Dream House: A Remodeled 1930s Cottage

Dream House: A Remodeled 1930s CottageDream House: A Remodeled 1930s CottageDream House: A Remodeled 1930s Cottage

Dream House: A Remodeled 1930s Cottage

There is so much I love about this dreamy 1930s cottage featured in Atlanta Homes

the architectural details

the airy ambience
the mix of furniture
the charming exterior 

It’s inspiring.

Tour the rest of this house here! Enjoy!

The home of Meg and Scott Harrington / Architect: Linda MacArthur / Builder: Michael Ladisic


  1. Gorgeous home! That’s a whole lotta white! So fresh!

  2. Sheila Lovell says

    Absolutely beautiful! I grew up and live in Atlanta and know this area well. I can just imagine what it looked like before. I love that dining room table but it is$5400.00!!! The house is owned by the same people who have a beautiful store in Atlanta so I imagine her price wasn’t that much.

  3. I love all of the classic black and white. Those colors just make everything feel so clean and calm!

  4. It is beautiful, yes, but I’m more inspired by your lovely, normal home. Care to share how your kitchen is prettied while you wait for its updates? Since I rent and can’t do much with a kitchen, I’d love to see your kitchen as it looks right now. ? Of course, I’m excited to see its future updates too!

  5. Thanks for this! Shared with my daughter, who doesn’t know what to do with her first house. I especially like the variety of wood tones and materials in the third picture down.

  6. Rebecca Turner says

    Beautiful! Well done, indeed. I enjoyed this one.

  7. Seems kind of funny to refer to a 3,000 sf home as a cottage when my cottage in the making is less than half that, but then I guess when you’re “downsizing” from 6,400 sf, it’s all relative. It’s a beautiful home, but I’m with Christie – I love the inspiration I find in your real home, your personal take on your inspiration pix and the way you draw us in to share your projects and ours.

  8. What a beautiful house! I’m really happy I came across your amazing blog. Greetings from Finland! :)

  9. What a beautiful home! That porch is incredible!

  10. I can’t even. I mean, really! ♡♡♡

  11. There is inspiration at every turn in this beautiful home! Cottage or a mansion, when it’s filled with thoughtful, personal items and when it’s obvious great care and time went into making it “just right,” this home speaks volumes regardless of size. Thank you for sharing it!

  12. Beautiful home and just loaded with character! However, I laughed when it was described as “small on square footage” since it is twice the size of my home!Your design ideas are much more realistic for us average homeowners. Thanks for the inspiration.

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