A Warm and Welcoming Home

A Warm and Welcoming Home

You know how some homes feel so warm and inviting and you just want to stay awhile? Sometimes that feeling comes from the way the home was designed, but often the real warmth is a deliberate combination of your attitude and the atmosphere you create.  You can transform the home you have, starting today, for little or no money!

Come see my article from Love the Home You Have on how to create a warm home, and enter a giveaway at the end for a book and one of my favorite mirrors, the Starburst Mirror from Dayspring!

Read the article and find the giveaway here.

A Warm and Welcoming HomePhotos: Jessica Helgerson Design

Click here for the article and the giveaway!


  1. Music! No one wants to be in a quiet dull house. Pump up a little classical music for ambiance and background noise.

  2. Linda Stegall says

    Simple ideas, but ones we forget in the busyness of life.

  3. Love that light and airy kitchen

  4. that is a Real tight space! but wow how they work it! maybe in such a tiny room one would say lose the heater/oven or paint the back wall wood ~ but heavenly that they did not do either.

  5. The picture of the house above is inviting and got a feeling of ” home” for some reason. Plus, the windows, doors, and all of the natural lights give me the love at first sight.

    Went to read your article for GiveAway as well. You are a good writer. Thank you so much for sharing your experience here.

  6. In Montana cold weather season is LONG! To make the house welcoming, I turn on the lamps and the gas stove. The aroma from a pot of yummy soup in the kitchen all add up to “Welcome Home.”

  7. I totally agree! A cozy home can be created just by the layout of the furniture. The ambiance of the room is what truly makes a home welcoming.

    The Office Stylist

  8. That’s a really nice space. Nice lighting, view and atmosphere. And it’s really simple.

  9. It’s so important to create a feeling in your home that’s warm and inviting. This is not only important to guests, but to the people who live there! After a long day, it’s nice to feel completely at home in your own space.

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