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25 Ways to Restyle Your Home

25 Ways to Restyle Your Home

Click on each link below for inspiration!

1) Study a dream house for inspiration

2) Jazz up a wall

3) Create visual flow

4) Consider your fifth wall

5) Create a style that evolves with you

6) Bring in some happy

7) Rearrange your shelves

8) Express your personal style

9) Add pretty storage to the bathroom

10) Reduce visual clutter

11) Add elements of surprise

12) Get inspired by your favorite stores

13) Style the backdrops

14) Get a fresh look with new finishes

15) Create a new landing spot

16) Refresh your front door

17) Update the front porch

18) Decorate with books

19) Do a quick family photo wall

20) Make an inspiration board

21) Dress up your windows with roman shades

22) Rearrange your furniture

23) Add some personality

24) Reflect your surroundings

25) Organize a drawer

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25 Ways to Restyle Your Home

Why You Need to Make Your Bed {Domino Habits}

Why You Need to Make Your Bed {Domino Habits}

Years ago I had a lot trouble keeping my house clean. I mean, A LOT of trouble. I loved my house, loved to decorate, and I really wanted a clean house. I could visualize it in my mind. I knew I would be happier and more productive if I could figure out how to keep up with the house. But I just couldn’t figure out HOW. I was overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS.

Finally, I learned that the secret wasn’t in figuring out how to do everything, it was figuring out how to do the one thing that would inspire me to do the next thing. Forward motion. Once I figured out the domino principle and how to set the dominoes in motion, everything started falling into place.

As I share in my book, my new habits at home all started with making my bed. Every. Single. Morning. If I didn’t make it in the morning for some reason, I made it in the afternoon. If I didn’t make it by bedtime, I actually made my bed before I would let myself go to bed.

Yes, that meant I made the bed and then had to pull the covers down right away and crawl into it. But the “illogical” part of bed making didn’t matter to me because bed making became a non-negotiable for me. It was my reminder that one step leads to another and one skipped step meant the potential of one whole day of mis-steps. Start out the day right and all the right dominoes will fall.

My friend, fellow author and writer at (in)courage Jennifer Dukes Lee had a little lightbulb moment after reading the book. She decided to try out the bed making ritual at her house this week!

I love what she says about how she felt after making her bed (and the other home-loving dominoes that fell one by one around her):

“I felt like a grown-up — a happy, legit grown-up with a made bed, a clean sink, one decluttered cupboard, and a pig on the counter. I felt like a woman who had miraculously pulled herself up from the energy-sucking Bermuda Triangle of Household Chaos.”

via Jennifer Dukes Lee, read the rest of her story at Want to Change the World? Start by Making Your Bed.

Do you utilize the power of daily domino habits at your house?