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Five Smart Solutions for Streamlining & Organizing Small Spaces

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Organization, small houses

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Five Smart Solutions for Streamlining & Organizing Small Spaces

Small spaces are my favorite! They are cozy, comfortable and practical in many ways. But any home, either big or small, can become overly cluttered and disorganized if you aren’t committed to the process of evaluating what you keep and how you organize the space you have.

Today on Uncle Bob’s Self Storage blog (formerly The Decluttered Home) I’m sharing five smart tips you to help you make the most of any small space—or a small space within a larger home!

Check out the post here!


  1. Kari

    Thanks for the tips!

  2. susan maclean

    When I lived in a small basement apartment for 24 years, I became adept at fitting a quart into a pint pot! Vertical is such a good way of clearing the floor. My OH is great at making things in wood (not a carpenter, but just a very good wood butcher!). I still have in use today a bookshelf that is only 1ft 6inches wide, but 7 ft tall, made then to fit in an odd corner of totally wasted space. Thinking outside the box is something we have always done!

  3. Cindy Hoffman

    Squeezing put for more space is what I love to do once in every few weeks, and it really feels good to get that extra space for playing and just moving around. Thanks for the tips.


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