Sometimes the best motivation for reaching goals is seeing the potential positive outcomes spelled out in black and white.

Today I’m over at The Decluttered Home sharing some encouraging motivation for how you can get organized in 2015!

Meanwhile, I’m taking down our Christmas decor and preparing a fresh clean slate at my house for all the exciting things to come in 2015. I’ll be back Monday to kick off the first official week after the holidays with some ways to refresh your home after the holidays! See you soon! Don’t forget to check out The Decluttered Home!

Home Goals Worksheet 2015

Home Goals Worksheet 2015

Are you ready to make some improvements to your life at home? Let’s do this! But first, happy New Year to you, friends! It’s time for a fresh start! Are you excited for 2015? Eeek! I am!

As this new year begins (2015? Holy Cow!), it’s a great time to sit down and think through what we really want from our life at home. Where do we want to spend our time and money and effort? What results do we want to see next year when we look over the past year?

I’m a big believer in setting home goals because once you write them down, you can experience a sense of peace and clarity about what your next steps are. And knowing what you are going to focus your attention on brings a sense of relief that those troubling areas, bad habits you have that impact your home negatively, or things that bother us about our homes can actually improve.

We can’t do it all, but we can focus on a few things that matter to us this year and make them better than they are right now.

So, download your Home Goal sheet and start to do some thinking and planning! Then fill out the worksheet (it’s not hard, I like to make things simple and manageable for normal people like me) and hang it up somewhere you’ll see it. If you are overwhelmed with where to start, don’t worry. We can do this together! I have lots of ideas to share with you this year to help you to really love the home you have!

We’ll talk more about home goals and my own home goals soon! Meanwhile, Happy New Year to you!! I’m so excited to hang out with you this year!

If you missed my last couple of posts, I hope you’ll take a peek and join me in the journey to a decluttered and more peaceful home!

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Download your Home Goals Worksheet via the link below (and pin the image above to save it for later or share with others!)

Home Goals 2015 – The Inspired Room