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Simple Summer Salad {with Arugula, Grapes and Goat Cheese}

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, Kylee, Recipes

Simple Summer Salad {with Arugula, Grapes and Goat Cheese}

Hello! It’s Kylee here today. One of the things I was looking forward to most about owning a home with a yard was being able to have a garden. We have the tiniest little sliver of a yard on the side of our townhouse, but as it turns out, it’s plenty of room for a mini garden! I’ve slowly but surely been planting things here and there. It makes me so happy every time a new flower blooms or a strawberry appears!

A couple of months ago my husband built me a raised garden bed and we planted a few veggie starts. The arugula has really taken off the past couple of weeks and so it has been going in all of the things! I’ve been especially obsessed with making a super simple salad with arugula, red grapes, and goat cheese. I’m not normally a fruit in my salad kind of person, but this combination is just so perfectly light and refreshing that I can’t get enough.

Simple Summer Salad {with Arugula, Grapes and Goat Cheese}




Red Grapes

Soft Goat Cheese

Walnuts (optional)


Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar



I usually just make these individually for lunch and don’t measure anything out. I just combine the salad ingredients to taste and drizzle a little olive oil and balsamic over it*. Top it off with a little salt and fresh ground pepper and there you have it! A super simple salad that totally seems gourmet.

*I like to make things easy on myself by drizzling the dressing ingredients individually right over top of my salad in the bowl. That way I avoid using another dish that I will inevitably have to clean, but if you prefer to have a more evenly mixed dressing you could whisk it all together first in another bowl or make a whole batch to save in a jar for future salads. For this method, typically you would want to mix together an oil to vinegar ratio of 3:1 with some salt and pepper to taste.



  1. mary

    That is one of my favorite salads. Try tossing red grapes in olive oil, smoky paprika and a bit of cayenne and throw on the grill for a couple of minutes before adding to your arugula.

  2. Moriah

    This looks great! And I’m really excited to start working with Michaela. We skype later today. Thanks for the connection from her being a guest blogger here. God bless yall.

  3. Lorrie

    Sounds delicious! Love the bitter/sweet combination.

  4. Krislyn Dillard

    I know what you mean! Having a garden is the best! I have a large yard which has its benefits and downsides (meaning more weeds!). Try adding a little herb seasoning to your dressing. It really adds that little something special. herbs: rosemary, parsley and sage.

  5. LZ Cathcart@ The Summery Umbrella

    Oh yum! I’ve used fruit in my salad before (strawberries and cranberries), but never grapes before. This sounds absolutely heavenly. Can’t wait to try it out :)


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