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{Inspired By} Outdoor Daybeds

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, Gardens & Outdoor Rooms

{Inspired By} Outdoor DaybedsBHG

I‘ve been in an outdoor daybed sort of mood lately. Not sure what that means, exactly, but I guess it at least means I must be in the mood to get comfy and take a nap outside? Actually, that really sounds good to me.

Today I am sharing just a few images of outdoor daybeds, two hanging and one not, that have inspired me to dream about making my outdoor space extra cozy with a daybed!

{Inspired By} Outdoor DaybedsBHG

{Inspired By} Outdoor DaybedsCoastal Living / Cortney Bishop

On a related note (as I shared on Instagram and might even show you live on Snapchat!) I am delighted to have recently discovered that there are lilac trees/bushes in our yard! One is an ombré purple lilac (basically probably two trees twisted together) and the other is a white lilac.

{Inspired By} Outdoor Daybeds

{Inspired By} Outdoor Daybeds

Both smell divine. I wish these were scratch and sniff, but trust me on it. A nap on a daybed near a lilac tree would be a spring dream. Unless you are allergic to lilacs, then maybe not. Fortunately, I don’t have allergies, so I’d love it!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Tracie

    I have some of these same photos on a Pinterest board! I love the idea of a swinging bed. (The lilacs aren’t aren’t blooming yet, but the apple blossom fragrance is divine.)

  2. Kelly

    “A nap on a daybed near a lilac tree would be a spring dream.”

    That sounds absolutely amazing! :-) It’s raining and cold here in MN, so it’ll have to remain a treasured dream for awhile!

  3. Darlene

    Oh how I miss lilac bushes. If I try real hard I think I came smell them. No lilac bushes here in Florida,just crepe myrtles, which aren’t the same. Take a deep breath and enjoy. The daybed also sounds lovely.

  4. Brooke Hatfield

    Lilacs and daybeds!! That’s what dreams are made of!!
    Thanks for teh great imagery!

  5. Anne

    What a lovely surprise to find in your garden ! :-)

  6. Orianne

    A little cozy, shaded corner for an outdoor daybed sounds heavenly, especially if the breeze gently brings you sweet lilac scents while you’re resting or reading. If I could, I think I would prefer a swinging version myself, but as my terrace has no roof, my comfy outdoor sofa has filled in nicely. Sounds like you’re ready for a little rest from your hectic schedule as of late, so I hope you get to create your little outdoor serene space soon & that it gives you much restful bliss.

  7. sandyc

    Thank goodness for virtual “anything” and essential oils and very strong imagination and visualization techniques. No lilac bushes or any other colorful or fragrant flowers, bushes or trees here in the desert of Arizona. I AM truly grateful to sit at my desk and look out across the LR through a wonderful old dark-framed 8′ wide picture window with sliders at a lush grapefruit tree and grass and trees as far as the eye can see in our greenbelt – an anachronism here in Sun City West but the reason 30-year-old homes in our HOA are snapped up almost the day they go on the market. I’m free to do a lot in my front and back patios but I haven’t mastered the skills of container gardening yet and with Mars-like temps approaching and no shade, few people will have much going on. So back to your wonderful pictures and my imagination and thanks for the lovely start to my day.

  8. Maruen

    Its so lovely to see sofa on the garden, beautiful :)

  9. Sallie

    We have one lilac bush (currently – hoping for more!), and when it’s in bloom, it is absolute heaven to sit outside and catch the fragrance on the breeze! So glad you’ve discovered these in your yard! Enjoy!!

  10. Andi

    I love the first one! We are thinking of putting a hanging daybed on our (eventual) back patio. We just need to figure out how to keep it from hitting the wall behind where it would go. A few feet should be enough room, right?

  11. Jeanne

    I have to check on my lilac bush–it’s always a little wimpy on the blooms compared to what I recall from my childhood home. On another totally unrelated subj. . .I was in JC Penney last night returning the 6 grad dresses I ordered for my daughter who is always hard to fit. I never shop there–only the online “let no stone be unturned as I search for something that fits my girl well”. Anyway, cruised through the jeans dept and a pair of frayed bell bottoms caught my eye. The brand is a.n.a. Tried them on and took them home for trying with a high heel. They are a bit too long, so hope the heels work. I got the size 27/4 and I am 5’6′. They are so soft and hang beautifully and make your legs look a mile long. Patch pockets on the front and high rise–very sleek look. Price tag: $50 marked down to 29.99 and then a coupon they applied took off $6=23.99!!! Also bought a pair of straight legs for my daughter that are as good as the DL 1961 ones she has that cost $180. This is a new discovery, and I will be back to comb through the options. I love the soft feel of their denim. You can see my jeans online, and since it’s Penney’s there is no mention of frayed bottoms :), which BTW are VERY hard to find in any store. Just thought I would share–Jeanne

  12. Linda Stoll

    I’m all set for an outdoor summertime nap! Swinging in the breeze never looked so good, Melissa …


  13. Mildred Hoppe

    Beautiful daybeds. Beautiful Lilacs. I have a daybed on my porch and can say from personal experience, napping outside is sooooo nice.
    Thanks for sharing.

    PS Hope a daybed swing is in your future.

  14. Kari

    I’d love to have a huge porch surround by a great view or tons of flowers that I could just lay on all day!

  15. Jo Jo

    Ah, serendipity….found garden treasure and sensual delight! How sweet! I think an outdoor bed would be heavenly. In fact, we could use one on our covered back porch! You’ve inspired me yet again, Ms. Melissa! ?

  16. Deanna Rabe

    I love outdoor daybeds, and am thinking of doing one on my deck this year.

    My lilacs are in bloom too! Love them!

  17. Kathryn Erickson

    I always enjoy your inspiration photos. I think I might need to have a hanging daybed at my house now! I am also beyond excited to have come home to my copy of your newest book today. I can’t wait to dive right into it!

  18. susan maclean

    Daybed? designer’s version of a blanket on the grass!!! But the lilacs -Oh! lucky you. xx

  19. Joanne Taggart

    Oh the smell of lilacs! Just heavenly! The photos of the daybeds makes me want one too, like right now. How beautiful! My lilacs are a little behind yours but will be blooming soon. Can’t wait. Thanks for the post.

  20. Roshni

    We’re planning to get a hanging daybed too! Would love to know your recommendations of where to shop for one!

  21. Inalco

    Very good outdoor solution.

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