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Ideas For Making Any House Your Home

by | Feb 27, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration | 11 comments

Ideas For Making Any House Your Home
Timber house in Washington

Man, you guys, MY HEART just about BURST out of my chest reading each and every of your comments on my last post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for going out of your way to offer me encouragement and affirm that I’ve found my people here. It does my heart good to be surrounded by such a lovely group of ladies who are not only kind people but are as inspired as I am by the unique and authentic ways others create a home.

Hearing from you really made me wish we were all neighbors in real life. I really really like you guys. :)

Just a reminder that tomorrow we will be kicking off the The Love Your Home Challenge! Yahoo! Every Sunday for the next few weeks, I’ll post seven simple challenges you can take part in during the week. It’s going to be fun to focus in on some doable projects.

I’m thrilled that so many of you have shared that you are planning on participating, so it will be fun to share photos of whatever challenge we complete over on Instagram (use the hashtag #loveyourhomechallenge) or on Home Love Stories (it is free to join and you don’t need a blog to be able to create posts! Just come share your home or projects with fellow home lovers and we will be there to cheer you on!).

The goal for The Love Your Home Challenge is to have fun and feel accomplished as we make our home a bit tidier, prettier and more meaningful to us and our family.

Meanwhile, if you are in the mood for a little decorating inspiration right now, this post has links to four home decorating articles I wrote this month over at eBay (see below)! Enjoy!

I’ll see you back here Sunday!

Ideas For Making Any House Your Home

Click here for Five Affordable Cures for a Boring Room

Ideas For Making Any House Your Home

Click here for 5 Clever Designer Tricks to Spruce Up Your Living Room for Less

Ideas For Making Any House Your Home

Click here for The 5 Rules for Selecting Paint Colors

Ideas For Making Any House Your Home

Click here for How to Mix Patterns in Decorating


  1. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    Generally speaking, nice people attract nice people…so there you go.

  2. sharon / tpt

    enjoy the mixing patterns bit. so cool how what may seem to invite hayday and headache with patterns galore? -can actually make for the serenest blend and eyerest in rooms. (are those real words? i made up? haha … don’t think so … )

  3. sandyc

    Melissa, what a pleasant surprise to get home on Saturday afternoon and find a post from you. I apologize for not responding to your last two. Had too much going for the first one and then had my response to Negative Nelly all typed out when I got that all too frequent “Explorer has stopped working” message and my words were all for naught. Have to get in the habit of typing my message in Word first and then copying. As far as that negative review, the writer told us more than we ever wanted to know about her miserable self and none of her words about you are worth taking seriously. As others have said, your color palette is not my color palette but I don’t dismiss it because of that – I just say to myself “that’s cool – now if it were my shade of yellow green, it would be perfect in my house”. For me, it’s all about the inspiration you provide every time I read a post. And that’s the other reason I haven’t responded. I’ve been very busy being “inspired”. I mentioned before needing more counterspace, and noting the built-in peninsula in your before kitchen inspired me to create a movable one for mine, and then, of course, I’m so eager to take down the upper cabinet between the sink and patio door, inspired by your after kitchen, and the other night it happened again. The side of my fridge is visible from outside the kitchen and I scored a perfect old country cabinet to sit there and serve as a pantry but the cabinets behind it don’t reach the ceiling and there’s just dark up there and the ceiling is extremely busy. The first solution is to take the cabinets up to the ceiling and who did that beautifully and so simply? Why Melissa at The Inspired Room, of course. A bunch of small cheap display boards from Walmart are filling in for the moment but I’m having so much fun and now on to a plan for the busy ceiling. Thanks over and over again and again.

    Eager to start the challenge tomorrow.

  4. Renie Handler

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post to see what we will be working on as a group! It’ll be fun to all get creative together. :)

  5. Maiken

    OMG that house. It’s perfect. My husband and I stayed in the Irish countryside on our honeymoon in a little cottage and this reminds me of it. Dying to see inside. So pretty.

  6. Donna Gregory

    Are you planning to do an interior tour of the Timber House. I love the outside!

  7. Owl&TheOak

    Thanks for the resources! Great tips for making boring rooms interesting in the first one. I’ve always found that surprising, unpredictable spaces are the most interesting in any house!

  8. becky bautts

    I have a entertainment armoire. When we upgrade our system, I feel certain the armoire will not serve the same purpose due larger, wider televisions available. Any ideas for re-purposing?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I would use it like a blanket chest or even repurpose the inside as a home office or art center! :)


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